Zodiak’s Kazako sorry for insulting advert to Likoma, Chizumulu islands

The managing director of private owned Zodiak Broadcasting Station, Gospel Kazako, has offered an apology the people from Likoma and Chizumulu Islands who protested about a demeaning advert carried by Zodiak radio.

Kazako: Zodiak sorry

Kazako: Zodiak sorry

The advert was insinuating that the Islanders have not been part of Malawi and were officially declared to be part of Malawi following Zodiak’s mounting of transmitters on the Island.

The advert was literally “welcoming them to Malawi” following installation of a transmitter on the Lake Malawi islands.

The advert went “They are listening to ZBS loud and clear. Transmitting equipment has been mounted right on the island. 90.4 fm. The people of Likoma and Chizumulu welcome to Malawi. Zikachitika mu mvera kwa ife”.

The Islanders petitioned ZBS to retract the advert and reservedly apologize to them for the advert which has been described as offensive and insensitive.

They felt Zodiak had demeaned them.

Kazako humbled himself: “We sincerely apologise to the Malawians in Likoma and Chizumulu Island for the advert.”

Zodiak will stop carrying the controversial advert, Kazako promised and that they will be conscious when carrying their adverts to avoid annoying any group of people.

Kazako launched Zodiak in 2005 which now reaches the whole country and now has also a TV channel.

Nearly 75% of its programmes are broadcast in Chichewa, Malawi’s main language, which is also spoken in neighbouring Zambia, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Kazako is a poet of note in Chichewa.

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54 thoughts on “Zodiak’s Kazako sorry for insulting advert to Likoma, Chizumulu islands”

  1. Chifwilibwiti says:

    I think Gospel has also many enemies than friends as I do. All these shit for the Gospel. Gospel who is your most wanted enemy, he must have coiled all these comments alone. Shaaaaaaaaaa. Dziko ili.

  2. jokido says:

    Gospel z right coz u neva belong to Malawi.1st knw the meaning of island.zipangani zanu plz

  3. Ife tinasiya kalekale kuvera karadio kameneka

  4. Nyapapi says:

    ndiye mwati ndimukhululukiredi munthu ameneyi?
    mwaulemu wake angobwera adzachotse ma pole kani ma transmita aikawa taboweka bwanji, sha! watinyoza munthu uyu

  5. Mzake wa Zodiak says:

    That was unofficial, unofficial, tibwerezenso kuti UNOFFICIAL mistake.

  6. Nyamazi says:

    Kadzako is just another stupid and big headed fellow who thinks that by owning Zodiak Radio, everything else does not concern him.

    We can burn down that Zodiak radio station and finish you off. There are so many well behaved and respected Malawians who can do a better job than your stupid enterprise.

    I am Nyamazi wa Ku Mpoto.

  7. Munthu wa Mulungu says:

    I think Kazako wanted to make the advert attractive, but he did it in a wrong way, mainly because these days everyone is a politician and everything is politisised. Otherwise there was no issue there. Anyway.

  8. Thom Chiniko says:

    Akulu kupepesa nde chamunacho ndezofunikazo zimenezo

  9. Favour says:

    Koma ma comment enawa? Kodi munayambana naye zina zake Gospel? Mukuti nkhani ya advert yomweyi? Anthu inu mumakhala ngati simunayambe mwalakwitsako mmoyo mwanu bwanji? Chipepeso chamveka ichi,ena olo zilakwike simupepesa.

  10. Akungolonje says:

    I thank you all fellow readers for your constructive comments and suggestions on this issue, I need not to repeat what some of you have already spoken out. However, allow me to say this; I was also perplexed when I first read the article heading until I had to repeat it and got to my sense. Thanks that ZBS and its Kazako have openly apologized, surely the heading misled the majority. When I read it for the second time it just reminded me of the Gospel Kazako’s chichewa poetry style and at last I gave laugh of relief. Kazako and ZBS should ready had lingered abit over the heading considering the wrangles these islands experience from our neighbouring countries of TANZANIA and Mozambique.
    However fellow Islanders and Malawians at large,read what Kate 10.1 narrated, also somebody who requested ANYAKAKA/ANYADADA (brothers/sisters)to cool down, I would likewise concur with them that lets forgive ZBS and Kazako. it was I m 100% sure Kazako’s poetic manner, adding some salt to it to the extent that the salt was too much that made a soup untasty and and the Likoma island mcheni unpalatable. It was all about making it heard nice. Hope Kazako wamva check your messages and the MASM one, I also dont like, pure blasphemy.

