Zero-aid budget difficult to implement—JB

Malawi’s former President Joyce Banda has expressed pessimism that the DPP administration would successfully run the country on a zero-aid budget considering that the national budget is largely dependent on donor aid to the tune of 40 percent.

Former president Banda

Former president Banda: Up to Malawians to judge President Mutharika’s leadership

Members of Parliament on Thursday passed the 2015/16 national budget presented in the August House by Minister of Finance and Economic Development Goodall Gondwe. The budget will be financed by locally sourced funds, largely through taxes.

Malawi has for many years largely depended on donor aid to finance development and other programmes until recently when donors withheld aid due to corruption and theft concerns.

In an interview published in The Weekend Nation of June 27, 2015, Banda said experience had taught her that when government engages donors and comply with all what they are asking for, they resume aid.

She was responding to a question about how she assesses her successor, President Peter Mutharika.

However, she said it will be up to Malawians to judge President Mutharika’s leadership.

Banda denied that recent resignations from her People’s Party (PP) by some senior members were a result of her being away from the country.

“In a democratic society like ours, anyone is free to belong to a political party of their choice. Similarly, anyone is free to leave any political party that they belonged to. It is beyond my control when members decide to leave PP whether I am in Malawi or outside the country. In any case, as the party’s name suggests, the People’s Party is not run by and does not belong to any individual,” she said.

In the interview, Banda also tackled the issue of the DPP government having weakened her security by withdrawing security apparatus.

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44 thoughts on “Zero-aid budget difficult to implement—JB”

  1. Mulohmwe wa kwa Mendulo says:

    What a failing govt i hav nevr seen,manyazi mulibe zoona the whole District Hospital kuipatsa 2 million, koma kwao Ku Thyolo DHO fundng nkuwapasa K35 million zooona and yu call this one a good President and his govt????

  2. amos blazio says:

    fail to run ve gvt.

  3. wanya nayo says:

    if you said that j b a thief!!what do u mean?sanapangepo bugdet yopanda ndalama since 2012.zoona anthu akulu akulu ngati inu,kulephela kupeza ndalama zogulira mankhwala mzipatala?koma zapa 6 july mulinazo.ngati inuyo muli madolo,phwanyani plan ya 6july ndalama zake zithandize mafuta a ma amburace,chakudya,mankhala ndi zina zambiri bt ur bizy kusunga zapa 6 july.zitithandiza zimenezo koma….aaah ine nde ndakaika….

  4. male pipo says:

    Nkgumba ina yatchula za aphunzitsi. Please osatiyamba dala ife tokha, ndiboma lokhali likutikwezera salary as promised

  5. Nalimata says:

    Mpafuuuuuuuu….azungu andituma kuti….komaso waombera mphwiyo nditomuziwajee…and my husband is the finest lawyer in Malawi..nanga bwanji muli yandayanda kuthawa? Kasambala akukudikirani kuno mama cashgate engineer.

  6. Jobwijo says:

    If I hate my fellow comentators, there is no body other than cometators like Clemnt. And your a fool in a poorest breed. Why backing up this idiot JB. When that thing inherinted presidency, the whiteman trusted her and all the taps were opened. Unfortunately she is fool who failed to control cash from account number one.Soon after cashgate scandle, all the taps were closed until DPP came to power. The why are shielding this female idiot, coward, parrot and senseless and crook women. I mean the type of christian who praise the Lord only when things are working for them and hide when things are not good with them. JB used to visit TB Joshua as if TB Joshua was in Malawi. She was visiting Nigeria monthly. When she sick even by simple nose flowing, she was treated at TBJ. Last days of her leadership she was even taking everyone to TB for treatment from her family. Look at her today, she doesn’t talk anything concerning TBJ.This lady is very stupid. Late her die in Xenophobic country and be buried there.How can the whole president say she knows who shot Mphwiyo yet she is failing to come to Malawi and testify in court. That case with her witness it could have been concluded by now. Even Raphael Kasambala said Mama JB knows everything how Raphael was operating and he wants JB to be his witness. No body can take any coin from account number 1 without the head of state taking note of.All these cashgates, JB is witness. Who does not know? Why supporting such a fool? Clement were you a kindergarten student when JB was ruling Malawi under inheritance as if Malawi is a kingdom or Queen Dom.All Malawians we need to hold hands together and finish JB off for better Malawi.We want only professors to rule Malawi, not otherwize.

