Zondeni powder: ‘Fighting infertility, malnutrition’

Zondeni powder is a healing and immune restorative, if used by those living HIV positive, it has the potential of reinstating the CD 4 count immunity within twenty one days only.

Sunreck Gundani: Zondeni healed me

Sunreck Gundani: Zondeni healed me

Chrispin Jedegwa: We can fight many diseases with zondeni.

Chrispin Jedegwa: We can fight many diseases with zondeni.

Born on 12 January 1983, from Mapeka Village, Traditional Authority Mabuka in Mulanje District, Chrispin Jedegwa a Chancellor College graduate in Bachelors of Arts in Political Sciences is the man behind zondeni powder products.

Speaking to Mana at his shop in Lilongwe Malangalanga, Zondeni a unique sweet potato plant produces tubers, when professionally processed; it has the curative abilities to several diseases like ulcers, diabetes, High Blood Pressure among others.

“The flour fights barrenness and improves one’s sexual enjoyment to those with such problems. I have seen many women who had for decades failed to conceive but soon after consuming the powder they became pregnant,” said Chrispin Jedegwa.

Malawi is not spared from the global village where health experts are fighting tooth and nail to find medicinal cure for most of the diseases haunting a human being.

According to Jedegwa, it all started with a research in 2007 to 2009 and the main objective was to find out the exceptional healing products zondeni sweet potato tubers could offer to man.

He registered C & NF Company in 2010 to enable his vision sail through into reality by ensuring that the operations are legally executed.

“I then asked Chitedze Research Station to take its tests and later proved that the zondeni powder was indeed nutritious and does not contain any health negatives to the body like other food staffs do.

Jedegwa says, “I was ignited by the abundance of potato in my area, which saw a lot of it dumped or sold away at a giveaway price.”

He told this reporter that the three year research project which involved laboratory examinations by healthy and nutrition experts, revealed that man consumes food staff which has some health risky contents and zondeni powder cleanses the toxins once taken.

“More importantly, this powder is immune booster to long illnesses, and could improve one’s health so much that sickness would no longer be a concern after using only two packets of 2g Ruo Body Cleaner plus one packet of Ufa wa Mbatata Thanzi for porridge, ” he continued.

He says, not only the sick should use this flour but also those who want to have their bodies cleansed from food contaminants. However, a rightful quantity is given for them to take.

According to Jedegwa, children with food deficiency signs are treated in a space of one month and they can easily regain their normal health condition.

He added that the zondeni potato powder is now being exported to among other countries Zambia and Tanzania.

Fatness Philipo Kabiya born in 1946, from Mtoso Village, Inkosi Zulu, in Mchinji could not hide her happiness when asked how the powder rescued her from ulcers.

“I used to suffer from ulcers for over twenty years, I tried every medicine doctors prescribed but my sickness worsened. Today, I can confirm to you that I am completely healed from this torturing ailment,” Kabiya explains.

She adds, “I took Ruo Body Cleaner and Ufa wa Mbata Thanzi for a period of one month and as you can see I am looking healthier.”

Filida Matius 61 years old of Mpando Village, Traditional Authority Kwataine, Ntcheu is one another beneficiary of zondeni powder.

She says for good eight years she could not walk as her legs kept on swelling. Apart from swelling legs, Matius suffered from perpetual ulcers. Today, she is thankful to Zondeni powder which saved her life.

“I am so grateful to a man behind Zondeni production, I suffered for over eight years and people in my village used to know me as chronically sick person. Now, I have all reasons to smile because am completely healed,” said Matius.

Sunreck Gundani, a Senior Security Officer at Mwami Border in Mchinji, shared his testimony on how he got healed with zondeni potato flour.

“For about five years I had difficulties with my movement and I had terrible head aching as well as High Blood Pressure.

“After I took a Ruo dose in September 2015 I got healed,” explained Gundani

Zondeni healing news comes at time where there are a lot of other powders like Molinga, tauras, tamarind and baobab that are claimed to be healing substances for different ailments haunting man in Malawi and the world at large.

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janet phiri

am in phalombe where can we find this product because am ineed of it. am a diabetic patient since 2012

janet Phiri

what about people of phalombe where can we find this product . please help us. am a diabetic patient. i’ve tried everything but to no avail

Prescott Tambuli

How can people access the drug if no contact details are given. Please! be as specific as possible. Tell those of us based in Chikwawa how we can access the concoction


For clarity, how do we contact you ?


Please provide with physical address, phone numbers and where to get the powder. I am in Blantyre and indeed of this powder!!


How is it that Zondeni is NOT commonly found in our Nation, but it is exported. I’m in Mzuzu.


Medical Council and Poisons Board=Where are you ?Are you only there to collect TAXES and yearly registrations ? We need to be guided as the Parliamentarians say. Any proof of this drug working before it is exposed to the PUBLIC EYE ?Or are you going to work in reverse .Once again I say WHERE ARE YOU IN MALAWI ? SLEEPING ? ?

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