  11. fredo says:

    Kazako wa DPP uyu. Anathandiza kuononga zisankho uyu. Pano listenership yake ikuthamangira 50% aona chakachi chikamatha

  12. Katundu Wa Mbuzi says:

    Gospel…You think you are too clever too smart too knowledgeable too intelligent. But you are not any of these if you were you would not be studying for Journalism Degree in 2013. Because of this pomposity and your know-it-all attidude your radio has moved from Darling to Downing. I no longer listen to ZODIAK because of many blunders and the attitude of the owner and its not only during elections. If I were you I would be sober and humble myslef. This has happened to teach you a lesson chifukwa umadzimva masiku ano. Everyone used to listen to ZODIAK but when you decided to sell out you lost a significant number. You may not care but if I was Gospel I could have looked at myself again and ask the question -WHERE AM I GOING WRONG???

  13. Jimmy Kamwendo says:

    Yeah i feel uncomfortable with advert ya masm jst lyk masm is great than the sun tht our creator created mm i jst feel like there is no respect to God.

  14. Ma battery a mlakho says:

    That is typical of Kazako bullshit.There is also this advert of MASM where he compares it with the SUN….that the SUN only shines half the day while Masm is there always.Kazako’s stupidity and ignorance do not pump sense in him to realise that The SUN is always shining even when we experience night.The SUN has been there billions of yrs and shall remain so whereas Masm which steals from innocent souls is just here temporarily for it’s sinister motives..He doesn’t even know that the Jesus Christ he worshps is the personification of the SUN,the life giver.You also need to remove the advert,apologise and repent to GOD for this is first grade blasphemy!And for your info,zodiak lost its touch since May elections. And u lost us.Zodiak also biases in playing local music.KODI LAWI ADAPEREKA ZINGATI?

  15. Mbakwazulu says:

    Munthuyu anangophonya mukalankhulidwe, pakamwapa ndipodya za mchele. Wapepesa tiyeni timukhululukire.

  16. hfty says:

    Masiku ano anthu atseguka kumaso, sizomangowatengera kuntoso ayi. In this watsapp generation ali yense ndiwozindikila ndiye Inu a Zbs need to do things carefully

  17. Busy Darren says:

    Kazako is a true citizen and has just acted as one, how I wish all malawians were like him

  18. Kapoli Thengo says:

    #2 Dziwa lero kuti chichewa ndiye official language kumene and a Chewa ndiye eni ake a dziko la Malawi. Chichewa is spoken in 98% of Malawi, in Zambia, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

  19. dadaboma says:

    What the heart keeps the mouth will one day say it even if the mind did not intend it to be said. ZBS holds partisan, tribalistic and nepotistic tendencies and has too much self-importance. I stopped listening to ZBS when I realized their real character, particularly during May 20 elections when their flamboyance became a nuisance of highest order. I would kindly ask ZBS to go back to the 2 islands and pluck off their transmitters and plant them where they think the real Malawi is, otherwise we’ll demolish your transmitters here – we don’t need them in the 2 islands because we’ve other radios to listen to.

  20. Danny says:

    Abale inuyo samatanthauza zimene mukuganizazo Kazako.Always kukhala anthu onyoza .Do not kusokoneza zinthu deliberately a Malawi.kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  21. Mtaya says:

    Anyakaka ndi anyadada munthu wapepesa uyu tiyeni timunkhululukire

  22. prince says:

    mr kazako u r indeed a humble and strong man bravo u

  23. Bristol says:

    What Mr. Kazako has done is commendable. Sometimes In life, we make mistakes unknowingly but when we recognize that we have goofed, we must apologize. To err is human. To accept and apologize to all Malawians in Chizumulo and Likoma is highly commendable and I pat you on the back.

  24. gulukunyinda says:

    ZODIAK inayamba kusankha nkhani zoulusa too much. Zoona osanenapo kanthu zakubedwa kwa kunyumba ya bebe? Anakulesani eti?

  25. Mute Gama says:

    By the way who REAL owns this radio and TV stations, Peekeza Investments of Zambia?

  26. Jackson kapalamula says:


  27. Mbanangwa says:

    This Radio lost a lot of credibility in May elections coverage. Those who have their guts in the air smelt a rat some sinister machinations. They are good indeed, but if the best part of them is exaggerated, pride takes a centre stage.

  28. Happening boy says:

    Comment number 2, be reminded or told that chichewa is a national language for Malawi nation, by the way, are you a malawian because anyone who went thru Malawi schools knows chichewa is a national local language. Big up.

  29. Zansete says:

    Wailesi imeneyi yotchedwa ZBS yi inayamba kundinyansa kudzinva kwambiri.

