World Bank, AfDB to fund Shire River irrigation scheme

World Bank and the African Development Bank (AfDB) have together pumped in US$210 million to fund the largest irrigation scheme in southern Africa, the Shire River Irrigation scheme.

Chaponda: To launch irrigation scheme

Chaponda: To launch irrigation scheme

Ministry of Agriculture community development specialist Stanley Khaira said the feasibility study of the project is expected to finish in December and the whole project will take off in 2018.

“This will be the first and biggest irrigation scheme in southern Africa,” said Khaira.

The irrigation scheme comes at a time when Malawi is facing perennial food shortages due to El Nino powered drought in the southern region of Malawi where the scheme is.

President Peter Mutharika on Thursday said Agriculture minister George Chaponda would be unveiling the multibillion kwacha irrigation scheme soon.

Khaira said the scheme is expected to benefit over 100, 000 households from Chikhwawa and Nsanje after the 146 kilometre canal is finished.

He said parliament is expected to approve the project in June this year.

Khaila said approximately the first phase of the project will cost 340 million United States (US) Dollars and shall cover 21,000 hectares of land.

He said: “Of the said amount, 260 million US dollars has already been pledged and the project is receiving overwhelming support from both in and outside Malawi.

“It is expected that the whole project both phase one and two will cost 600,000 million US dollars but the actual figure will be known when the feasibility study is completed.”

Khaila further said World Bank has pledged to support the project with 160 million US dollars, while African Development Bank (AFDB) will bankroll over 40 million US dollars.

“Malawi government has already paid 70 thousand Euros in preparation for the project and by December 2016 the feasibility study will be completed.

“This is a gravity fed irrigation project and the water will be channeled from Kapichira dam here in Chikwawa district,” he added.

He said the whole project will take up 42.5 hectares of land and urged people of Nsanje and Chikwawa not to sell off their land as the government want to utilize it for irrigation.

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22 thoughts on “World Bank, AfDB to fund Shire River irrigation scheme”

  1. Mdzidzi Umalonga says:

    As far as I know, this could be a third feasibility study done on the Shire Valley Irrigation Programme, but construction works never took off. I hope we will get something done this time. But expect no vote from my village in 2019 if the 2018 timeline is not adhered to.

  2. Major phaivadandlada says:

    If this is true eeeee! guys you are really serious of developing the Malawi Nation.A Malawi need people who can transform the nation and not going around this time busy doing kampeni.Dikiraninso 2019 tizakuvoterani popeza maprophet atiuza kuti hhhhhhhh!ndiye bola omwewanso.

  3. Zuze says:

    Launch, launch, launch , launch etc etc. Stupid government. When will you do it?

  4. Achimenengule says:

    Mr. Chiputula, please write in English next time you want comment.

  5. chiputula says:

    A Malawi!! A Malawi!! A Malawi!! Why do you reporters and your Masters are fond of feeding the Nation with unconfirmed news? If this happens we shall have this! You can’t learn from the previous misfired projects. Whoever is giving out these stories to these journalists must stop this tendency. Much as this “project” is vital to the Nation it must have been kept as a “confidential” matter never to have been put public. These are not political issues where a certain ruling party, as we call them, to gain a mile stone. Governmental issues and Political matters should be clearly separated here. It should not be a surprise if a Government comes up with such “projects” because a Government is there to make such plans for it to develop. The figures being mentioned here are just projections and not realities, anything can happen down the road. It is the same tendency of each coming Government into power to abandon projects which were hatched by the previous Governments or make changes to the previous important initiative to suit their political inclination of the time. Projects like these were already there which were initiated and introduced by the Kamuzu regime. If the subsequent Governments had carried on from the Kamuzu regime left we couldn’t be talking of these huge sums of money now. Countries like Hungary, India, France, China, South Corea and many more others have been mentioned before in connections with such projects and here we are now taking it as a new political tool. Shame on us!!!!!! Wake up Malawi!!!!!

  6. MosesK says:

    I think it is typing error on 42.6 hectares. it is more than 100 000 hectares. The other good news is that the area in question has rich alluvial soils that make it good for any crop including Maize, Solghum, Rice and Sweet Potatoes. It is also important that government Trains more field officers to lead this project. It must not be a failed project like Bwanje Irrigation scheme.

