3 killed and heads chopped: Bodies found in Bunda Forest, Malawi police investigating

Three unidentified bodies were found dumped in Bunda Forest in Lilongwe on Good Friday, each with its head chopped off, police have confirmed.

Kingsley Dandaula Lilongwe Police PRO : We are investigating the overall motive of the murder

Lilongwe Police Station spokesperson Kingsley Dandaula told Malawi News Agency (Mana) on Saturday that the bodies were of a man, a girl of about five years old and a pregnant woman.

He described the incident as one of the most gruesome scenes the police have ever encountered and that the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) officers were on the ground to get to the bottom of the criminal act.

Said Dandaula: “The three bodies have not yet been identified and we have not yet established whether the three were related in one way or the other.

“We are also investigating where the heads might have been taken to and what was the overall motive of the murder.”

Police said the three bodies are being kept at Kamuzu Central Hospital (KCH) mortuary pending identification.


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19 thoughts on “3 killed and heads chopped: Bodies found in Bunda Forest, Malawi police investigating”

  1. Nyasatimes the situation is tragic .. why the police officer is smiling?you need to match the pic and yhe story behind it..ur too dull you people frm nyasatimes..

  2. mwalafyale says:

    Once these idiot killers are caught with evidence of their moral act, dont waste time of going to custody or court, take them straight to the community, and let the community do the revenge job , this is nonsence, if iwas law maker, ishould have introduced shariah rules straight, rule which states that anything bad you do to others the same should viceverse to that particular person, no need to apply human rights in this regards ,because these are not of human but animals hearts asuch they deserve harsh revenges , this is avery brutally murder and apainful one malawian have never experienced before, you can agree that it is becoming common, recently we learn that awoman CID police offi cer was found with her head chopped off, remember Chasowa death also was brutally murdered, malawi on its poor ground used to be apeaceful country but now wase, no security only corruption leading , let us vote wisery 2019 please , currently there is no one in malawi to rule as president, i therefore urge christians , moslems and all religious groups to ask God to give us aleader that will respect humans rights not greedy people, this is painful not only to the bereaved famillies but also to the nation as awhole, may these perpetuators not have peace at all in their life, may the souls of the deceased rest in peace.

  3. Ols says:

    I was on my way for prayers to Bunda Mountain on Good Friday. Just after I dropped off from the minibus I saw villagers seated along the road t on along the the road to the mountain and also others were in the forest to see the bodies themselves. With my own eyes, I saw all the three dead bodies beheaded. A daughter was lying near her father about a distance of two meters while the mother lied about 10 meters from the two and she was really expantant. As we all looked so touched, one had to be also very careful with the other people moving around in the forest because each one of us was strange rto anotherCan’t get pictures and it was hard to take the whole scenario out of my mind until I asked my Pastor to pray for me later in the day since it was so hauntingand it was hard to even take pictures of those dead bodies. They were covered with leaves especially on the area around the head. Please keep praying for the departed souls. To me they all looked like a family with a very low class. I have never seen something like this before and I could not proceed my journey since my legs were shaking and I returned back home.

  4. Magadog says:

    Dpp stand devil power peter. Dpp connection election around the corner. Make it four people the lady was pregnant. Wake up malawians

  5. MNDAMBALA BOY says:

    Is it that killers are more organized than Government, or the Government is more organized by killers? [ Chakwera]

  6. Mveruwa says:

    APM should be fired! Why give so much security to one person when citizens are being killed like chickens. Munthu wake ndikukhalanso mtchona? Fire him now! Now! Now!

  7. BANKER says:

    Show us the pictures

  8. Aubry Kadzuwa says:

    Under the mighty leadership of Professor Mathanyula.mimba kusu, ntchito kuledzera,During Dr Banda with tbe mighty MYP there was no such nonsense

  9. nyamwera says:

    how how what kind of gruesome murder is this. may the lord help our country

  10. David says:

    So sad guys.Where Malawi is going? The mp musmust try their best to catch these idios.

  11. Kingpin says:

    You brood of vipers, you get enraged when you hear about such things but you don’t see anything wrong when you gang up on a suspected thief and beat him to death.

  12. Goliath Kelvin says:

    Hmmmm what a brutal murder, where is our lovely Malawi going?, where is love Malawi had?killing innocent 5yrs old and pregnant woman gosh! Let the spirit’s of the God expose the the evil doers & face the law

  13. Kambalame Eli says:

    where is the picture? have not seen a chopped malawi head before

  14. Douglas Ndindi says:

    When the people who did this unthinkable act are caught, some human rights individual or organization somewhere will be talking of “their rights should be respected”. I contend that some of these so-called human rights are in fact human wrongs, and they should be treated as such! Why are “human rights” of criminals respected more than the rights of their innocent victims? Why? Cry my beloved Malawi!

  15. Ztoutoc says:

    why is the police officer smiling?

  16. Kodi aMalawi zikatere dziko likupita kuti? Terrible and horrible incident at Bunda forest never ever head of in Mw.thugs gluesomely taking lives of 3 people by beheading? unbelievable!!.Possibly all this is culminating into complete breakdown of national security.these barbaric acts I believe are as a result of an inlax of undocumented foreigners who are at liberty to move freely and unquestioned.These pair and teach young and middle aged Malawians without fear of God and the law to advance such gluesome killings.Malawi security personnel and Govt have a donting task to get to the bottom of these horrifying criminal acts.to those criminals who killed the 3 should realise where they are that they have denied the deceased right to life and God is after them to be severely punished in the hands of police soon.May the souls of the three RIP.

    1. cymru says:

      Wagona pamuhanya is right. Such incidences are common in Nigeria though I’m not saying that Nigerians in Malawi have done this. There is need to strengthen the screening process of people entering Malawi. Many strange things are happening now due to foreigners from other African countries. Lets put Malawi first and avoid corruption.

  17. Mastano chomo says:

    Its my plea that the great Lord God “should punish for good” those people who allegedly engaged to commit that an act of murder!!!!

  18. Abale, please let us change the way we think. How can one kill innocent people like that? Ngati ndi umphawi koma ndiye zaonjeza. mulibe ulemerero mu mwazi wa munthu. Mulungu apange china chake anthu awa achita izi apezeke

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