Zodiak yet to apologise to Malawi President Mutharika

Private electronic media group, Zodiak Broadcasting Station (ZBS) is yet to apologise to President Peter Mutharika exactly a week after he demanded an unconditional apology.

Kazako: No  apology yet

Kazako: No apology yet

Zodiak has been under intense fire from Mutharika who accuses the station of “irrensponsible journallism” following a story that revealled that the president is secretly chartering presidential jets costing the tax payer as huge as K300m at one trip as the country is going through harsh economic times.

The broadcasting house’s managing director and founder, Gospel Kazako could not comment but sources said the station cannot apologise because they stand by their report, though disputed.

“Even the President himself did not dispute the facts, actually he acknowedged the government was chartering the presidential jets for him,” said our source.

Mutharika said at the news conference that he will continue hiring the jets, saying he cannot be held up at airports for hours in flight connections and delays.

“What I want this radio station to do is to tell me how I should be travelling to other countries,” said Mutharika in reference to Zodiak.

But Mutharika disputed Zodiak report and gave his version giving out information where the jet was hired and challenged Malawi journalists to investigate and report on facts and not speculations.

Since this last Thursday news conference, Zodiak has been quiet on the matter, probably deliberately avoiding a political storm with the Head of State .

Speaking defiantly, Mutharika said he would be up in the skies in the chartered presidential mood heading to India and UK.

The country’s economy is down on its knees with the country experiencing drug shortages in public hospitals, high food and basic commodity prices and low education standards in public schools.

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97 thoughts on “Zodiak yet to apologise to Malawi President Mutharika”

  1. Mathanyula says:

    If there is any one to apologize is our gay president who can’t control his temper tantrums like a two year old. the crazy act he performed for Malawians was totally uncalled for especially considering that his salary is cut from our tax payer’s money. A president is supposed to be level headed, so what if he is faced with a real serious situation, his anger will cloud his objective thinking. ………. Mathanyula, don’t you EVER perfom like a two year old ever again

  2. hoitty says:

    Peter should be the first to apologize for swindling Malawi govt money through allowances paid to chiefs at UN

  3. Chartering Planes,

    Once the plane crashes, and Bingu plus his stooges will all perish. I will then be given a PhD in Knowledge Management, another PhD in Prophesising. Amen. alal wake baluuhhhhhhh.

  4. Chartered Presidential Plane.

    Never mind , let Peter continue chartering these planes, one day one of the will CRASH IN THE RED SEA. And then, all Malawians (64%) that did not vote for him, will celebrate like we did with his brother!!!! alah wak baluhhhhhhhhh, Amen.

  5. ninja says:

    to hell with zodiak…….

  6. sisis says:

    Do not be afraid Zodiak, we here the truth from Zodiak because does not hide. Why you Peter want to deprive the rights of Malawians to access information. Zodiak is right and no need to apologise. Bwampini ameneyu ativuta kwabasi ndinabesadi voti langa eti? ndinaferadi chipani ndaona, ndiye bola akanakhala Chakwera di.

  7. Kirth konshens masangano says:

    Big up to Zodiak coz ankhala nditimatha

  8. Albert says:

    Palibe zopepesa apart. Why mkuluyu akudana ndi ngamo?

  9. Brian M Manda says:

    Hahaha mbwiyache!! isii matoyamba chiwewe? bwanj mufuna muziopseza aliyese mbwiyache asaa!! mufuna apepese a Zodiak? mesa titabera zisankho tikavera pa ZBS pompa kuti mwapambana koma titabera? nde lero ayamba kunama? iiiiih mbwiyache kukhala satokhala choncho zalakwika zalakwika basi tiyeni tivomereze iiiiiih koma mbwiyache ukali ngati tsabola wakamphiripiri bwanj? asaaa mkwiyo ngati mmatomwa paraffin kapena kuti chakudya chanu amatophikira diesel bwanj? isiiiiih tadekhani mbwiyache ifetu kuno kuthekerani timatomvera ZBS yomweyo ndiye muti yakunamizilani? nde kuti inatokunamizilaniso kuti mwawina eti? aaaah mbwiyache mumagwa chifufu kapena? asaaa

