Women Legal Centre condemns Malawi Police brutality: Calls IG to look into Neno issue

The Women Legal Resource Centre (Wolrec) has condemned the recent Malawi Police brutality in Kanono village, Traditional Authority (T/A) Symon in southern district of Neno.

Brutal cops condemned

Brutal cops condemned

According to Wolrec, an organisation that works with grassroot communities in the district, armed police officers roughed up “innocent and defenseless” women, children, people with disabilities, the elderly, people living with HIV/AIDS, and other disadvantaged groups.

The police brutality was in reaction to villagers’ conduct of blocking the railway line under construction in the district.

The villages resorted to blocking the railway line to force the contractor Vale Logistics to fulfil its promise to construct the bridges in the area.

But Wolrec claims that the police brutality was not perpetrated on the spot of the railway line blockage, but in the village and victims were not anywhere near the spot nor were they found doing anything akin to blocking the railway line.

“Armed police officer terrorised the villagers by despicable acts, beating women who were coming from fetching water; beating Maria Juvanile several times on the head and back with a barrel of a gun leaving her with a big wound on the head,” said Maggie Kathewera Banda, Wolrec Executive Director.

Kathewera Banda further claims that police officers damaged household property including domestic animals and food items by setting them ablaze; “discharging their tear gas willy-nilly” and arresting and detaining some people.

“These acts amounted to serious violations of human rights, more especially the rights of innocent women, children and the elderly.

“The villagers are currently heavily traumatised and are living in fear,” she says.

She has since called upon the Minister of Home Affairs and the Inspector General of Police to urgently look into the matter.

Kathewera-Banda said they expect the Minister and the IG to take personal interest in the investigation of the matter by ensuring that the perpetrators are brought to book.

“Failure to do so will create a sense of impunity on the part of the responsible officers and other similar minded individuals.

“We also expect the Ministry of Justice to ensure that victims are adequately compensated for the pain and suffering they went through as well as the loss of livelihood,” she contends.

She added, “it is sad to note that a reformed police service can terrorise poor villagers in such a manner.”

Kathewera-Banda has also asked the Ministry of Transport and Public Works to intervene in the wrangle between Vale Logistics Limited and the people of Neno.

She has also asked government and Vale Logistics to restore the piped water supply to the area which, was disrupted by the railway line construction project.

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42 thoughts on “Women Legal Centre condemns Malawi Police brutality: Calls IG to look into Neno issue”

  1. umbuli wavuta kwa a apolice amatsiya mbava mmatauni ndikukamenya anthu mmamizi sorry God forgive you police

  2. mavi ya mbewa says:

    They went for peace keeping ! During JB ma police amangoyanqana panopa akukawumbuza anthu kumudzi mbamva zavuta mumatawuni , bwanji osakamenya mbamvazo zikumapanga terorise . Achule eni eni amumadzi. Where the girls refusing to surrender by putting their guns (pots) down? I hate police people because they do things in akward way. Open fireeeeee ! Matc.h! left right left right

  3. amfumu says:

    Number22,Your mother lied to you about nthawi ya Kamuzu,You were not born then MYP,Dzaleka and others,google them and see.The problem is that the police has not transformed to adapt to the new dispensation,mostly their seniors

  4. mopia says:

    Please leave these folks. They only did six months training in high jump with minimal skills in report writing. But what is required is that some of them should be given scholarship to go to Iraq or Afghanstan for further training. Isil and Taliban can do much better work on them. They will come well reformed.

  5. Reality Check says:

    Dzonzi is a teacher, Chibingu is a medical assistant. What you expect from a police force headed by people with such qualifications???????????????????????

  6. womenslib says:

    Some of these policemen watch CNN looking in through the window of somebody’s house and think they’re in Beirut. You don’t get paid enough to beat up women ,children and disabled. Sit the hell down. Mxiiii.

  7. vindere says:

    If these stupid villagers block the railway line again, use live bullets and shoot to kill. I your commander-in-chief has ordered you.

