Woman torched to death in Phalombe for allegedly killing boyfriend

Irate people in Phalombe district on Thursday took the law in their own hand and torched to death a 28-year-old woman, Idesi Malikebu on suspicion that she had a hand in a death of her boyfriend.

Torched to deatg

Torched to deatg

Malikebu, according to Phalombe police, was, on Tuesday (December 1st), suspected to have conspired with another man only identified as Mankhanamba to kill her boyfriend, Overton Poison, 28, whose body was found, two days later, buried behind her house.

“On this day, the first deceased (Poison) went to visit the second deceased (Malikebu) at her house where he met another man (Mankhanamba) who was also in a relationship with her,” Phalombe police Publicist, Augustus Nkhwazi told Nyasa Times.

Nkhwazi added: “It is not yet known what happened, but the two (second deceased and Mankhanamba) are alleged to have killed the first deceased”.

Poison was reported missing on December 1st in Maliro village in the district. His body was, however, found buried behind Malikebu’s house in a decomposed state on Thursday.

“This did not go down well with relatives of the first deceased who later on attacked her. They demolished her house, set it on fire and threw her into the hellhole and watched her struggle to death,” explained Nkhwazi.

The episode was reported to Phalombe police who rushed to the scene of the incident only to find Malikebu burnt to ashes and Poison’s body half buried and in decomposed state behind the burnt house.

Nkhwazi said they have since instituted investigations into the matter, while Mankhanamba is currently at large.

According to the law enforcers, Malikebu who hailed from Maliro village, T/A Jenala in the district, was also a murder suspect on a High Court bail for an offence that occurred in 2012.

Poison hailed from Mwango village T/A Jenala in the district.


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36 thoughts on “Woman torched to death in Phalombe for allegedly killing boyfriend”

  1. Maxwell Mbulula says:

    Zopusa basi za ziiiiii

  2. shaaaaaaa mbola baba…..i hope kuli ndewu ya nyooooo komwe akumanano

  3. stasha says:

    Zochita kufuna.

  4. raymond chimwala says:

    ameneyo wakolora zomwe analima idiot have a blast 1 in hell mbudzi ya munthu damn you

  5. Winford kayange says:

    @[2:[0:2:Sharia law ba-c kanthu kakang’ono mpaka kupesa munthu]]

  6. madiru mhango says:

    The police is getting a beating while the judiciary which granted bail to this dead lady is not. This unfair globe. Thou shall not kill, in this case who has offended this statute? RIP

  7. Tili Chenene says:

    Murder suspect on bail since 2012????

  8. Blessings Kathewera says:

    Mwamuchita bwino malikebuyo kumuotcha akazi otere kumangotcha basi,chatsala chibwezi chake chamoyocho chiotchedwenso chikapezeka.ndizopusa zimenezi tiyendera shalia law.

  9. Mathanyux wayaluka says:

    Alomwe no wonder z a cursed tribe. This z wat they know in life..fucking n killing

  10. redeemed says:

    chiri ndi amuna nchikalikali you mean to say there were still interested men after the murder suspect?. Unbelievably shocking.

  11. bingu says:

    Agalu inu mwayamba kuotchana?

  12. Bwande says:

    And when the this Mankhanamba guy is apprehended, the same police will give him bail after receiving some K3,000. And he will kill again. In this case, it is the same police who gave bail to a murder suspect, Malikebu and she killed again. Thanks to mob justice. She will never kill again. She got her one way ticket to hell

  13. jeb says:

    Shameless Malawi Police. You think by disclosing that the second deceased was on bail for a murder case dating back 3 years then you are showing that she was murderer..noooo. .rather, you are showing us that ur inefficiency cost the country an innocent life..damn you

  14. mogasa club chairman says:

    the problem with southern girls is that ndi okoma too much. akupangitsa amuna osalakwa kuti aziphana, aziba m’ma bank ndi m’ma company etc etc just because of their offals.

    we should just ban chinamwali because that’s where they learn their amazing sex skills. i know what i’m talking about because i once blew my salary in one night on a girl at zithere pano. job imene anayigwira pa ine sindimvetsabe mpakana lero……kaya alipo kaya?

  15. nangozo says:

    eee an eye for an eye.

  16. madiulaaa says:

    Atsikana musiye ku dabulitsa amuna ,nzimenezotu anthu amaphana.. Koma guys kupha It’s not a solution..

  17. Jack Muhura says:

    Aliyense amakhala wolakwa pa maso pa koti mwapha mboni mulandu uyenda bwa? let’s behave in a Malawi way this won’t take us any where.This is very pathetic one day you will answer questions on the same .zandiopsa zedi ku Malawi Konkuno? Mizimu ya m’bale ndi mulongoyo iutse mumtendere.

  18. january says:

    Thats the signs of end of the world,dont be surprised

  19. Chenda says:

    why should women like these have such hearts of having no mercy with the inocent lives.

  20. JOZEY IBUKU says:


  21. Mnyamata wa nzeru says:

    Alomwe si anthu ayi

  22. Weekly mwale says:

    Malawi which parades itself as the warm heart of africa is a craddle of lawlessness.mobs are burning people,albinoes are being skined alive and markets are being set on fire.noone is interested in investing in a poor little country pregnant with crime and full of hate!

  23. Bob says:

    Thats what happens those that do things in the dark. The wages of sin is death.

  24. Chingolopiyo says:

    Hell on earth! Malawi a moto

  25. Shuk Shukor's says:

    Zikutheka basi.opha mzake aphedwe.

  26. Mjomba Yusuf Jonas says:

    uyu akufanana ndi Beatrice hule wa pa Nchalo ku Chikwawa

  27. Mlomwe says:

    Alomwe kukonda chigololo

  28. Tonde says:

    Good move tachulukanamo udyo mdziko muno zinthu sizikukwanira tamaphanani kwambiri alomwe like akupangira anzanu okonda chigololo ankhonde Ku karongaku

  29. kunta says:

    Justice served!

  30. Green Grass says:

    The whole event sounds terrible but on the other hand it puts to question the whole idea of giving bail to murder suspects. Here Mankhanamba has committed another murder.

  31. james mbinde mwandira says:

    tisalole satana azitilamulira amalawi.

  32. anadimba says:


  33. The Analyst says:

    “Do not wait for the last judgement; it happens everyday.” – Albert Camus
    . . . If you are a philanderer and are caught shagging another man’s wife, you will be thoroughly n savagely n mercilessly panel-beaten. Maurice Chikapa can testify.
    . . . If you stab your friend to death, you will be stoned to death. Simple! Zafik of Area 49 is still vivid in our memory.
    . . . If you kill your boyfriend, you will be set ablaze.
    These are very simple truths, we choose to ignore at our own peril.
    Life is short, as such . . .
    “You must learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t possibly live long enough to make them all yourself.” – Sam Lavenson
    Also . . .
    “A wise man learns from the mistakes of others. A fool from his own.” – Otto Von Bismarck
    Ultimately . . .
    “From the errors of others, a wise man corrects his own.” – Publilius Syrus

  34. Dzukabegi says:

    With names like Poison and Maliro village, what do you expect? Tsoka lobadwa nalotu ili

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