‘Abducted’ Jane Nthakomwa found safe in Kasungu: Taken to hospital

After a two-day search, Lilongwe-based businesswoman Jane Nthakomwa has been found alive in Kasungu District, over 100kilometres away from the place of her abduction.

Mrs Jane Shycal Nthakomwa has been found

Malawi Police and family  sources say Nthakomwa  is currently being under medical observation at Kasungu District Hospital.

“She is in deep shock and traumatized. But she is stable,” police official told Nyasa Times

Nthakomwa is said to have been kidnapped along the Area 14 Highway in Lilongwe on Monday evening.

She was returning home from her business office in the City Centre at around 8:00 pm when unknown persons hijacked her car and drove her away along the Kaunda Road just beside the Gateway Mall, with a knife inside it.

“Her kidnappers allowed her to make phone calls to her husband and neighbours, where she explained her situation before all her phones went offline,” reads one of the posts on social media.

Her family appealed to the general public to help in tracing their relative.

Jane’s husband, Shycal Partridge Nthakomwa, said he could not immediately comment.

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Fayason Faisson

Nde mwati ma abductors wo anaiwala knife in the galimoto????? This is soo lame!! Leaving evidence?? Haaa!!!


Mzimai uyu ndi hule komanso mbala. she wanted the husband to pay the money kuti akabweze ngongole. zopusa basi anapangana with those who abducted her. bamboo nthakomwa muli m’mavuto


We in the DPP reserve our comment on this matter. It’s not our area of expertise. Our Prince is observing the developing story from a distance. Kadya nkena apa osati khoswe.

Zimbabwe yauya

Lock her up!


Shoddy and shady- Nothing adding up – Poor move by the wife and hubby. So her abductors allowed her to call relatives which meant she knew where she was going so he husband or relatives could not inform the police?- Ana a Njoka inu mwasewera yoduka- Forged FDH letter is the issue.


Zachamba basi, u want us to believe such nonsense! Muziuza ana amasikwano okonda kuonera ma cartoon osati ife ana oNgwazi kamuzu banda ayi
You didn’t even tell us into detail what transpired during her abduction period and you expect us to accept that trash! To hell

Douglas Ndindi

Some of you are saying that things are not adding up, but why are you not telling us what factors are making it look suspicious? In the case of Kamlepo, people gave reasons such as him looking too tidy, the “thing” that was used to bind him being not strong looking, etc. So, what is it in this case?

Chimwene Chemwali

The police should arrest both of them, hubby and wife, this is drama poorly played. So many holes in the story. Nde poti a police amadalira a army, sachita kanthu.


3 sides to a story. Her side, the abductors side and the truth.

I Got a Feeling

The way I know Jane and her hubby,, they are biggest pretenders and can go a mile for their goal! These guys are cunning, manipulative, and without heart. They have blackmail character..you simply cant trust them!. They like to use people. But they need to learn Chess – so they can master End-Game moves

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