Workers in public hospitals stage peaceful demo, asks parliament to intervene

Government has come under intense pressure to resuscitate the collapsing public health service by improving the welfare of both health workers and patients.nurses

This was a message sent on Friday by public hospital workers in Lilongwe, Dowa and Nkhata Bay.

The health workers that included doctors and nurses, marched peacefully from Kamuzu Central Hospital to Parliament building at city centre, Lilongwe where they presented a petition containing numerous grievances to chairlady of parliament’s health committee, Juliana Lunguzi.

Among other issues, the hospital workers cited the appalling working conditions such as lack of medicine, health workers, medical drugs and food for patients.

Lunguzi, a registered nurse herself assured the health workers, who were in their uniforms that parliament would debate the critical issues raised in the petition.

She said as a health worker herself, she understands the critical condition in which the health workers are and parliament would do all it can to reverse the situation.

Similar peaceful demonstrations also happened in Dowa and Nkhata Bay where health workers presented their petitions to officials at their respective district commissioner offices.

In Chikhwawa on Thursday, Press Corporation officials were surprised to learn that a hospital kitchen, which they had sponsored to build, will not be used as government has no money to buy food and prepare it for the patients at the hospital.

Christopher Guta, who handed over the rehabilitated kitchen building, was told food preparation at the hospital was suspended due to cash flow problems and patients are being told to seek food from their relations.

District Commissioner Bester Mandele said apart from food shortages, there is acute shortage of drugs at the hospital as malaria cases continue to rise up, saying statistics at the hospital shows 45 percent of patients at the hospital suffer from malaria.

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34 thoughts on “Workers in public hospitals stage peaceful demo, asks parliament to intervene”

  1. blessings says:

    Zaziiiii. What is resgnation

  2. The Patriot says:

    Peter Mutharika, do you have any solution to our problems? Do you feel for Malawians? If you dont have solutions please resign, we are sure that once DPP government gets out of power things will improve, just like they did in 2012. APM and the DPP are the stumbling block to Malawis prosperity. They dont want to do the needful fkr the donors to unlock their aid. Donors want justice for Chasowa, justice for the July 20 massacre and the report on the 577 billion MK. DPP government doee not want to do the above just for political survival. My question is , what is more important the lives of 16 million Malawians or the political career of APM??

  3. The Most Concerned says:

    Chalaka Bakha Nkhuku singatole. If the country z goin thru such troubled waters under APM the Professor, akanakhala Chakwera bwenzi pano zinthu zitavuta zedi.

  4. Mathanyux wayaluka says:

    The good thing z dat it z lomwez, senas who r feeling the pinch most! Achewa, agoni, atumbuka those who did not vote for this nyansi of president r better off

  5. mbani says:

    they cant do anything they ve to explain where 577 went

  6. chimimombo says:

    uyuzamukanika akadzabela adzaphetsa anthu osalakwa panopazithu zava kukamwa ngati kumatako uzipita kwanu .Bakili amatisamala bwino anthu;amalawi onse amamukonda osati iwe wodya njoka

  7. Joe says:

    A Doctor is called a doctor because of availability of medicine and likewise the nurses. The health workers are demonstrating for a good cause. Can money worthy MK50,000,000 be spent on repatriation of Malawians from SA and yet a patient is failing to get Panadol from the hospital ? Why not use this MK50 Million in purchasing drugs for our hospitals ? Lets use logic. Lets not turn our hospitals into DEATH FACILITIES due to luck of wisdom. We need to look and take care of our doctors and nurses as they in turn take care of the patients.

  8. Bob says:

    Demonstrations. They all start like this. Small groups here and there. Other disgruntled groups are just watching. Eventually all will be on the streets, chaos and shops getting looted, death etc. Simple advice to govt they say a stitch on time saves nine. Strategy concentrate on solving critical issues one by one. We dont want a repeat of 2011/12 saga.

  9. California King says:

    Am in MALAWI right now. But 1thing u must know is that we r ruled by Satan Athar Peter Muthalika all ppo we r surfering bcoz of his evil work

  10. estery chibambo U.K says:

    GUYS Lets go ahead with that idea ( have our government in the north)with our own president enough is enough. 50+ years things if any thing are getting worse .Picture this my fellow Malawians, Nigerians, Chinese, Congolese , Burundis are flocking to my Malawi for business ventures why? what do they see that we Malawians can not see?
    I am not in Malawi at present but honestly speaking this government is a WASTE OF SPACE asowe pliz, at least by now we would have seen some improvement after being in power for a year plus but honestly speaking things are going down hill big time, GET UP STAND UP MALAWIANS , STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS ,DON’T GIVE UP THE FIGHT ATICHOKELE AWA

  11. California King says:

    Dont worry my fellow Malawians I find best way of treating this fucken shit president. is to Bomb him and die at ones

  12. clems says:

    Please lord have mercy on us

  13. Bigman de apstle says:

    One day is one day.

  14. Gwedemule says:

    The country run by professors and doctors, everything is collapsing. My question is, Where are the money the DPP asured the voters during compaign?