  10. You’re crying that the President is chartering a plane!??????? We as a nation we had a plane but you were clapping hands when that acting president sold it. People said that time that this is not a good idea to sell it. Munkati ayi it’s better to sell the plane inorder to buy maize, really????? Now there is no any other way the president can travel. Even if Mutharika goes any president who comes will need to travel & the only way to trave for the head of state is to charter a plane. That story which Mrs Joyce Banda was saying of hitch hiking does not exist, that’s the thinking of a woman. If the economy is on it’s knees then it requires the CEO of the country to go out there to make deals with other CEOs or countries inorder to jumpstart our economy.

  11. Winston Msowoya says:

    Absolutely,there is no need for Zodiak to apologise to Peter,but instead,the President is the one to apologize to Zodiak and the people of Malawi for unwisely using government meagre resources to hire a private jet to ferry unproductive human souls to the U.S. United Nations Conference spending K300 million while our hospitals and clinics badly lack medicines,civil servants are not paid in time to feed their families and at the same time ,you shamelessly boast of having ( fat account) in foreign Banks.If I am not wrong,this is the money the President and his late corrupt brother Bingu stole from government coffers.It is sad that Malawi is fast being driven into unknown destination with its wretched masses of people wondering about their future.Zodiak Hoyee!! Malawians in diaspora strongly condemn Muthalika’s misuse of public funds and unequivocally support Zodiak on its gallant stance.

  12. mbanga says:

    koma akangopepesa ndiye kuti Zodiac imanama

  13. Tryson Mwalwanda says:

    No apology. Chilungamo chimapweteka.

  14. nkhakamila says:

    even if APM used kabaza to UN i dont think we could secure enough money to end our natural poverty.Poverty is built in our minds we malawians.sometimes we are busy castigating the president on money misusing.let me tell you one thing…company executives just here in malawi are paying a hotel room wealth as much as 100 000 kwacha a night whilst their junior employees are lowly paid…no signficant allowances,no transport allowance…amalawi ambiri timaona zathu zokha..lets not blame the president coz its our culture of failing to assist the poor not even our biological; parents..God help us

  15. Kafyo says:

    No apology apa.

  16. MaKopa says:

    I see zodiac zooming peter, shit peter apologize to the nation that you stole rigged the election now you can’t rig the economy. You failed with your brother. Once again zodiac is zooming at you peter like the lie of election results. Who is fooling who? Zodiac must tell the truth they know a lot about peter and mafia gang

  17. Blessings makanani says:

    Afera za ene peteryo akkuyamba mtundu wa amarawi et zikutiwawa ndalama zathu zamisokho

  18. angopepesa bola chilungamo chadziwika

  19. zakakaliya mulopwiya says:

    Zili bwino

  20. Ulunji says:

    An apology for what??? Zankutu basi.

  21. Winston msowoya says:

    Bravo Zodiak!! There is no need of apology over the hire of a private jet.In fact it is Peter himself who must apologise for blatantly using meagre resources while the economy is dead asleep.Furthermore,the people of Malawi do not base their criticism over the hire of the jet,the issue at stake here is that the amount K300 million paid does not correspond with its desires.For instance,Muthalika needed not to load 106 dead woods in the jet to the UN Conference in New York.Feedind and accommodating his mentally deficient tribesmen also exacerbated the cost of the whole uncalled for trip.This reminds me in the 80s when Hastings Banda and his unintelligent dupes flew from Hethlow Airport in London to New York to meet late President R.Reagan on international issues and Malawi’s need for economic aid.However,Reagan did not mince his words by telling Banda that the flight he and his entourage had taken,the Concord was beyond the reach of the American Presidents because it is the most expensive Plane on the planet.Now that Mr.President you have come with the Concord that the American Presidents can not afford,it means Malawi’s economy is doing very well and,therefore the American government would not entertain your request.

  22. Mussa Bramu says:

    No apology ZODIAK plz! Y shud u? Peter hmself must apologiz coz u gvin us true news of wat is happening. Wamisala ameneyu eti?

  23. Alex says:

    Zodiak singapepese apepese ndi Gerad chitsilu Viora .

