ACB through with documents on Uladi’s passports case

Graft busting body, the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) says it has now completed going through documents which some people used to illegally naturalise over 50 foreigners in a high profile case whose suspects included the maverick Peoples Party acting president Uladi Mussa.

Matemba: The bureau is through with investigations

ACB deputy director Reyneck Matemba said the ACB investigators are now looking at other materials used in the illegal awarding of the Malawian passports to the foreigners.

“We are almost through with the investigations. We have seen how the passports were given out,” said Matemba.

He said the documents were confisticated from Hendrix Laheli, who has been in police custody until Friday when he was given court bail after the state said it believed he could no longer interfere with evidence.

He was ordered to pay K500,000 cash and surrender his travel documents to the ACB mong other bail conditions.

The case involves Mussa, former chief Immigration officer Hudson Mankhwala and five other suspects.

They are accused of issuing passports to foreigners from Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo and Taanzania in exchange for huge sums of money.

The suspects deny the allegations whilst Mussa and the Peoples Party say the case is politically motivated, an allegation denied by the government.

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14 thoughts on “ACB through with documents on Uladi’s passports case”

  1. Iwe CHIM, there is no any clean Blood out there among politicians, I change you. If you happen to spot one of them I am ready to reward you for sure. There is no any Clean person under this Sun. Bear in your mind about this.

  2. Anzijo says:

    Ya Chaponda ikuchedwa bwanji coz imene ija siikufuna zambiri

  3. Harawara says:

    We can not give a credit to ACB. It is politically motivated because soon after Change Goal started denouncing Government ,ACB jumped on him. When did CG leave government? Where was ACB all this time? The same ACB is failing to probe DPP Czar- Bingo’s wealth, 6 rotten ministers, George is home and dry. On these and others ACB is politically DEMOTIVATED. PAC accused Government of selective justice. They meant this. While CG might have committed a crime but the speed with which the case has been followed shows there is a long whip behind ACB from Government. Whether CG will be found guilty or not Government and ACB will not get points over his matter.

  4. be humane says:

    only if we argue that Mussa did not commit the offense alleged. otherwise because he was in power he was hiding under political mantle now the mantle is gone and he is exposed. Lets argue ngati anthuwa akuwanamizira za politically motivated zitayeni uko. the issue is anachita kapena sanachite? kodi anthu oterewa aziwopa kuwamanga chifukwa zioneka ngati politically motivated? No let them be arrested basi

  5. CHIM says:

    Onsewo pamodzi
    Ndi akweni
    Akalowe onsewo ngakuba

    We need revolution in malawi

    We need only clean people
    With clean track records
    Mmipandomo osati mikhala kale yakubayi

  6. collins says:

    matemba & his ACB are useless ,why arrest someone before investigations. shame

  7. Maizegate says:

    ya mussa ndiye kufufuza msanga nanga ya Chaponda Maize mumaliza liti ?

  8. mtete says:

    How about Odilo’s alleged colleague Makondi and some Malawian of Indian origin (or is it Indian of Malawi origin)?

  9. PeterMustFall says:

    Nthawi yomweyi, koma ndw simunachedwe, na za chaponda zili pati, na za Njaunja zili pati etc…

  10. kambwali says:

    Very good for finalising the investigation quickly. Please with the same speed finalise the case of chaponda because that’s the one that started. We can then go to court and deal with uladi.

  11. cymru says:

    This reasoning of ‘politically motivated’ does not impress most people. May be talk of selective prosecution. There is no way one can just be arrested because of politics. The known truth is that when a prominent person in ruling party commits a crime prosecution or arrest is never effected. Thus why they are arrested when another party is in power. So polically motivated does not hold any water Hon. Dr. Mussa. Its time to be accountable for the past. This is also a warning to others shielded now. Time will come to pay back.

  12. Passport case……..politically motivated ! Really? How? Inu mumafuma kudyela mipando at the expense of the people of Malawi nation.Lero zabvumbuluka against you and you say case politically motivated.During Joyce banda administration many nasty,nasty things happened: jetgate,maize/ziwetogate and the waste of it all the looting of taxpayers money at capital hill… the “cashgate”. Be ashamed ngati mumapempheladi muchowona pamaso pa Mulungu or Allah.You should realise that time has come to be judged for sins you did while in “fat seats” ACB now that yu have gathered all the evidence,take the matter to court where Dr.Uladi Mussa and his co-accussed akafotokoze ku mtundu wa Malawi what happened.Plse ACB act on the 5o foreigners and others who dubiasly obtained Malawi passports in exchange of huge sums of money. Anthu a maiko ena akulipezera dziko la Malawi chifukwa cha dyera atsogoleri a ndale.

  13. Regionalising says:

    We can now have the feedback and a progress about the Hon George Chaponda on Maizegate , is the issue still under carpet ? Malawians are very much interested to see Chaponda locked up as well dont protect him for the sake of him being related to APM and also being a DPP member . We don’t want untouchables in Malawi.

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