  7. I’ve always argued that we’ve a bunch of educated savages who look at things subjectively.

    Take it or leave it zero-aid budget is a non-starter. malawi cannot do without donor aid. firstly, how many malawians pay tax to contribute towards budget? just a handful excluding most noise makers on this column.

    DPP wil always try to pretend things are working while in the actual sense they r not. I agree with one of the few very objective commentators development requires a lot of forex which we fail to generate looking at explrtation against importation.

    Budget is indeed just paper work, no wonder Phalombe hospital will always appear in the national budget whilst nothing tangible is taking place on the ground.

    This is just the beginning we r yet to see the worst!

  8. Balamanthu says:

    It is evident in Economics 101 that a country can only grow from activities emanating from its development budget.What the zero aid budget kills any attempt for the economy to grow.This should be of concern of all malawians-whether those that belond to DPP,PP,Unity party or those of us that belond to MCP.This is common sense and I am saddened to see some headless thoughts being propagated on this forum when the people that will be affected by this obvious lack of growth are those of us are in the country.It will be worse for the ordinary villagers who have nothing to hold onto.APM can do better than this.

    My advice to us all is for us to elect an action president regdrless of party in future rather than elect liers who promise so much and deliver nothing like the DPP government.

  9. Zuze says:

    Very true after she stole all the finances. Stupid lady.

  10. Snoop says:

    we already know Zero aid budget is difficult to implement, but that’s what Govt has as of now. No use to cry over spilt milk. It is difficult in short term but will teach us a few lessons of better financial management, prudence and responsibility in the near future. Donors should not play yoyo with Malawian people. let them assist at the their

  11. Kamano says:

    Amalawi, timadana ndi chilungamo. JB sananyoze munthu. And she z right. Tifune, tisafune Malawi cant run on misonkho basi. Or else sitinati, sizaposa paja panafika Zimbabwe. Muonanso. Munthu sumalalatila yemwe wakunyamula. If he drops you down, basi wanya. Ndiye tinyeladi.

  12. Zymology says:

    all those who shout with high tone at criticising good ideas and promoting cashgate govt are empty aid budget has made teachers,nurses,doctors etc face numerous challenges. u, who claim to be big heads know them well,civil servants’ strikes that u experienced during ur late mulhakho leader will now be hot and uncontrolably pressed on ur APM, Keep on holding our salaries,delay them the way u wish but expect more demonstrations and thereafter praise ur zero aid budget if it is really helping,zitsiru inu, agalu achabe chabe,mxi!,fotseki nonse

  13. Mnunkhaludzu says:

    Most of you commenting here is from lack of knowledge on what you are talking. You are looking at things from basic point of view. The budget approved by parliament is just a “paper” financial plan and it does not mean funds are currently available in the government coffers. The level of expenditures in each month need to match or be lower than the level of revenues generated! Unfortunately, this is not the case for Malawi hence most planned activities are either postponed or abandoned due to lack of money to meet the costs. This is why we have each and every year having projects not started, delays to pay salaries and allowances for civil servants, lack of drugs in hospitals etc. If you charge people higher taxes to generate more revenues, they will either look at crooked ways to avert taxes or postpone their purchases that attract taxes such as importation of goods. On the other hand, government budget is composed of recurrent and development components. The development budget requires huge volumes of forex because there is need to import foreign inputs such as equipment for hospitals/ESCOM, for construction like machinery, tar for roads and payments to foreign contractors etc. ! The country does not generate enough forex to meet our appetite for the foreign inputs or products. This is where foreign donors are very important….. You can continue talking your nonsense of zero donor budget….but this is your head punching challenge which donors themselves know very well you will not progress to anywhere until you repent from thievery and looting. We need to address our supply side of the economy first to generate enough forex on our own to meet whatever we import from abroad. Unfortunately, you have killed the strong foundation that Kamuzu set for the economy such as Press corporation, MDC, Admarc, rice and tobacco farming estates and sold key national investments to Indians…… Osamangobwebwetuka ndi za ziiii to support useless ideas.

  14. Zondi says:

    JB makes me sick i dont think she has the capacity to comment on national issues am sorry….to me JB has no story to tell malawians maybe outsiders…the people who dont know eish SIC

  15. Boyd Kilembey says:

    Zero AID budget is possible Amayi. If we had our priorities right. Surely when you distribute gotsi worth K2000 and spend K80m per trip, surely you will need donor AID pretty fast. . Dont let your personal opinions cloud out the potential Malawi has. In fact I am surprised APM is going “back” to the same donors that fled because of cashgate.