  15. Mr ibu tsopano. You stole the gvt from the people’s choice Chakwera. You failed to run the ministry of education and justice during Bingu’s reign. You thought running gvt is as simple. Pepani, just resign because we have seen that you’re a failed professor.

  16. Sexwell says:

    Anakanika kuendesa unduna mumaembekeza kuti akakhala head of state azatani? Kupusa basi

  17. ALEX KACHEPA says:

    Expect more demostrations that will cause chaos chifukwa anthu adzakhala atatopetsetsa ndi boma ili…believe u me

  18. Mandela says:

    Chofunika apa aliyense avutikibe kuyambira mp nduna mpakana president anthu yawa zoti kunjakuno anthu akuvutika ndimbiri kwa iwowo ndiye mboma liyambe kuchepetsa ma allowance kwa onse apo biiiiiii msamalani

  19. MLOMWE says:

    Professor uja pano zamuvuta ndipo akusowa poyambira ngati Bingu mene mafuta adamuvutira kenako amayi JB ndikusintha nanu madotolo ndima nurse dikirani Chakwera azasinthe zithu a Professor’wa zawakanika ndithu avomereze.Bad adviser,uneducated administration,chipani cha alomwe chakanika!

  20. chileka boy says:

    A country in crisis. we have come bak to the same situatn we had be4 joice took over. it seems donors just hate the mulakho gvt and want pple to feel the heat and react.

  21. Chithope says:

    Zawonjezatu apa komabe pali makadeti akutsutsa izi amatamba amenewa

  22. Deputy says:

    Muthalika is a useless president.He should be removed from presidency by force if he doesn’t solve this.

  23. patson says:

    Where are the donors? Should Malawians be suffering because of cashgate?shame on you western donors.

  24. ndata says:

    Kodi ndiye awa tikuwasungiranji? Adzipita kwao Ku USA. He is a big burden on Malawians.

  25. Sapitwa says:

    We sometimes wonder why our public institutions are failing to cope. Our population was just 9million in 2006 from 6 million in 1990s. It has doubled in just 9 years. About 60% of this is active meaning they have a source of income but do not contribute to any medical aid or health insurance what so ever. They congest at the public hospitals for free medication. This is where things go wrong. Those with income with K40,000 threshold per month should have been paying for medical services.There is nothing for free now a days. Without this, muzingolumana mu Parliamentmo ponda solution.

  26. GRM says:

    Leadership? Palibe utsogoleri apa. Tonse ndife nkhosa zopanda mbusa.

  27. reasonableman says:

    and yet Goodal says govt issued a check to the purchase of drugs. Really these people demonstrating are not fools. They are patriots n u minister of finance u knw th truth. Reflect ön ur interview last week; were u honest?

  28. akuntinji anamuona says:

    But let’s utilise available resource properly. We shouldn’t create a demonic impression with a purpose to advance our self interest. God knows what is happening with hospital money and the workers knows the truth. Let’s not play games with human life.

    Politics will never solve the problem of honest in the way we handle our little resources. If drugs can miss under your storage and tomorrow you wake up and began to march, does that make sense?

    If US procured drugs and distributed to our hospitals but ended up not reaching the patient, who is a problem here? And who is fooling who?

    Please do not march for self interest. Be real,you use our tax money worthy to be used properly.

    Hospital workers you have solution to current challenges do not shift problem to another party.

    Eliminate bogus contractors in food contracts that are usually based on creative figures. Let’s love our country, we did not borrow it.

  29. Dr Haswel P Bandawe says:

    It is such inability to meet the basic health needs of the population such as medical care and agricultural inputs that bring into question the type of spending priorities government has.

    That is shy it is unacceptable for Government to waste the scarce financial resources on expensive and unnecessary travel or purchase expensive vehicles or keep so many State Houses.

    Pressure must be brought to bear on all politicians (those in Goverent and in opposition) to work together to ensure that the meager financial resources are allocated first for essentials. What is the point of a President living in posh Palaces or driving the most expensive vehicle or chartering a Presiddntial jet when people are dying of hunger and illnesses due to lack of medicines and related medical care! Our leaders do not impress anyone by pretending to lead a lavish life style at the expense of the basic wellbeing of the average citizen. Where is their conscious!!

  30. Patriot says:

    In preparation of a greater, MIGHTY demonstration.
    Awa ndi akalambula bwalo.
    Tsiku limenelo olo Luther Mambala sazanunkha kanthu.

  31. Issa says:

    Inu achipatala musatibowe. Ngati mukufuna resign. this government is very good. can you show me people who are suffering? Kufuna kulanda boma eti? Patient akafa ndiye kuti nthawi inakwana osati kunamidzira dpp. Kudwala kwina nkochita kufuna mukufuna mudzikadya nsima kuchipatala eti?

  32. daniel says:

    Zafikapo ndiye poti akupita kokasuma tisadandaule kwambiri atipeza

  33. Wakikiki says:

    Oh LORD GOD deliver our mother Malawi and its leadership

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