Youth petition Malawi leader to ban sachets alcohol

The Young Achievers for Development (YAD) on has asked Malawi President Peter Mutharika to use his constitutional powers to ban packaging of spirit liquor in sachets in the country.

Red card to sachets

Red card to sachets

Handing over the petition

Handing over the petition

This calls follows a petition the organisation presented to Parliament last September asking Parliament, mainly government to completely ban the production and selling of liquor sachets.

According to YAD President Jerfferson Milanzie, there is increased consumption of both “recorded and unrecorded spirit alcohol” packaged in sachets by the young population.

“In any country where there is heavy alcohol use, whether on occasion or over extended periods, alcohol related problems can be expected.

“A number of conditions have been identified that by definition are caused by alcohol use, such as alcohol psychosis, alcohol dependence syndrome, alcohol abuse, alcohol polyneuropathy, alcohol cardiomyopathy and alcoholic gastritis,” reads the petition in part.

Milanzie further told Nyasa Times that alcohol is estimated to cause about 20 to 30 percent of oesophageal cancer, liver cancer, cirrhosis of the liver, homicide, epileptic seizures and road traffic accidents worldwide.

He also claimed that alcohol packaged in sachets is made from cheaper unapproved ingredients.

Milanzie then said they will fight tooth and nail to vacate the court injunction spirit liquor manufacturers obtained against the Malawi Bureau of Standards not ban packaging of spirit liquor in sachets.

“We, together with partners and other local NGOs, will not stop nor relax till the battle is won.

“We have lost many youths, others can’t perform as human being. As a country we can’t afford to continue burying alive the youthful generation.

“We will soon launch ‘Red Card to sachet alcohol campaign’,” said Milanzie.

He also hoped that Parliamentarians will this time around take into consideration their calls to ban packaging of spirit liquor in the country.

“We ask the President not only to make a statement but also ban production and packaging of liquor in sachets,” said Milanzie.
Milanzie said their research shows sachets are posing a threat to the youth.

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30 thoughts on “Youth petition Malawi leader to ban sachets alcohol”

  1. Mc Nyopex Tuzuke says:

    sangaletse nayenso ndi wamasacheti

  2. BalakaGuy says:

    Mmadana ndi alomwe bwanji,chifukwa choti akulamulani kawiri?nde simunatitu,2019 kukubwera munthu wamkulu Dr George Chaponda ,mulira psooooooooo,wanva gwape iwe?

  3. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    Life is precious. The loss of a loved youth is tragic. The future of the nation is hinged on the youths. We pray for the truth and His support for safety.

  4. kadamanja says:

    Bravo Milanzie! hope the president will listen to this. Masacheti awa are poisonous, anthu afa ambiri Mu Malawi muno.

  5. Havez al Sahalaaw says:

    Iwe Che Mbweenda ndiwe mulomwe eti? Timati ‘Productive osati: ‘Reproductive’. Tikufuna Alomwe ambiri pa Kasungu pano atilimire fodya.

  6. kumbunyura says:

    Ifenso tiyambisa lathu bungwe Sacheti ndi Dhilu Timwe Zimenezi (SDTZ) tiwone kumene kutachuluke anthu ”KHONDO BASI!!! ALAAAH”

  7. Ngozo says:


  8. achinda says:

    muyelekeze kuletsa ma sachet green ndi chibuku mene zikuduliramo
    tibayanapo ndithu

  9. 27 says:

    The problem lies in the fact that, Malawi has no IDs apart from Passports which are available to a privileged few. This has then resulted in difficulties being encountered when it comes to regulating who is eligible to buy alcohol. The state has put an age minimum of 18 yrs old but there is no way of proving who is 18 and who isn’t. This is evident in large supermarkets where teenagers freely purchase alcohol without being questioned on their age, but even if they did how would they verify it. If large supermarket chains cannot regulate alcohol sale to minors, how do we expect a small corner shops in our localities to do it. My point is if we are to curb the problem of underage drinking the state has devise a way of verifying the age of alcohol buyers. For in countries like UK and US one cannot simply walk into a shop and buy alcohol without presenting a government approved piece of ID to verify Age. Apart from shops IDs can also be used to regulate entrance to drinking joints like nightclubs and pubs, which is something that is not actively practiced in Malawi.

  10. sain it like it is says:

    i think you are missing the point here guys…as much as your push is for the greater good…i think banning is not possible rather push for moderate drinking because i dont think sachet companies are forcing these people to drink…its a choice made…its like saying lets ban prostitutes because they are making men cheat….its a choice bambo..if u ban sachets anthuwa ayamba kumwanso kadansana komanso kachasu

    1. nkhedu says:

      gud point! komanso ndiye abanenso a kachasotu

  11. Chenda says:

    The teaching should focus on correct or proper consumption levels because it is said too much is always poisonous [ even rice if consumed too much becomes harmful]. How many petitions shall we present in such situations every day? Bearing in mind that our school leavers could be employed by the satchet companies or else people would make their own satchets from the containers .