  16. Rodgers Banda says:

    Will DPP survive without donor aid? Yes!!! K2 billion stolen is more than enough to develop south

  17. Maximum Prison says:

    JB is right with zero Aid it is hard for Malawians to run this country! We therefore humbly request her to pay all the cash gate money so that donors can restart supporting Malawi. She is very right donors want to see the cash gate issue concluded before they start supporting the country!

  18. mwatero says:

    DIPHIPHIs dont talk of donour independence today, you helped to swindle MK577b and you have reserved in bulks. Bring back our money first and talk of donour independence, I will then support you AND if you continued rulling without the short break that occured we would now be talking not of MK577b but MK1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.
    Any comment before I rest my case.

  19. Anganga says:

    Koma Agogo Awa Ofana Ndi Malemu Ghadaff Wa! Sakudziwa Kuti 2011-12, 2014-15 Tayendera Zero Yomweyo! Bwenzi Pano Tili Pena If Not Her With Her PP In 2012-14. Tel That Fox We’re Comfortable With ZERO-aid budget!

  20. nick says:

    Here we go again! JB and Malawi should know by now that “zero-aid” budgets DO NOT mean that there is zero aid to Malawi. They merely mean that Malawi is run by foreign development agencies like DFID which are funded with fixed budgets by foreign governments. The work on the ground is done by a multitude of foreign-funded NGOs. Malawi’s government has no function whatsoever and they can spend your taxes on their private jets and Hummer motorcars and fine speeches.
    Ex-politicians like JB must start telling Malawians the truth and give the benefit of their experience. Did Grant Shapps the UK Development Minister think that UK aid to Malawi had ended when he sat in that CDSS classroom promising more classrooms?

  21. aurora says:

    Malawi will remin dogs if we depend on donor aid..who said we wouldnt survive without donors??are we going to die? depending on our selves will be a good idea though it will take time to be on track..a Malawi uzolowera spoon fed..aliese azadya thukuta lake..dont you who are in support of donors see kuti we are in their hands,we r not a free country..they are our bosses and will remain such if we dont wake up and bit them at our game.its iur country,we r beautiful and have resources we just need that LEADER to fight for us and with our support all will be wel.

  22. Mpwesiwa says:

    Hahaha Drogba you carry my day. Tell JB. Actually she is waiting for azungu to tell her to return home to look after her orphans in PP. kiki PPiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii yanyamukaaaaaaa…

    Ife Zero Aid Budget ndiye taizolowera. We are becoming really independent.

  23. bb says:

    Gentle men & ladies, dont address individuals bt ideas.

  24. Sweet Boy says:

    Whether one likes it or not this Zero Aid Budget is here to stay. It has come at the right time when the donors are becoming tight fisted due to austerity economic principles they too have resorted to adhere. It is not by choice that the much talked aid is not coming. This was going to happen anyway. They were just waiting for time; mind you this gas been fast-tracked due to financial indiscipline officials in Malawi perpetrated in recent times. You go anywhere in the world you will be told that they too are applying cuts in most if their expenditure budget. By the way why should you be crying for aid and yet that is the same money you people contribute to developed countries? For instance, Malawi and other commonwealth member countries pump into the headquarters of the organisation (Britain) money to the tune of £10 Million each year for membership, in turn they get the same money or even less and offer it to the same countries as aid. Do you know why Uncle Bob in Zimbabwe is not in good terms? well he told them in their faces that his country will never pay this membership fee again for being didelined; hence the standoff. So Nyasas open your eyes and think outside the box, have alternatives to sustain livelihood other than running a country based on handouts.

  25. Am sick and tired to read articles of mad guys who are fond of demonising JB. Europeans didn’t run away from JB but DPPs cashgate ndi kutukwana kwa Bingu komwe ena munayamwira.if u say JB is a hule it means ur mum is a worst hule ndiye uhule wa amayi ako umene unauona akuchita ndi umene ukumpaka nawo JB. If u don’t have constructive ideas just stop contributing on the net. We are tired of u.

  26. mdk says:

    It is happening whether you like it or not.starting a new thing is not easy but after a while we will get used to it.for it to be a success our mindset has to change as well otherwise we will remain the same while our friends are making is tough osazolowela zothandizidwa zimapeleka ulesi ndi uchitsilu because you only do what you are told

  27. kanyimbi says:

    I think JB is wrong not to support the zero aid budget. Donors fled during Bingu time and returned when she was in power and then fled again because of cashgate during her time. It is proper for her to apologise to malwians and tellthem that they are suffering because of poor leadership to which she belongs. All the leaders have been tried and have failed so it is not proper for the leaders to be accusing one another yet the real problem with Malawians is the bad leadership. Just Imagine K577 billion unaccounted? So what does the Auditor general do in office? What does the Finance minister do? What does the the accountants in all ministries do? its simple a rotten civil service.