  24. Today's Quote says:

    “Never do anything against conscience even if the state demands it.” – Albert Einstein

  25. Pitala achita msala Bingu anaferatu munthu uyu Ali mmavuto amayesa kukhala mtsogoleri nkophweka ngati upolofesala waziphwisi kikikikikiki a fuse muluzi.

  26. AFIKI says:


  27. sam says:

    Nkhani ikakhala kuti ndiona palibe kupepesa munthu supepesa usanalakwe

  28. Masha Phiri says:

    Stupid people. Somebody sold a jet for her benefit and you are quite. To day you are saying ng’weng’weng’we just because your president chartered a plane for safety and convenience. You wanted him to travel by bicycle why degrading the president you stupid people? Why can’t you voice up for the sold jet which its proceeds only benefitted selfish people leaving Malawians in dare poverty. I don’t see an issue here. We know that a certain radio station is paid for to air out unfounded stories with the purpose of confusing Malawians. where was this radio when the jet was sold and money went into the pockets of individuals? Shame on you!

  29. NKALAPWAGA says:

    pangali kupepesya yausilu?

  30. BRAJOE says:

    one malawian citizen from ntcheu was taken to court for bad languages over APM, now same APM wants ZODIAK to apologise. Why this APM wants all malawians to live with fear. Who is he?

  31. a chale Phillipchale says:

    izi nzachamba palibe kupepesa apa

  32. George phiri says:

    Peter ulendo uwu.munthu ukamafa amagontha mmakutu. Bingunso dzinali choncho koma anadzisiya

  33. Njolinjo says:

    We are with you Gospel. Leave these dogs barking.

  34. Gerald Milinda says:

    I don’t blame the APM & his journey bcoz we expect the president to meet with international leaders for development purposes.what we would say is that president must normalise the situations that Malawians are facing like raising of prices of food & other goods on the market.I have surprised to hear well educated people pretending as if they don’t know the importance of this journey,we can conclude that they need something……?????

  35. real politician# a.k.a says:

    Nothing to apologise here. …eish my foot

  36. NKHUZI says:

    In all fairness, I dont see any reason why ZODIAK should apologise. ZBS is doing a great job in informing the citizenry on government’s clandestine affairs . I dont see any irresponsibility whatsoever in the way they reported the matter……….Please government, give us/make public names with corresponding sponsors of those who went to the USA……untill then, it is APM and his crew that have to apologise to the nation and ZODIAK for their irresponsible spending of my/our taxes.

  37. john banda says:

    mabwana nonse ndi adyela. mumayendera ma galomoto opuma ife mini bus. ana sukulu imalipira company ife zochepazomwezo toka, nyumba ya company ine housing allowance 20% mwinanso 0%. ma allowance anu ndi ambiri munthu osauka olo.

    nonse oipa basi

  38. Anthuwa salibwino, nawoni Zodiak. Sangaononge ndalama zambiri, kwinaku akupempha thandizo la chimanga.

  39. MAKE KAMODZI says:

    The truth hurts Mr President…..ndakufilani

  40. MAKE KAMODZI says:

    The truth hurts bambo President…….ndakunvetsani

  41. Ulosi wa dzulo says:

    Zodiak should give apologies for misinforming the nation on their 300 million estimate. They correctly estimated that it takes 6hours from Malawi to Dubai. They correctly estimated charge per hour of $10,000. They Wrongly got a wrong figure of 150m one way instead of Mk36m one way (6×10,000×600 exchange rate)

  42. Mweneku Muzi says:

    Mukufuna president aziyenda pansi waku America zitsiru za amalawi inu mukamapita ku Field mumakwela kabanza kapena National Bus.President ayenera kukewra ndege basi ufune usafune if you want stand on 2019 u will be flying on our Tax…. full stop.Kamuzu,Bakili,Bingu,Mayi wanuyu amakwera chani? wat s wrong with Peter.Foolish idiots Malawians.

