Women Caucus wants Malawi got to sack teachers who sexually abuse girls

Women Caucus of Parliament has urged government authorities in Education sector to sack all teachers found guilty of sexual abuse of girls and stop transferring them elsewhere.

Dr Jessie Kabwila: No Last Chances for abusive teachers

Dr Jessie Kabwila: No Last Chances for abusive teachers

The Caucus was reacting after watching Mwayi Wotsiriza (Last Chance) movie screened at parliament building on Wednesday evening.

“When a teacher has been found guilty of molesting and sexually abusing a girl child, the punishment that they get is to be moved somewhere else. There is need to stop transfer offenders because there are laws which punish those offenders and that we shouldn’t transfer those teachers,” said Jessie Kabwila, Chairperson for Women Caucus and former University of Malawi lecture.

“As Women Caucus we want to make it clear, there should be no last chances for teachers who abuse girl children. Once they do this there is need for strong punitive measures that will make people stop,” she added

However, through discussions that took place after watching the movie, female parliamentarians also expressed their disappointment over the absence of Ministry of Education officials at the screening although invitation was sent to them.

The Caucus noted number of areas in education sector exposed in the film which they would have wanted the Ministry of Education officials to see and answer their questions on how it is addressing those problems and on various problems which the Caucus feel may hinder girl child education.

The Caucus mentioned recently introduced Secondary and College fees and how it neatly link to how long a girl child stays in school.

The group emphasized that it was wrong to introduce or hike fees when there is looming hunger. They argued that there is ample proof that for the girl child, fees can be the very reason that teachers can use to abuse underprivileged girls.

It was also noted that there is poor working conditions which includes; poor salaries, bad housing, and late salaries of teachers a problem which has led to underperformance of teachers and increased sexual abuse of girls in schools. All these were supposed to be answered by the Ministry.

However, Kabwila has said the Caucus will issue to the ministry a document that will highlight and “makes it very clear” that teaching service in Malawi has no place for a teacher who abuses the girl child.

“We will also make a strong case of the linkage between fees payment at Secondary Schools how that is going to increase child marriages and dropout rates in schools if nothing is done to assist the parents who cannot afford  to take their children to school,” said Kabwila.

Mwayi Wotsiriza by Theatre International is a film about sexual abuse of girls and working conditions of teachers in rural primary schools. In the film, a frustrated teacher ‘propositions’ a daughter of an economically vulnerable rural woman and impregnates her. The system, already baffled by inadequacy of teaching staff, has to find a way of disciplining him.

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wobeba wanga

I was a teacher before, but I assure you that some students deliberately entice male teachers. I was a bachelor by then. what could I have done? Mukudziwa kale. Some girl students are so hot I tell you and they wear mini skirts…..Mamuna atani pamenepo?????????????

Greencardless Malawian
Greencardless Malawian

Yap, i agree. Actually they should get castrated!!!!!

A sawa

thats good development


Bravo women! For sparing us policemen, health workers, directors, vendors, soldiers n others we are going to do these girls smartly and gently. Unluck are teachers, sell your feelings to hell, u r special, leave the tender girls for us, they born to make us happy. Ilira itambika, hish!!!!!!!!!

Professor Linton Pamberiii
Professor Linton Pamberiii

Ku uphunzitsi kulibe ma allowance. Benefit yaku umphunzits ngati motivation ndi KUPWARA ANA WO. Nde imathina bwino, uzuna ko eish My Jessie Kabwila ndisamale

In the old days before Democracy when there was no DNA technology, any male teacher found having made a girl pregnant, that summarily dismissed. This should still be enforced and male teachers should protect the girls in their custody than turning them as sex objects. Paying school fees can not be a good reason to deprive education to girls. Free education can still be offered to girls after vernier by the Ward councilors. About conditions for Teachers: housing, adequate class rooms, number if pupils in a class per teacher are a share responsibility between the Ministry and the school governing… Read more »
Women Empowerment

The Abusive Male Teachers should be sacked and finally crush their balls.These Gondolosi chewing trousersnake teachers should not be let loose.They are menace to a girl child.




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