    1. chindere ni iwe, fotseki

  8. Constable osaphunzira says:

    When the police behave as savages who have been entrusted with peace & order who else will the people turn to? What I know is most policemen/women are very uneducated, primitive & uncivilised to the extent that the Police Reform Programme has no positive impact on these hyenas. Please it wrong to beat anyone especially a mother. DPP is paying for a miscarriage of 75% salary increament promise. Kodi a Chilima alikuti ndi nkhani ya ma change athu? I ask women lawyers to act on those brutal heartless police immediately. Phunzirani muzalandira salary yabwino ask those who have degrees in the same police. Mbuli inu!

  9. Za ziii anthu Police mumadana nayo bwanji?

  10. mahlangu says:

    these standard two dropouts are very funny, instead of fighting against the merciless robbers who are terrorising the cities, they are busy battering innocent villagers who pose no threat to national security. izidi ndi mbuli za anthu ndakhulupilira!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Vyachalo says:

    This is a very bad behavour. DPP pleace change.Although it Is not new . How many times have we complaining of police?

  12. Vyachalo says:

    This type of behavour is for DPP. Is it new? How many times have we complaining of police?

  13. Vyapasi says:

    Communities against development activities!!! I would whip their buttocks a 1000x with a shambock.

  14. Kadushu says:

    Dausi Woyeee! DPP Woyeee Peter Mutharika Woyee ntchito zamanja anu zikuoneka tipheni tonse monga zinalili muja pa 20 july

  15. Mbanangwa says:

    DPP regime is characterized by violence. During the Banda regime there were no such atrocities.
    These acts of brutality are infuriating the masses slowly by slowly there will come a time when hings will explode automatically by themselves. DPP must learn from the past mistakes.

  16. MIKE. says:

    Zoonadi Tinasankhadi Tokha.

  17. ndadabwa says:

    no comments on this issue because its involving poor people. akanakhala kuti amenyedwa ndi anthu olemera mukanabwera ndi ma comment ambirimbiri. kusauka ndi chimo ku dziko la pansi. a polisi ndi zitsiru zedi ndichifukwa mumagona m’manyumba angati toilet. ine ndikufuna ndipite kumudzi muneko ndikauze anthu kuti aphe wa polisi m’modzi ndi mzungu wa vale m’modzi. apolisi ndinu zitsiru ndichifukwa mumapempha thobwa mukaima pamseu. simungadabwe kuti munayamba kalekale kupempha koma mumaonekabe osauka. ana anunso maphunziro sapita nawo patali. akati waphunzira kwambiri ndiye kuti nayenso ndi wa polisi azikagona mu kanyumba kangati mphuno. agalu inu

  18. Patience says:

    The police is very angry & frustrated with Peter because during campaign he promised them 75% moti panali ka circular to that effect. Now they are venting anger on very innocent people. Sorry a polisi ili ndi boma la Professor limaganizira anthu ophunzira osati mbuli ngati inu a JCE & MSCE 46 points. Sorry that is gospel truth. Musamenye anthu osalakwa mukumbuke Mayi JB yemwe amakuganizirani. Peter cheated you because ndinu mbuli zosaganiza. How can you believe a fake circular. Shame!

  19. vindere says:

    You people from the South like free meals alot.Look, a contractor can not build you a bridge when his MOU with the govt says otherwise. If you want a bridge to be constructed, raise your concern with your MP and his councillors who in turn should forward your concerns to the govt through the ministry concerned. You are going to achieve anything for blocking the railway line except a police kukukwapulani.DPP woyeee !!!!!

  20. Whayo says:

    We need to raise the bar for our cops we need to have graduates to manage this brutality

  21. kagonanitu says:

    Akanakhala amai bwezi tikunena zambiri koma poti kali pa mukhate, pa uta tikuwopa tingaswe mukhate ndiposo pa uta sitingalase kakanakhala pa mtengo tikanayesera.Abale kodi tizikhala choncho? we fail even to institute a committee to work on sach small issues within the community but brutally kill and beat innocent people. Even police men and women are Malawians what if it were your mother, grands and brothers would you do the same? Let us be wise and responsible civil servants. Are we in safe hands as Malawians with these policemen and women? We spend moneys to reform them but they are un trainable. On televion and radios they talk as if they can implement those ideas but to the contrary. This action need to be looked at for the IG to exercise his power on the Officer in charge an. d station officer concerned unless they were instructed by the IG will keep quiet. The nation need to hear something done on this otherwise nkhuyu zodya mwan zimapota wankulu. BOMA lilowererepo ngati IG walephera agogo anga aphwetekeka pamenepa and abale anga onse.


