Yabwanya says will not work with CEO Nyirenda if elected FA Malawi president as  tickets scandal exposed

Football Association of Malawi (FAM) presidential aspirant Willie Yabwanya Phiri has said he will not work with the FAM secretary general Suzgo Nyirenda if elected to the country’s football hot seat at the December 12 elections.

Suzgo Nyirenda : Yabwanya says he is not fit for purpose in new football development

Suzgo Nyirenda : Yabwanya says he is not fit for purpose in new football development

Yabwanya, the Karonga United owner, told Times TV that he will have “serious problems” working with Nyirenda if he wins the election.

“He  [Nyirenda] has shown serious traits of bias towards the incumbent [Walter Nyamilandu] and that is lacking in as far as the the role of General Secretary is concerned,” the Canadian based FAM presidential hopeful said in an interview on Times TV with Brian Banda.

“ I will have problems working with him if I succeed. We will cross the bridge when we get there,” he added.

His comments come amidst reports of FIFA World cup complimentary tickets scandal where FAM bosses are reportedly to have sold Malawi’s tickets allocation on the black market in Mozambique.

FIFA issues complimentary tickets to FIFA executive members, Sub-committee members, Confederation members and FA presidents.

The complimentary tickets are for the use of the FIFA members, sponsors in their various countries, Government officials because of the funding that most members get from Governments.

FIFA 2014 Brazil complimentary tickets were issued to FA presidents in South Africa, Johannesburg during the FIFA Seminar prior to the 64th FIFA congress in Rio de Janeiro in April 2014.

We can reveal that the FA presidents of Mozambique and Malawi , Walter Nyamilandu  were among those who received 15 complimentary tickets but they never got to the intended people.

Nyasa Times impeccable sources said the Nyamilandu led  FAM  sold the tickets on the black market in Mozambique through an agent called Michel.

“You can check with State House those who were there during the 2014 FIFA World cup if they got the complimentary tickets, they will tell you none got the tickets, it is because these tickets were sold in Mozambique,” said our source.

FAM bosses are said to have met Michel to sell their tickets on black market in order to fetch high returns. Michel offered each association a return of 150% above the market rate.

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27 thoughts on “Yabwanya says will not work with CEO Nyirenda if elected FA Malawi president as  tickets scandal exposed”

  1. Joseph Moyo says:

    yabwanya akhoza kuwinila juju koma za mpira saziziwa saziwa zot Malawi under 17idachitabwino?Komanso under20mmbuyomu idachitanso bwino nthawi ya andrew chikhosi?MANIFESTO MBOLA amijiga mbuyomu adathandzapo fam mbuyomu ngat WAlter adalephera iwonso adalephera chifukwa walter ngat amawatenga iwo ndye ndimunthu ofunsa kugwira ntchito ndi anzake.ndpo walter akunena zoona vuto ndi funding chifukwa timu ikachitabwino imayenera kusungwidwa izi zimafuna ndarama ndye ngat imakanika funding nation team ndye under chani chani?Nyamilandu alamulanso enawa sakundfikapo ai.akunena za ma ticket ogulisidwa ku moshko akadapinduliranj ma player?Za ziiiiiii.muzabwerenso bwino apa mpira simuuziwa anthu onse mungawachite cooperate ku mpira ndi ma ref omwe atola nkhan muwona ngat ndiulele?Mutenga kut dora inu.

  2. mtolankhani amene ukulemba izi ukuoneka kuti uli ndi nkhani ndi Walter Nyamilandu, the story is about Yabwana and Suzgo Nyirenda, dikira mphwanga Walter akuwina and udzanya manyi sizidaoneke

  3. saeed says:

    Za Nyamilandu ife ai. Akumufunao amabera limodzi ndalama zamageti. Akuti mtengo olowera akweza mmalo monena njira zothesera kubedwa kwandalama mmageti. Mwalephera man kapumeni moti Malawi yenseyu anzeru ndinu nokha.

  4. pwiya wa pwiya says:

    Lets concentrate on issues as I see these allegations are just mudsliding. If people had issues against incumbent, why did they keep quiet all this time only to raise them during elections? Walter woyeeee!!!!

  5. Kk says:

    He he didnt said like that but Brian Banda put a word in his mouth he said Nyirenda is not transparence i heard the interviews on times tv reboardcust it for truthsness

  6. Wisdom Of Karonga says:

    I am puzzled by the level of attacks directed at Yabwanya. Make no mistake, football is manufactured in Karonga, check the statistics and you will see that the district has produced a lot of good players for the national team. What the district needs now is good playing grounds and academies, and in ten years time, Malawi will be somewhere in football.I am trying to imply that Karonga can produce enough talent or arsenal to serve the national team given the required resources,and Yabwanya is a product of the district where people have a strong passion for football like the way Zambians do.