  28. Chibanja tv says:

    So you have started attacking drogba because is expressing his personal views and want him to align views to yours zoona koma? you are indeed selfish people. Donar dependency should not be a priority even that same Greece you are talking about here was first bailed out and failed to sustain so how many times will it need bail outs?

  29. Kadakwiza says:

    A country need investors to develop not donors. But for Malawi a country which can’t even manufacture a mere screw have no choice but to depend on donor aid. DPP government should just swallow their pride and go donors door and ask for aid. Malawi is poor.

  30. Njalayamalamuchiuno says:

    Countries that run on Zero Aid budget attained that status through a long term plan of sustained growth of their economic activities and spread of wealth. In Malawi,we want to pursue that path as an emergency measure due to our aparent failure to win donor confidence. We must not be brain washed to thinking that Malawi can, at the level of our economic activity, successfully operate on a zero aid budget. Let us not cheat ourselves, this is a World of interdependence where countries need each other for development.

  31. zakusimba says:

    Drogba I am with you. Remember DPP took over this mess from this hule. My advice to the government please cut benefits from top government officials. Why using Benz and expensive resources? Their children s hold go to public schools or they pay from their pockets.

  32. People like the so called Drogba you are useless man it is people who are suffering not those shit you are talking

  33. Acki-Memento says:

    @ namulondola that is the spirit of people who want to grow,let others cry for a had out

  34. Ismail Adams says:

    Africans lets stand on our on it time now, you dont chase someone from your house and again bow to the person asking for bread thats unfair, whites had stolen our resources and our people (slaves) to make themselves rich, do you think the same whites will make your country rich?

  35. The Most Concerned says:

    Only Visionery Leaders like APM & Bingu can run this Country without Donors. Timatha ndife a DPP.

  36. Concerned Citizen says:

    Mr Drogba the DPP sympathizer. In a zero aid people suffer. Bank interest rates will remain at 50%. Banks will strugglw to have cash and will sell properties every day. Investors will run away by squeezed on taxes.

    Abwana even Greece wants a bail out why not ka Malawi?

    Stop talking nonsense anthu akuvutika ku Malawi because of DPP. Lets try MCP in 2019.

  37. Namulondola says:

    Depending on donor aid is like being on Life Supporting Machine throughout. Or a blind man guided to destinations they don’t intend to go to by their guide. Or a mentally challenged assisted to do what they wouldnt exactly want to do by normal beings. A human race of Malawi cannot plan to survive on aid. It is a disgrace. Let we stand within our means and starve than depend on aid which is only speculative.

  38. opportunist says:

    No man is an island

  39. johnstone chimphentheka says:

    So we should fold our hands and say we can not run our country because donors have left us? JB is that your proposal? You should be last person to say this. You literally failed Malawians during your reign. Cashgate soared and this is why donors run away. Now you leave more poorer here at home while globe trot. God will judge you!

  40. Big brain says:

    JB keep quite

  41. Patriot says:

    @ Drogba, Olo azungu amathandizana.
    Amalawi umbuli too much. Kupusisidwa ndi ma pulofesa uku akukudyerani mpaka K577 billion.

  42. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    Donors , please don’t assist our nation , it is full of thieves and vote riggers .

  43. drogba says:

    listening to everything Mzungu says is your trademark JB, it was your style of leadership, not DPP’s. In this age of times, all countries should strive to stand on their own politically and economically. Its not that the Zero Aid Budget is impossible to achieve in Malawi, it is the people’s mentality that is difficult to convince in Malawi to accept this type of budget; yes, empty headed people like you JB. I assure you if we squeeze these politicians not to steal our monies and taxes coupled with hard work, surely we can achieve the Zero Aid Budget. Please politicians, let us encourage people to work hard to support their lives not to rely on hand outs from Mzungu every year. JB, are you happy when the west attaches a trillion strings to a one million dollar aid package?? By the way, last year’s budget was a zero Aid one to a large extent, and I’m happy to inform you that we survived. This year, we want to try the same, pushing a little bit harder. So stop this nonsense JB. We don’t care of your azungu akuti bullshit rants. One day you will become a lesbian JB coz the whites have told you so kkkkkk

    1. Amalawi says:

      The economy is on its knees with interest rates 40% and base lending rates of less than 5%. Who can invest in such economy?

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