  23. gladstonegodoka says:

    What about blocking of the railway no offence committed there. Teach them how to demostrate rather than to condemn police always I think its good for police to call you to assist them or join them public control.

  24. kadamanja says:

    We voted for Dpp. Lets eat our fruits.


  26. Rompwa says:

    Mumafuna apolicewo azitsekelele zopusazo. Anawachita bwino.

  27. curious says:

    This is a onesided Argument by the NGO. They should have also condemned the viillagers for the barbaric behaviour which is sending wrong messages to potential investors

    1. Zelia Nangondo says:

      Lets be serious, kodi malamulo amati chani contractor akadula nsewu poika mapaipi amadzi, magetsi, phone. Nanga malamulo amenewo sagwira ntchito kwa omanga njanji yemwe wadula nsewu? ena mwadyapo apa, I thought it should have been govt. telling the contractor kuti abwezeletse msewu omwe wadula!!!!

  28. bayoz says:

    Thats malawi police, instead of confronting burglars that are terrorising our homes and streets, they are busy fighting innocent people. And one thing i’ve noticed is that they really take pride in fighting innocent people, ngati muli ndi mphamvu kwambiri thesani umbava ukuvutawu.

  29. nkhombompayikenge says:

    Thumbs up policemen! sometimes Malawians need some iron-fist approach to stop their senseless and stupid reactions. Why block the railway line. This is the development that will benefit Malawi in the long run and not the handouts that Malawians are used at.

  30. Why complaining? This is what malawian voted for simunate zambiri zikubwera mukukuta mano.

  31. nothing to do with DPP .its matter to advice the police. Mwayamba kumakamenya anthu akumudzi , muyelekeze town mudza zola miyala

  32. Nyangwani says:

    Lot Dzonzi and minister of home affairs are weak. If they talked tough against bad police behaviour, the police wud hav stopped. But they are quiet. It is all about leadership. Peter Mutharika is equaly weak. He’s quiet. Policing in Malawi is worst in world. This is the only country on earth where the police, like mad peopke, just go about beating innocent people. Can civil society organisations match to capital hill to deliver a petition to minister of home affairs against police brutality. STOP VICTIMISING INNOCENT PEOPLE. Agalu inu.

  33. The Truthful One from the West says:

    While I do not condone police brutality I am of the view that the villagers should not have taken the law into their hands by blocking the railway. They should have taken up the matter with their MP and Councillor. As for police brutality it is greatly worrying that it is becoming common. Th.e DPP govt of Peter Mutharika should do something about it as many people are now starting to recall the DPP of before April 2012.

    1. Zelia Nangondo says:

      DPP logic. Villagers took the law into their own hands hence the police were justified to take the law into their own hands too!!!! DPP Woyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  34. Chikuli boyz says:

    Tamvetsetsa mzangawe, akuti anachita izi ndi a reformed MPS, waziziwa, osati achipani ayi……..wamvetsetsa

  35. Boko Haram says:

    To the idiots at valley, just know that its easy to derail a train, if you think you will take for granted people of Neno you assholes are mistaken. Unless you keep up to your promises, you can staff your coal from moatez in your mothers’ assess. Don’t say you were not warned.

    Chibingu and Dausi who are both from Mwanza-neno are a shame, allowing their own people to be exploited by foreigners and local police alike, Pity we don’t have a kyungu like chief in the districts or the likes of Nzomera to stand up for people rights.

  36. That is New DPP. Ndizimene tinafuna osadandaula ayi ntchito za Dausi zikupangilani umboni.

    1. sakata says:

      Imeneyi si dpp amwene, police yathu ever since behaves that way. Osamanama ayi, bwanji during bakha a.k.a JB zinalinso chonchi even during bingus time or bakilis. Training period imachepa, 6 months aphunzila chani apart from kukumbukila zomwe analangidwa ku dambwe????

    2. sabwe za thyolo says:

      Zimenezo ndi zimens a Malawi anasankha pa 20 may 2014.Sitinati tiziona uku ndikuyamba chabe

    3. Clement says:


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