Youth petition Malawi leader to ban sachets alcohol

The Young Achievers for Development (YAD) on has asked Malawi President Peter Mutharika to use his constitutional powers to ban packaging of spirit liquor in sachets in the country.

Red card to sachets

Red card to sachets

Handing over the petition

Handing over the petition

This calls follows a petition the organisation presented to Parliament last September asking Parliament, mainly government to completely ban the production and selling of liquor sachets.

According to YAD President Jerfferson Milanzie, there is increased consumption of both “recorded and unrecorded spirit alcohol” packaged in sachets by the young population.

“In any country where there is heavy alcohol use, whether on occasion or over extended periods, alcohol related problems can be expected.

“A number of conditions have been identified that by definition are caused by alcohol use, such as alcohol psychosis, alcohol dependence syndrome, alcohol abuse, alcohol polyneuropathy, alcohol cardiomyopathy and alcoholic gastritis,” reads the petition in part.

Milanzie further told Nyasa Times that alcohol is estimated to cause about 20 to 30 percent of oesophageal cancer, liver cancer, cirrhosis of the liver, homicide, epileptic seizures and road traffic accidents worldwide.

He also claimed that alcohol packaged in sachets is made from cheaper unapproved ingredients.

Milanzie then said they will fight tooth and nail to vacate the court injunction spirit liquor manufacturers obtained against the Malawi Bureau of Standards not ban packaging of spirit liquor in sachets.

“We, together with partners and other local NGOs, will not stop nor relax till the battle is won.

“We have lost many youths, others can’t perform as human being. As a country we can’t afford to continue burying alive the youthful generation.

“We will soon launch ‘Red Card to sachet alcohol campaign’,” said Milanzie.

He also hoped that Parliamentarians will this time around take into consideration their calls to ban packaging of spirit liquor in the country.

“We ask the President not only to make a statement but also ban production and packaging of liquor in sachets,” said Milanzie.
Milanzie said their research shows sachets are posing a threat to the youth.

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Mc Nyopex Tuzuke

sangaletse nayenso ndi wamasacheti


Mmadana ndi alomwe bwanji,chifukwa choti akulamulani kawiri?nde simunatitu,2019 kukubwera munthu wamkulu Dr George Chaponda ,mulira psooooooooo,wanva gwape iwe?

victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi
victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi

Life is precious. The loss of a loved youth is tragic. The future of the nation is hinged on the youths. We pray for the truth and His support for safety.


Bravo Milanzie! hope the president will listen to this. Masacheti awa are poisonous, anthu afa ambiri Mu Malawi muno.

Havez al Sahalaaw

Iwe Che Mbweenda ndiwe mulomwe eti? Timati ‘Productive osati: ‘Reproductive’. Tikufuna Alomwe ambiri pa Kasungu pano atilimire fodya.


Ifenso tiyambisa lathu bungwe Sacheti ndi Dhilu Timwe Zimenezi (SDTZ) tiwone kumene kutachuluke anthu ”KHONDO BASI!!! ALAAAH”




muyelekeze kuletsa ma sachet green ndi chibuku mene zikuduliramo
tibayanapo ndithu

The problem lies in the fact that, Malawi has no IDs apart from Passports which are available to a privileged few. This has then resulted in difficulties being encountered when it comes to regulating who is eligible to buy alcohol. The state has put an age minimum of 18 yrs old but there is no way of proving who is 18 and who isn’t. This is evident in large supermarkets where teenagers freely purchase alcohol without being questioned on their age, but even if they did how would they verify it. If large supermarket chains cannot regulate alcohol sale to… Read more »
sain it like it is

i think you are missing the point here guys…as much as your push is for the greater good…i think banning is not possible rather push for moderate drinking because i dont think sachet companies are forcing these people to drink…its a choice made…its like saying lets ban prostitutes because they are making men cheat….its a choice bambo..if u ban sachets anthuwa ayamba kumwanso kadansana komanso kachasu


gud point! komanso ndiye abanenso a kachasotu

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