Zomba Central Hospital water supply disconnected

Many patients at Zomba Central Hospital (ZCH have been left stranded after the health facility had its water cut off Thursday by the Southern Region Water Board (SRWB) over unpaid bills amounting to K13.5 million.

Water disconnected at Zomba central hospital

Water disconnected at Zomba central hospital

The eastern region’s referal health facility has two accounts; one is for the main and has a bill of K9 million whereas the tank (reservoir) has accumulated about K4.5 million for the past few months.

The development has caused panic to patients and guardians at the hospital as water is essential to human life and other operations at the health facility.

A Nyasa Times source at the hospital said the reservoir has the capacity to serve the premises for a period of at least two days.

“If management is not going to settle the water bills within the next 24 hours I sense trouble especially at the wards. As a referral hospital, management should have avoided this by holding discussions with Southern Region Water Board to resolve the matter amicably,” said the source.

ZCH administrator Thom Chisale was non-commital on the development.

“Who told you that? Have you visited the hospital to verify your information? Which side of the hospital have you checked?” queried Chisale.

But the source argued to say the water which is running at the hospital at the moment is coming from the reservoir.

Water is a key resource in the operations at the hospital.

Recently,  SRWB whose chair is consumer activist John Kapito, disconnected water supply at thyolo district hospital due to unsettled bills that the facility owes the board reportedly amounting to MK 11 million.

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21 thoughts on “Zomba Central Hospital water supply disconnected”

  1. mike Kapindula says:

    In western countries the person who heads the ministry in question has to resign but in malawi ali chabe mimba kusu put pressure on them they must go.This shows that the minister incharge is failing to discharge his or her duties thats why things like water bills are not paid.

  2. Muyuda says:

    2 bad!!!! U are killing u’r own people. Its a hospital, u know that, do s/thing to save lives of those innocent patients. I beg.

  3. Chabecheker says:

    Consider to drill a borehole whose water should be treated in big water tank:and to instal submerge water pump into the borehole

  4. ibrahim makwati says:

    madzi ndimoyo kuchipatala ndikomwe timapeza chithandizo ngati kulibe madzi ndiye kuti miyoyo yambiri ilipachiophyezo

  5. Mzumara says:

    Tiye nazoni a Kapito

  6. kumbu says:


  7. Chulu says:

    Cutting water supply at a hospital????? Are you kidding?

  8. CJ says:

    Malawi at 50 years.

  9. ZAMADALA says:


  10. I’m a lesbian and addicted to mankhwala achikuda please help!

  11. kanchenga says:

    This if truth is stupidity at it’s best. Malawians why do we enjoy punishing the wrong people for the foolishness of other people. How would you feel if you were a patient at the hospital that has no water. Why not cut water at the minister of health house until the bill at all the hospitals are paid. Surely that would jack him up. Now what are the patients going to drink. Sometimes the way we react after somebody has sinned against us cam also be sin against others. Like the minister has sinned against water board and in reaction water board has sinned against poor Malawian patient and make no mistake as he groans with thirsty in prayer the lord will hear and chaos befall the perpetrator of such suffering.

  12. opportunist says:


  13. mabilinganya says:

    Musova kumwerako!!! Mumavota nokha mopusa! Pa nyo panu

  14. brutsha says:

    The word “at least” in English means “not less than.” So if the reporter, in the story says, “.. the reservoir has the capacity to serve the premises for a period of at least two days,” the impression is that Zombie Central hospital shall have water supply for not less than two days to the infinity. Then if that is the case there is nothing newsworthy here because life is normal at ZCH.

  15. bryan says:

    I think kupha Peter can and will solve these problems. He doesn’t care, he’s always quite.

  16. BBC says:

    ll cash gate culprits must be prosecuted and punished. No selective justice. How does Bakili Mluzi, Lutepo, Namathanga, the Mutharika family feel when citizens are denied even basic services.

  17. ephraim bonface says:

    who do you think will suffer?, Mr kapito think twice b4 you act

  18. aphiri says:

    They need to pay bills for the boards to function

  19. A hospital without water? What about sanitation? This fwee, fwee government is indeed useless.

  20. Phwilephwile says:

    Koma ngati ndi zowona chonde takambilanani. Akapito chabwino mungokhala kuti mwawa opseza. Koma mu sayelekeze kukhale kopanda madzi.

  21. Gift Kayipa. says:

    My plea to Mr Thom Chisale of ZCH ;truth shall set you free.

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