Xmas in Lilongwe amid economic hardship

The failure of rain to come on time in most parts of the central region and the general economic hardship the country is experiencing have impacted hard on the people in the region with the capital Lilongwe experiencing very slow economic activity compared to other past years during the same Christmas period.

Shopping for Christmas at Chipiku Store

Shopping for Christmas at Chipiku Store

The heart of Lilongwe city shopping centre, Lilongwe Shopping Mall.

The heart of Lilongwe city shopping centre, Lilongwe Shopping Mall.

Father Christmas presenting a gift to a boy inside Chipiku Store

Father Christmas presenting a gift to a boy inside Chipiku Store

The sentiments were expressed by Chisomo Ziyenda, a minibus tax collector for Minibus Association of Malawi in an interview.

He said when rains come before Christmas, farmers shop with confidence because they have bought agricultural inputs and have done most of the first activities in taking care of their crops and the remaining cash in hand is put to Christmas celebrations.

“Without rain in Malawi, especially the central region, there are no celebrations as the future looks bleak for farmers and all other businesses and this has been compounded by the economic problems the Government is going through,” revealed  Ziyenda.

He explained that a day before Christmas the city is not overcrowded with shoppers this year as is always the case during Christmas season.

“There is no scrambling for minibuses by passengers, and minibuses are not hired as is the case during most Christmas times, and the city is empty, it’s just like a normal busy day and not Christmas time,” commented Ziyenda.

The comments were confirmed by Juy Vachhani, the manager for megastore Chipiku at Lilongwe Shopping Mall, in the heart of the city’s shopping center housing Game stores, PEP stores and many others.

He said that for them there are two challenges they are facing, namely, the general slow-down of the economy and the competition with other stores including those from outside Malawi such as Shoprite.

Vachhani said that as a Malawian company, they understand Malawians better and that is the secret behind their success in this business.

“We make very minimal profit per item thereby empowering our Malawian shoppers and in the process attracting them, we stock a wide range of frequently sought products by our customers, and lastly we give good treatment for our customers because, to us, a customer is a king,” Vachhani explained.  – LINA

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sayimoni bayisikolo

Stop pretending.Be real.Most people r struggling at the moment.Money is in the hands of very few people.Greedy bwanas who think are worthy to get obscene salaries and a few cashgate people.The economy is in shambles at the moment
.Umbanda ndi Uhule wachuluka mu town because most people cannot make ends meet.People r living hand to mouth.Malawi needs a revolution to overhaul the selfish system.something is wrong with this country.Greedy politicians have heavily contributed to this substandard life.


Chifukwa cha Zero Aid Budget- ZAB- a younger brother to Zero Defic Budget- ZDB.

Angashope bwanji anthu pomwe mpakana pano sanalandirebe malipiro awo a December???

Pita wa Kutali ka

KAPE Peter ndi chibwezi chake chachikulu Gertrude anadya ndalama za NAC ndi za amalawife mkwiyo wa Ambuye ukhale pa Peter ndi onse omwe amamuthandiza.

aumzy malimzy

Ok l get yu guys masalary achedwadi so hw w wl shop wdout. Money?

victoria Dim

Cash gate is the only reason

munthu wa zeru

Zabwino zonse zimachokera kwa Ambuye let’s pray hard for the GOD’S mercy AMEN.


It’s because of cashgate not rains.


Adatichotesla Cashgate ife zinthu zidasokonekera ndi achina mphwiyo, Joisi ndi anzawo aja pano tayaluka, iyaaaaaa!


Anthu a satanic safuna kulemba mawu oti ‘Christmas’ monga momwe mawuwo alili koma amakhwatcha ndi ‘X’ mawu oti ‘CHRIST’. Ana a njoka inu (the Anti-christ) odana ndi Khristu!


Too many people in LLs chasing after too few tobacco resources. At its current growth rate LL will suffocate within the next decade; the Tumbuka, Lhomwe, Yao, all want to be in the capital. This is not bad but such “migration” has consequences on regional distribution of development.
The question is whether the Mulhakho-Yao masters are up to this “capital suffocation” challenge; I have serious doubts.


You have never travelled overseas or you lack international exposure. Go to New York, Paris, London, Bonn and many multicultural capital cities and see. Unlike Lilongwe which is full of Malawians be it yaos, in New York or Washington DC you will find Chinese, British, Italians, Spanish people bringing their expertise and developing the cities

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