    The understanding here is that those of you attacking Yabwanya don’t even know what is good and what is bad.Yabwanya has what it takes to transform Malawi’s s football not this Nyamilandu crook who keeps on saying he has unfinished business, unfinished business up to fifty years? Yabwanya’s background is a testimony of his capability to do good for the nation as a top football administrator. By personally sponsoring a team, it demonstrates his passion for the game despite his limited resources.

    Nyamilandu cannot come to terms with his failed policies during his tenure of office. Since when did he know that the local league needs to turn professional and why didn’t he initiate that move then? How about youth development? Did he lay the groundwork for the transformation of the youth? The answer is a big NO. The truth is youth football is almost non-existent and the local league standards have dwindled because of lack of a trickle up effect from the youth to senior club level- player development at youth level strengthens clubs in long-term and therefore, strengthens the national team.How about promoting FIFA player agents who can be exporting local players to European clubs, has Nyamilandu done anything about it? NO.

    The concluding fact is that Nyamilandu has failed to play a guiding role to transform Malawi’s football. His latest manifesto is just cheap talk aiming at fooling the public especially affiliates who give mandate. Malawi doesn’t deserve the current position in football strength because the country has the potential to develop into a powerhouse in football but only with a different FAM president who has a good Vision and world connections.

  7. jojo says:

    Ife tili pano kudikira owina

  8. jedida says:

    its pathetic. let the guys defend themselves.

  9. jedida says:

    lazy malawians like thieves my friend.

  10. mankhaulee mlaamu baabaa says:

    kamo ya

  11. Magang'a says:

    Yabwanya you will not win and take it in your head that the battle is btwn Nyamilandu and Mijiga. We can not give that seat to someone who reside outside the country.

  12. Angoni a ku Ntcheu says:

    Tikupemphani mutivomeleze

  13. Beforwad Wanderers says:

    Usazinamize Yabwanya Ku Fam Kulibe Malo Ako

  14. mulibwanji says:

    Yabwanya can never win.

  15. Chief Cadet says:

    Go deeper Yabwanya!

  16. Matey U .Mopiiya says:

    Yabwanya you are a loser ,we can’t choose a president who will be operating from Canada.
    Don’t take us Malawians as stupid ,we have many capable people within Malawi who can be FAM president .
    Your Manifesto is also empty and full of contradictions.

  17. Peter Muthanyula says:

    Mulekeni Suzgo. Graduate, former UFC, kumaliza pa Chanco osagwira or kufunsira… Iwe CV yako ili kuti Yabwayabwa (or wharever you are called)?

  18. Chigawaneni says:

    Nyamilandu ndi Nyirenda ndi mbava eti!

  19. advisory committee says:

    Nchito simunayambe mwayamba kale kuchptsa anthu gods cant help this yambanya man

  20. Afanaze says:

    Hit the road jackx3 no more no more no more, hit the road jack and dont come back no more????????????????

  21. advisory committee says:

    The secretary general should not worry because chances of this man winning the race are not there. Its mijiga or walter in my humble opinion

  22. Ojambula says:

    I concur with Mr. Yabwanya that Sugzo Nyirenda lacks professionalism in the way he’s handling the forth coming FAM Presidential elections. It is so easy to note that he has been siding with the incumbent FAM President from way back a thing which is unfortunate. This clearly shows that there’s something very big that these people want covered. Just bear in mind that no matter how high the bird might fly, one day it will land. This favouritism will indeed make it hard for the winner to work with him should the winner be someone else apart from his fellow thief Walter.

  23. Mulla Omaar says:

    Yabwanya cant win. Mijiga ndi a bwana alibe size. Walter wagwa kale ya Illovo akuti amumanga this coming friday

  24. Gadabwali says:

    Sibasi zadziwika. Ine ndimadabwatu kuti kukakamira pa mpandoku pali chiyani. Sizimenezo. Ths incumbent president has a lot of skeleton in the cupboard. Ku Illovu ndi zimene tamvazi, ku FAM ndi zimene tikumvazi. No wonder Malawi football has not improved during the past 12 yrs! But I’ve a solution to all ths, please affiliates, the ball is in your court, vote Walter out on behalf of Malawi football, 15 million plus Malawians have put their trust on u. Dont fail them or else u wll be held accountable b4 Wa M’mwambamwambayo! Inu mwatsogola before every one else in order to save Malawi football. (Genesis 45:5).

  25. Akulisinga says:

    I think information bill is seriously needed in every sector. These allegations though sounds authentic and genuine always comes during campaign period when people /affiliates have already decided whom to vote. Yautsiru!

  26. Nachisale says:

    Damage imeneyo kkkkkk zikutuluka lero bwanji? Musiyeni mzanu please

  27. Nambuma says:

    Flames Ndiyi Yangotsala Dzina Lokha

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