  7. Kanonono Siyalimba says:

    Nyasa Times, is this the only photo of Chaponda in your files? He looks like a corpse in the coffin in this photo. You should consider changing it please. He is your leader and so he deserves respect.

  8. Winston Msowoya says:

    I strongly support the Shire River development project that if completed,would be a catalyst for agricultural economic development.Furthermore,this would stand as the most economic challenge to the most hated OIL RIGGING iN LAKE NYASA/ L.MALAWI.So,Muthalika and his selvires,must halt thinking of destroying and contaminating our most maginificent Lake God has created for Malawians on one hand and the rest of mankind on the other.Economically,Muthalika must have a vision that would resonate to the entire population of our people who have shown dislike for the project and its aftermath.I think Malawians would find that the Shire River Project would turn into a profound food production in the country.Let us give it a chance to come to fruition.

  9. KC says:

    42 hectares and spend K600bn?

  10. The Real Analyst says:

    Spending $210 million to irrigate only 42.6 hectares? Thebwriter doesn’t understand what he/she is writing about and has no capacity to question such obviously illogical information if this figure indeed came from Government. Malawi is full of incompetent people whether in the media, public sector or private sector. No wonder it’s the world’s poorest country!

  11. mandamwe k. says:

    are the figures correct? I need to be corrected here coz a 146 km canal for 42.6 hectares only.

  12. Farmaer 101 says:

    Fools and thieves!!!! People are dying and you will wait before next elections to launch this shit project! I have a 50 hector of land by the way I do not need all that money to farm it, crooks!

  13. Kabinda says:

    We have been hearing about this project for a longtime, we can’t wait for it to be unvailed.

  14. Geoffrey says:

    Bola pamenepo

  15. Game on! says:

    Agalatiya onse kuti ziiii pomva kuti by 2018 project motomoto. DPP will surely sail thru with a landslide. I think we in DPP will need a 50 + 10 not a 50 +1 as some misguided opposition and quasi-religious institutions want zija timamvera akuzipaka zoipa dzaandzanali ku State House, kulephera kufotokozera menu yomwe adaphikilidwa ndi a chi na ujeni ndi ujeni. Akanakhala ena bwenzi akungolonjeza but DPP is busy putting up structures and developmetal projects most of which will be inaugurated in 2018 bambo. Kutsegulira nseu uwu, kupita ku nseu uwo kupita ku irrigation iyi ndi iyo pamene ena akusonkhanitsa anthu ochuluka ngati a pa maliro a homeless person.

  16. 42.5 hectares. Is this correct? I find the figure too small for the massive funding.

  17. john phiri says:

    when will our tax fund such projects?

  18. mpoloni says:

    How can 42.5 ha be the largest irrigation scheme in Southern Africa?

  19. Back says:

    Look at these Turtles, the are talking that the project will start in 2018 and yet people are trugling with hunger now. These Turtles will not help us at all.

  20. Mpepho Zinai says:

    Everything is not in order.How can a project finish in 2017 before it is even laucnhed in 2018. You mean this is only for 42hectares and 146kms of canal just for that?

    Either the reporter got mixed up or this is just another cashgate outlet like The Nsanje Port.

    There have been many Irrigation Projects but we seem not to be having any impact. Even thouse done during Kamuzu time are in disrepair. The best are those that have been run in commerial lines like Kasinthula. Can you learn the lesson here before you saddle the future generations with more useless debts?

  21. Out of that 7 billion, 3 to 4 billion is likely to be embezzled through phony transactions. Chaponda, Kaliati, Gondwe, Chilima, Ntaba, Dausi, APM are all crooked people and should never be trusted with money. I’m not a politician but I can’t stand the massive corruption which is being portrayed at every level of DPP administration. This is worse than JB regime.

    1. Kanthu Ako! says:

      It takes one to know one.

      Experience tell me that people who are preoccupied calling others crooks, are the biggest crooks. The tendency with people is to think because they are crooks, everyone else is a crook.

      Just like a God fearing person can not know who practices witchcraft. If someone calls another a Witch, they must both be Witches, other wise wow do you know? “Mumatambila limodzi”

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