  43. khama msawanga says:

    its that ma country mwi will have a good leader? Ooh my god, am asking u our heavenly father? Eish

  44. No matter how educated Africans are they dont speak diplomatic when they are leaders. When they are interviewed they expect only positive questions? If you look at Europeans they are calm when answering no matter, how difficult is the question. WHY? Muntharika being a president should expect citizens to question him everytime time he arrives at the airport. He should not be rude to people who made him to be what he is if he is truly leader of Malaians. Arrogate will not help him. He has long way to go 5 years. Zodiak did not do wrong everything they said was true. Malawi is in a mess. He does not see that so long he lives luxury life. Many Malawians have never experienced how to live better life for that they believe presidents have right to use the tax money the way they want. Its wrong. Why others should die to give one person or a group of thieves better lif. I am glad I dont live I Malawi

  45. truth says:

    As minister responsible for men-wo men equality, Patricia Kaliatj must have been highly impressed with brave Theresa Ndanga. The young Zodiak scribe not only questioned the gender imbalance in question-taking, but also successfully suggested she be the female to ask a question since she was already holding the mike..This was during the table-banging press. conference

    I salute you Theresa Ndanga

  46. Here we go again says:

    My humble advise to Mr Kazako/Zbs, do you dare apologising to this idiot called President, the following will happen to you.
    1. You will loose 50% of your listeners
    2. People will loose trust in whatever you publicise on your radio hence business will go down
    So think of this these two things. Mind you Zodiak is the only radio that has a big number of listeners in this country and abroad, and what ppo will think of you is that you tell them lies, take it or leave it but this is what will happen.don’t say I did not warn you! see my name

  47. mbuyache says:

    Pls furnish us with total list of pipo who went to UN and their sponsors and jet info then we as Malawians will judge if Zodiak shud apologise or not!!!

  48. CHINJOKA says:

    Koliliko panyapako iweee munthu wazelu angakhale kumbuyo kwa APM

  49. Naphiri says:

    ZBS! You are trained. Aply your skills, knowlege, experience — Remember ar their for us-the silence. I dont see reason to stand publicly apologising. Did you commit any crime? Obama has had voices raised medias. What about Zuma? Alot!! Any query for apology? Nop! And there is nothing to silence u. Do as you say: ‘ZIKACHITIKA MUMVERA KWA IFE’.

  50. Chakwerakwera says:

    Guys tamusiyani Gospel. Whether he apologises or not it’s none of your concern. All in all, I think both sides have learnt something. Zodiac will do us better if they stop sensational reporting. Pakali pano zikuoneka kuti akuchita bwino zedi a Zodiac in their programmes. Let’s just aplaud them other than pouring paraffin on fire that is already extinguished. Gospel, stay cool. You are not necessarily a bad guy but at times your lieutenants go exaggerating in order to please you.

  51. Patrick Phiri says:

    ZBS should apologise for:
    1. Giving the public wrong information about where the plane was chartered from;
    2. How long the plane was in the hands of the president (it did not stay at Dubai airport waiting for the president’s return)
    3. How much the govt paid for the plane.

    ZBS exagerated and sensationalised these issues

    1. M'Malawi weni weni says:

      Mudziona zobakira zinazi sizingatheke

  52. becks says:

    Apology for what. My foot

  53. KoKolikoko says:

    The president is saying truth!!!
    Being the president of the Nation…there is no need for him to hv connected in airports!!!!
    APM is the President of republic of Malawi not bussiness Man!!!!
    Go hiring jets APM is your tym to do so!!!
    Its not personal journyz!
    This noise is from fool Malawians
    They even dont know anything in there lives!!!!!
    Lets accept dat Malawi is poor country!!!!
    Althou APM stop travelling do you think Malawi can devolop!??
    Amalawi mwangokhuta!!!
    Mukusowa zolankhula
    Lankhulani zinthu zanzeru osati zomangopweteketsa APM ndimaganizo!!!!

    zodiak Chenjeraso nawe kodi paja umaimira MCP iwe eti

    Enanu mukungoti APM ndiwakuba titati tikutengereni ku court mukatifotokozera muli nawo umboni okwanira kuti APM ndiwakuba????????
    Chenjerani musationongere mbiri ife!!!!
    shut up nonse otsutsa!!!!!

