ACB seizes Chaponda phones to get corruption data

Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) seized mobile phones from  former minister of Minister of Agriculture George Chaponda and investigators are analysing incriminating evidence.

Geroge Chaponda: Under corruption investigations

ACB s Senior Public Relations Officer, Egritta Ndala, said investigations of such magnitude require enough time to ensure that the process is conducted thoroughly and in conformity to legal requirements..

Ndala said the bureaue seized the phones and other document   to access evidence, saying the evidence was crucial to the prosecution.

She said  the bureau is “working hard” to ensure the investigations “comes to a logical conclusion” in not too distant future.

President Peter Mutharika fired Chaponda as  Minister of Agriculture a day after the ACB swooped on over K166 million in different currencies during a search and seize at his house in Lilongwe.

The dismissal came while ACB was probing Chaponda, Admarc management and a local company Transglobe, for possible corruption in their roles in a botched multi-billion kwacha Zambia maize deal.

Minister of Justice Samuel Tembenu said so far there’s no charge against Chaponda, saying he remains innoncent.

He said the President dismissed Chaponda from Cabinet to allow for smooth investigations by ACB.

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26 thoughts on “ACB seizes Chaponda phones to get corruption data”

  1. Mr pheruwa says:

    Only geting money in his house symbolise that he is a thief so what evidence do u need?just kill him such pipo shoud die and why God is keeping that one up to 2017 .i wil be in fasting for 40 days so that he may die.ask your freinds where are they?koma iwee!!! Iwee!! Ohooo!! Usowatu

  2. I dont see the reason why we the tax payers should fund this stupid useless toothless department called ACB!!!!! This is CORRUPTION BUREAU not ANT CORRUPTION BUREAU,Akungotiwonongera makobiri athu motii tizikathandizira azibale athu amene akulandira expired drugs ku KCH uko..ntchito basi kugwira anthu oba nkhuku apa..foolish CORRUPTION BUREAU..Malawi for sale..

  3. Kaka says:

    ACB do not waste our time

  4. Sailota says:

    God is watching, dont worry my fellow poor Malawians. We have God around us. Surely His judgement is equal and perfect. Samachedwa ndipo safulumila. Malawi is going to rejoice!!!!

  5. satheka says:

    play game ACB why don’t you grab traveling documents so that the man must not going out side the country ?simukudziwa kuti akukabisa ndalama zomwe zili ma account akunja ?

  6. benjones says:

    Malawi the land of crooks

  7. Ondola says:

    Why are you taking so long to arrest this thief? Would you do the same if it were somebody from the opposition parties? Malawi will never be taken seriously under this inept leadership.

  8. Akatwiri says:

    very soon you will know the truth of the matter just wait.

  9. ungwelu says:


    What is the difference between the case in which that young man in Area 47 was found with K120 Million cash and other currencies stacked in a car (at the beginning of cashgate) and this one?

    Why have they been handled differently?

  10. Independent Diplomat says:

    Then the MK10 M asked by Kamlepo is irrelevant. Otherwise we will duplicate resources and efforts.

  11. Richard Soko says:

    Is that not too late ACB?

  12. mjiba says:

    All this time what were you waiting for? giving him time to manufacture evidence. Why have you not charged him with a simple offence like found in possession of forex without proper permit/authorisation or what ever offence related to forex. Are you telling us that Chaponda has receipts for all the forex that he was found with?? ACB kutha kwa Bungwe uku, Akanakhala munthu wamba mutamusekela kale mu jail. You are corrupt ACB

  13. Chaponda BB says:

    What do you mean by saying so far no charge on Chaponda and remains innocent? Dont play tricks plz

  14. Kandapako says:

    Bola kusakhale kungotiphimba mmaso!!! Tiyeni naye amaneyu mpaka ataye chitosi!!! Inya nkuleke.

  15. Kon says:

    You seize all that money and then, weeks later, wake up to the realization that you should have also seized his phones.

  16. oooooh! No corruption charge??? zilibwino

  17. Nyopex says:

    Uladi was arrested b4 he was proven guilty by court. What is so special with Chaponda, the man ACB found millions of kwachas in his house? Useless pipo. Time will tell.

  18. Mulopwana says:

    Za ziiii don’t tell us that nonsense. The truth is he is untouchable and can not be arrested. You found stacks of money in his house and you are just bowing and worshipping him useless ACB

  19. Joku joku says:

    what evidence was there to prosecute che uladi mussa? political witch hunting and persecution indeed on opposite party only

  20. Elder Sage iX says:

    All this time, ACB? What were you thinking about? Even if it were a dunderhead like me, I could have erased all leads to any clandestine deals as soon as I heard the game has been discovered, and Dr. GC is no dunderhead, he is a Yale Professor of Law – they call them ‘Ivy league’. No small brain.
    You are just pulling wool over the gullible Malawians, to make them believe you are doing something serious….. when in fact you are just covering his (GC) tracks.

  21. Apao Kugola says:

    So, Chaponda does not have a case to answer up to now, and yet Uladi Mussa has already been dragged by the politically aligned police and the toothless ACB. We are indeed in Animal Farm (Where All Animals Are Equal But Some are More Equal Than Others). Time will come when every citizen will receive equal treatment. Justice will never ever be thwarted by human efforts.

    The Fearless Samurai

  22. mtete says:

    He should have been locked up to allow for uninterrupted investigation. As it is, he is already tampering with evidence.

  23. mabusa says:


  24. zatopetsa za chaponda

  25. chakuba says:

    We want arrests not seizure of personal effects. ACB wake up!!!

  26. lesley says:


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