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selfish decision

I believe the truth of jetgate are investigate even before your took over the country so don’t fool us here.
Just start the case now if you have teeth. I like Mugufuli he acts I wsh we had so many people of his kind


It is you Peter Mathanyula who is the most stupid, nonsense person in Malawi and Africa beyond, nonsense president each time you cry like guinea fowl!


what you know is shouting. u useless leader. cant you sort out this electricity mess, Economic mess first? who do you think you are? when you wake up what comes in your mind is to talk about Joice Banda – a lady for that matter. I feel sorry not only for myself but for my wife and daughter for having a visionless leader like you.

ZZ Junior

Fact 1. A presidential jet not Bingu jet was bought by DPP government.(it was criticized)
Fact 2. The presidential Jet was sold by PP government.(It was criticized)

wabwino azitani guys?


Billy, the 577$ billion was supposed to be investigated by PP not DPP so if PP left it , don’t blame the current government. anaona kuti zonse zili bwino a PP wo!


If selling the jet was illegal then buying or the thought of buying a new one is blasphemous!


Even if the investigations are never concluded I am just happy that Joyce Banda is weeping and gnashing her teeth right here on earth!

Ufere kunja konko mai woipa iwe! Nalikukuti wachabechabe!

eliam mtika

this guy is either very lazy or very stupid or both. it takes 2 days to figure out what happenned to jetgate! Too slow to think and too old. this man should retire and let Chilima take ove.

The Patriot

Mr President, mind your language! There can only be one President at a time, some of the people you are calling “nonsense ” are future Presidents of this country. Respect is earned and your language is eroding the respect that we have for your office! If you want us to respect you solve our economic problems! Otherwise no matter how much you bang tables or issue arrogant statements, no artucu,ate Malawian will respect you!!


Koma chi dziko ichichi ndichokanika basi