  54. Blue says:

    Wokuba qmenewo

  55. mfiti izafanso says:


  56. Vyanje says:

    All Of a sudden since the press conference we are experiencing timely mufflings/breaks in your reception.There is a culprit somewhere…investigate!


    Chimunthu chimenechi ndi chakuba. Ukapepesa ndiye upeperatu. Chowona chimawawa.

  58. Charombanthu says:

    Welcome to the real world Mr President. I have heard President Barak Obama being insulted by the press left, right and centre, but I have never heard him demanding an apology. He knows that in that position, he is the target of everyone most especially the press. The least we can expect from Zodiak is to state that they might have erred in the name of the company from whom the plane was chattered; but the fact remains that you chattered a plane on your way to the UNGA.

  59. Patriotic malawian says:

    Ngwi ngwi ngwi, apologize to who?

  60. Who is more important between the public and the president? Don’t apologise if Peter wasted our money to go and see his children in the US. We are not fools to be afraid of him. Did we beg him to lead us? Only 36% wanted this young man. He is becoming a child for the second time due to old age. Thesphincter muscles are becoming loose again.

  61. Pat says:

    Ndiye a Nyasa inuyo chikukukhuzani ndi chani?

  62. Roy K B says:

    That is the duty of the media houses to put asunder clearly all happenings for the public interest. if zbs should give an apology on what it broadcasted over the money laundering, or whatever, then what is it going to tell us? those are our taxes and we should know it is being used. when ordinarily malawians ask, the responds is dog and cat to the truth and never care to stand letting the public know what is going on, it’s the same media houses that pop heads to trigger mouth to say something now accusing it of trashing? no need for the apology, good advice i can put, let them talk, you hear it, think of it and reason then give elderly responses.

  63. mpopoma says:

    Gospel , do not even dream of apologising. He is stealing our money. He can’t stand for hours waiting for connecting flights. He was just a mere lecture. He never even held a senior position of vice chancellor in his life. A Kunyada ngati ana chat apo ndege. Poor thinking president

  64. Napwito says:

    Awful President of Malawi (APM)akakolope Lake Malawi.

  65. Ajudeya says:

    Asking someone to Apologise for telling the truth is like asking a person to Apologise for dumping human excretion into a TOILET…. munthu umapepesa chikwa choti waola manyi kukataya mchimbudzi? Mxiew!!!!

  66. Professional Vendor says:

    the Management and staff of ZODIAC would like to apologise to the nation and to the president in particular for the story that seemed an insult to Malawians and the president. The story about the UN trip was true in that the president travelled to the US but the facts were suggested.

  67. ozindikira says:

    zodiak is the best radio station in malawi as far as true reports are concerned. the fact that you tell us the truth does not mean that u are bad, why should somebody force you to report items in their favour? dont be shaken please.

  68. Tikotiko says:

    Zodiak if you are there for justice. Please peruse the arguments raised by the head of state. Tell Malawians where you were right and tell Malawians where you were wrong and exgerated. So pologize those areas in which you decorated your news. You know the problem you mentioned Muthalika as if it was personal issue. Next time try to mention only the government of Malawi not Muthalika. Again could you work out for me, how many delegates are supposed to be sent to UNGA. And by how many did Malawi bloat the number. Otherwise by saying Malawi took a bloated number to UNGA its not enough. Okey. Argue by facts not around figures. Look at what you have pumped into CSOs and you expect the government to be happy with you Gospel. That is very bad. UNGA assembly is an international one not typical to Malawi alone.

  69. mutu wa mbuzi says:

    No apology his excellence, you rest in peace sir

  70. wales banda says:

    Why should zodiak apologise,dont please, theres no smoke without fire,,,,

  71. mankhaulee mlaamu baabaa says:

    if zodiak’s reports were based on mere speculations and now that what was reported lacked proof i think the honourable way is to say sorry, u wont go low by dng tht. Lest we forget tht we dont hav a presidential jet, when our president wants to go abroad let hm charter the plane. His status demands special treatment. All world presidents use tax payers money, it doesnt matter whether our economy is sick,the president shudnt be restricted in charttering jet, apitala musatekeseke, zipangani hayala ndegezo muziyenda motakasuka nkumagwira ntchito za uprezidenti. zimwani tea yo a pitala osadandaulaa.’ANTHU OPENGA MUNAKHALA BWAANJI?’Anatero BAKILI MULUZI munthawiyo.