  12. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Kusamva Ana inu. The law is there: ‘No beers for under aged’ but you insist. Today you’re talking about sachet liquor but what about ‘Ganja or ka Weed? You need another law and petition to stop the growers.

    You consumed the ‘ Nkala bongo’ before presentation of your petition.
    Zitsilu inu.

  13. popapo says:

    I totally support this move it is worthy and noble. In Karonga youth are too much in sachet that you wonder if there is future for these youths. Just close to Paramount Kyungu’s residence there is “Chipwirikiti” where consumption of alcohol in sachet by youth is horrible. As if to outclass Kyungu’s place, T/A Karonga’s house is surrounded by Shabeen, local bars, playing music out of proportion and sachet drinking 24 hours. Please ban these sachet and the Chinese who came as investors should find a better investment venture not this killing business.

  14. wakukaya says:

    leave masacheti alone because they are reducing our population.mostly these sachetsi are used by unproductive youth who have nothing to do,,, so let them die and go to heil. zamkutuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  15. IDODO IDODO says:

    I for one will fight tooth and nail in opposing to the ban of sachets. As much as I can not afford to buy these other beers because of exorbitant price , let alone am jobless and my pocket is having little money to buy the same, that’s why I always resort to buying sachet beer. Let those who are proposing the ban of sachet beer give us the solution of where we can get money to buy Chibuku, Green, Special, Amarula, Malawi gin, etc. For your information these sachet industries account for atleast 4% of employment in Malawi, so where do you think all those working in these industries will go. Hey give us a clue. Ine ndi Ma Rider ndi mpaka mpaka.. Moti pano ndikukalima ganyu kuti ndikagule Rider wanga. Mwagwa nayo zomwe mukufuna sizitheka. Joy, Rider, Black ponder, Wamkaka, XXX, Wagwape kapena kuti Red Dee, Boss whisker, etc thandize.

  16. Chonchobe says:

    Anthu mumasowa zochita eti? why don’t you use your time for profitable things? What gain will you have in doing such things? kenako muzipita kwanu kumakagona ndi njala. Kumapanga zinthu zobweretsa chakudya ndizopasa phindu osati ulesi omayenda munsewu kuti mujambulise. Nthawi kumayigwiritsa ntchito bwino.

  17. zanga phee! says:

    we dont force youths to buy sachets, they do it on their own even if u can ban there z kachasu,kadamsana e.t.c they will stil consume,,the issue z give youths jobs if they r bizy & productive they can’t take sachets!

  18. nuji says:

    Thats true, they shud ban these sachets tikusowa mtendere mmakomomu chifukwa achinyamata athu akumwa everyday ma sachet amenewa. Ban them pliz.

  19. prinquo says:

    koma mukuziwa kuti achinyamata ena analembedwa ntchito ndi ma company opanga masachet? mukapanga burn achinyamatawo azikagwira ntchito kuti? kumwa sachet sikufuna koma mapezedwe andalama, nafe timafuna kuti tizimwa mowa odula ngati omwe mumamwa inu komanso ma company awa amapeleka nsonkho kuboma

  20. Tata says:

    Peter wa mathanyula thanks for your comment but as far as those are human beings I beg to remind you my fellow learned man that it’s your duty to protect those that can’t be protect and desist from wishing death to the image of God ,one thing you should know this Indian doesn’t consume these neeh

  21. Thats stupid indeed,leave the sachet alone,those who drink sachet drink it,those who are not drink be there.i will assure you that we will continue drinking sachet eg red dee,xxxx,joy etc,no one can stop it

  22. chemembe says:

    Is it the packaging or the type of spirits you are against? Similar alcohol is packed in 5 litre bottles at Nchalo and is locally sold like kachasu .Is that okey?Alcohol is bad not because of its packaging..I have a simple solution to solve this problem.Anyamata odziwa kutentha nyumba ndi maofesi aja akaotcheso tima factory tamowati

  23. Tjmajt says:

    Musova ine ndi chonga!

  24. xyz says:

    the packaging is not an issue. do your research well. why do these youths take brandy and Malawi Gin sachets which have been there for so long than these others ie sapuwa, boss etc?

  25. Chimimba says:

    wakupatsani zambiri wise chauluka waku chibuku eti

  26. Liyaka Bamusi says:

    stupid mwasowa chopangila petition.why cant you petition that the president is clueless and has to resign>>>

    1. che mbweenda says:


  27. Crispin Mkandawire says:

    This is an issue that should be supported by anybody who is seriously concerned about the health and progress of our youth. When the First Lady accompanied our leader to the U.S. last year, my niece raised it, and was interviewed about it by TV Malawi mediamen. I salute all efforts to stop the sale and distribution of sachets to minors anywhere and anyhow in our country. Money is a base motive for development.

  28. Peter Muthanyula says:

    No productive citizen would consume those sachets. Let the unproductive people consume the sachets and die. It is a natural trajectory. It is good for the economy. It is a way of cleansing society of useless citizens. Leave the sachets alone, they are serving a useful purpose. The more unproductive beggers die, the lesser the dependency on productive citizens. Leave the sachets alone!

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