  30. MacKnowledge Maliro says:


  31. MMALAWI says:

    Kupepesa sikuvomela mlandu koma kuthetsa nkhani.it takes astrong man to say sorry

  32. mj says:

    Thus stipid kazako, u r alkwwz on the front of controverses lke t he rigging 20 may polls, be careful bro, you wil regret bro, this is world

  33. Citizen 'O' says:

    He also needs to apologise to Malawi govt and all citizens of the country. It was very unbecoming and insensitive of him to air and print such an advert while the Malawi- Tanzania border wrangle is in progress. To which country did these people belong all along before those silly transmitters were planted? Kuyankhula mokweza zinthu zoduka mutu mudzayambitsa nazo mpungwepungwe.

  34. Toney says:

    mwachita bwino kupepesa akazako umenewo ndiye umunthu

  35. Mula says:

    Apology accepted

  36. Chidikuliku matongu says:

    Gospel Kazako has grown wings and there is need to clip these wings. He broadcasted results of may 20 while other polling stations that started late were voting. When told to stop he refused and continued announcing results. This clearly showed he was and still is on Dpp payroll. Now. Without allowing serious debate in villages, he calls federalism chitaganya deliberately to confuse Malawians. For some of us he could have used a better word than chitaganya. Because federalism seemingly is being advocated by people from north he thinks likoma and chizumulu are not from Malawi let alone from north. Gospel Kazako not only is a Dpp sympathizer but also practices regionalism. Thank God there are lots of radio stations including community ones, I stopped listening to zodiac just after may 20 elections. After all, other radio stations news contents are far much better than his station. I THEREFORE CALL FOR A BOYCOTT OF ZODIAK LISTENERS TO STOP LISTENING TO THIS BIASED STATION. I have gone back to MBC and some community stations wherever I go.to HELL WITH ZODIAK AND IT’S GOSPEL!

  37. Wawa says:

    Foolish ZBS and Kazako. Munathandiza kubera ma voti pano mwati mutinyansenso. Who do you think you are?

  38. Hehehehe shit happens, osadanda kwambili jst dnt find yourself in the line of controversy

  39. Patriot says:

    And to make things worse. Nthawi imene amachita advertise zopusazi, nkuti Likoma and Chizumulu kulibe magetsi for almost 1 week kkkkkkkk

  40. Savambaro says:

    We learn thru mistakes dont wory, part of greater xprience ok!

  41. True man says:

    Once i heard about the advert i saw an apology folowing suit.

  42. Mulopwana Wa Mamwene says:

    Zodiak went too far on this one and let’s accept that professionalism was compromised. You may the giants on other areas of broadcast but remember that every word has an opposite word. When I first heard it in the biginning of their advert I was so offended as a True Bonifide Malawian. Hope you will check your mounth before you start moving your lips next time Mr Kazako

    1. kate says:

      zoonadi. Inenso nditamva pa 1st time, I was surprised kuti chachitika ndi chani with Likoma? Plz all the time Let us examine first what we are about to communicate before one is offended. I heard of one Secretary who whose Boss gave her a beaultiful pen after the hisreturn from a trip abroad. The Secretary was so excited then she text a message to her Boss while home in the evening she said; ‘Thank your so much Bwana, your ‘Penis’ beaultiful’ I like it. Upon the wife reading the text message she packing her bedding and slept in another room. The Boss was surprised but after reading the message from his secretary he wondered but later saw that it was just a space error on the ‘pen is’. This teaches us kuti sometimes imangokhala error or misinterpretation of things that can spark fire. Watch out!

  43. Zambiata says:

    Which Zodiak is this now? The one that people stopped listening to? Since they did that stupidity in May 2014 people no longer listen to their radio station

  44. mulibwanji? says:

    Gospel, si ku chenjera koma kupepela. Who do you think you are?

  45. Kaseka says:

    Well done Gospel. I too hated that advert. We have to be sensitive with our language.
    Move on with good works and stop being carried away brother.

  46. Kalanga says:

    But I dont believe its insulting; only that we analyse things differently!

    1. Simbi says:

      My understanding is that he was just driving a point home that services have reached the Island which in many aspects is neglected as part of the main land. transport road infrastructure/ networks airport, good dokes

  47. Cheyo says:

    Man imeneyi ndi chitsiru awazimva zedi.this other time ananyoza wa guard waku nyumba kwake atachedwa kutsegula gate.watchout man mulungu anakafuna Mr Kazako lero muli mulonda wanga mwamva.


  48. opportunist says:

    Nanuso ndi anthu uzikonda chonchi no wonder the radio is full of people from DA

  49. kambwali says:

    That was extreme

  50. Nthawi Yatha says:

    Mr reporter,are you telling the pipo that Chichewa is Malawi’s main language?

  51. kukhala says:


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