Zodiak’s Kazako sorry for insulting advert to Likoma, Chizumulu islands

The managing director of private owned Zodiak Broadcasting Station, Gospel Kazako, has offered an apology the people from Likoma and Chizumulu Islands who protested about a demeaning advert carried by Zodiak radio.

Kazako: Zodiak sorry

Kazako: Zodiak sorry

The advert was insinuating that the Islanders have not been part of Malawi and were officially declared to be part of Malawi following Zodiak’s mounting of transmitters on the Island.

The advert was literally “welcoming them to Malawi” following installation of a transmitter on the Lake Malawi islands.

The advert went “They are listening to ZBS loud and clear. Transmitting equipment has been mounted right on the island. 90.4 fm. The people of Likoma and Chizumulu welcome to Malawi. Zikachitika mu mvera kwa ife”.

The Islanders petitioned ZBS to retract the advert and reservedly apologize to them for the advert which has been described as offensive and insensitive.

They felt Zodiak had demeaned them.

Kazako humbled himself: “We sincerely apologise to the Malawians in Likoma and Chizumulu Island for the advert.”

Zodiak will stop carrying the controversial advert, Kazako promised and that they will be conscious when carrying their adverts to avoid annoying any group of people.

Kazako launched Zodiak in 2005 which now reaches the whole country and now has also a TV channel.

Nearly 75% of its programmes are broadcast in Chichewa, Malawi’s main language, which is also spoken in neighbouring Zambia, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Kazako is a poet of note in Chichewa.

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I think Gospel has also many enemies than friends as I do. All these shit for the Gospel. Gospel who is your most wanted enemy, he must have coiled all these comments alone. Shaaaaaaaaaa. Dziko ili.


Gospel z right coz u neva belong to Malawi.1st knw the meaning of island.zipangani zanu plz

Njopwinjo wa a Njopwinjo

Ife tinasiya kalekale kuvera karadio kameneka


ndiye mwati ndimukhululukiredi munthu ameneyi?
mwaulemu wake angobwera adzachotse ma pole kani ma transmita aikawa taboweka bwanji, sha! watinyoza munthu uyu

Mzake wa Zodiak

That was unofficial, unofficial, tibwerezenso kuti UNOFFICIAL mistake.


Kadzako is just another stupid and big headed fellow who thinks that by owning Zodiak Radio, everything else does not concern him.

We can burn down that Zodiak radio station and finish you off. There are so many well behaved and respected Malawians who can do a better job than your stupid enterprise.

I am Nyamazi wa Ku Mpoto.

Munthu wa Mulungu

I think Kazako wanted to make the advert attractive, but he did it in a wrong way, mainly because these days everyone is a politician and everything is politisised. Otherwise there was no issue there. Anyway.

Thom Chiniko

Akulu kupepesa nde chamunacho ndezofunikazo zimenezo


Koma ma comment enawa? Kodi munayambana naye zina zake Gospel? Mukuti nkhani ya advert yomweyi? Anthu inu mumakhala ngati simunayambe mwalakwitsako mmoyo mwanu bwanji? Chipepeso chamveka ichi,ena olo zilakwike simupepesa.

I thank you all fellow readers for your constructive comments and suggestions on this issue, I need not to repeat what some of you have already spoken out. However, allow me to say this; I was also perplexed when I first read the article heading until I had to repeat it and got to my sense. Thanks that ZBS and its Kazako have openly apologized, surely the heading misled the majority. When I read it for the second time it just reminded me of the Gospel Kazako’s chichewa poetry style and at last I gave laugh of relief. Kazako and… Read more »

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