  72. Ngongoliwa says:

    We will apologize when the names and cost of the 115 people who went to UNGA is released bwana

  73. peter says:

    Apology for saying the truth? Let the government tell us how much they spent and who went to this function and if the information given contradicts with what Zodiak gave the people, only then can ZBS apologize. Otherwise the president NEED to own up his mess by taking a bloated entourage to USA (which he confirmed). My advice to ZBS, ‘side with the truth and nothing else and your will be victorious, even if that truth is being defended by only one man’.

  74. belekiya says:

    1. If there is any need to apologise, it is the president who should apologiseto Malawians for failing to control his hunger for more glory than the country can afford.
    2. Dominic is lying to isolate development from politics. News reporting minus politics cannot lead to development. Zodiak should keep up revealing the secret deals of these glutonous politicians. Let us see if dpp has more followrs in 2019.

  75. hisbolla says:

    Zodiac was for dpp during elections, nde zataninso, tiyeni nazoni.nthawi ya bingu, amakuotcherani ma galimoto but u still gave them support, si izi lero?

  76. Thandalibwe says:

    He has stopped listening. He now wants to be listened to threateningly! Abuse of power! Go on ZBS guys you are doing a gd job. I’m always proud of u in fact dont even dream of apologizing zachani?

  77. Hd says:

    I salute nation news paper, when they misinformation they apologise and withdrawn after u have known the truth sikipusa ayi bwana kanzako

  78. Mlomwe says:




  80. Saha says:

    Zbs join politics, where have you ever see polititian apoligise to a fell politician? After all both do not tell us truth all time

  81. Namalira wamkulu says:

    Chosamva chinamva nkhwangwa ili m’mutu..If he goes adamantly like he did, let him not return period!

  82. kk says:

    Bwana Kazako, chilungamo sitimapepesa.

  83. kunyado says:

    Asovenge sha!@!/

  84. kunyado says:

    Apology indeed kikiki


    There is NO NEED to apologise. Peter is the one must be apologising to the Lawi Nation for being rude and arrogant by telling Lawians that he will be in the sky soon again heading to India and Uk,while the masses are continuously sufferring. My failed state – Malawi,don,t have leadership so to say a president. Malawi is run by a chairman of DPP who is clueless when it come to a day today runing of a state like Lawi. I cry for my beloved failed state- Malawi!!

  86. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Apologizing the president for what? The president agrees that he chartered a jet and then asks for apology at the same time. no sense!

    He did charter the jet and the are no drugs in our hospitals and CHAM health workers are not paid their September salary as of today. 16th October,2015

    After all he has silently taken the advice of ZODIAK as he has told us in advance that he is going to charter another jet India, no one will surprised that time.

    ZODIAK do not apologize.

  87. Noxy says:

    Silence means Golden.So Mutharika has proved Zodiak wrong.Message delivered.

  88. Stampycious says:

    I as a patriotic Malawian i urge ZBS not to apologise. This is private radio station not public lyk MBS yomwe imayimira boma nthawi zonse

  89. bina says:

    I don’t see any need of apologies here.you muthalika that money u used belong to the poor Malawians whose by now they r struggling today for their basic needs.

  90. Dominic says:

    Am sorry, I love Zodiak and would not be happy to see it being involved in political wars. Leave out politicians to fight for themselves – concentrate on developmental program. Otherwise political news will tarnish your glory. Unfortunately this DPP has a lot of followers in this country. Try to embrace unity among all political parties and ethnic groups.

  91. Truck says:


  92. Tency says:

    I agree for Zodiak to apologise because most of what they term news is based on speculations.This may spill the creation of situations that are happening in Nigeria or Mozambique.So Kodak be telling the nation the truth.Or close down.

  93. Fleshly says:

    There is no need to appologise, let the president deal with his mistakes and start telling the nation the truth…….The president and his adminstration sucks

  94. JB says:

    Dont dare dont even think about it. Apologise for what you will set a wrong precedent you will be apologising every week.

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