Atupele setting the scene for 2019 elections: UDF convention committee put in place

United Democratic Front (UDF) president Atupele Austin Muluzi is setting the scene for next year’s Tripartite elections by appointing a a committee to organise the party’s national convention mid this year where UDF might seek to reassert its right to contest on its own in the elections.

Atupele Muluzi: UDF convention on the cards

Muluzi has a huge job of political management to turn the focus towards any kind of positive launchpad and critique of the government and avoid UDF being stampeded at next year’s tripartite elections.

The party convention  committee will be chaired by Charles Kachikuwo who will be deputised by Mangochi South legislator, Lilian Patel.

The committee will decide the venue, date and budget of the convention. And all the positions in the party will be up for grabs

Reads the statement released by party Secretary General Kandi Padambo, in part: “Please be informed that in pursuance of relevant articles of the UDF constitution and a resolution of the national executive committee (NEC), for a national conference [Convention] to be held this year, 2018, it has pleased, the president, Right Honourable Atupele Muluzi, subject to ratification by the NEC, to approve the composition of the national conference organising committee.”

UDF has been in Parliamentarly alliance with governing DPP and Muluzi is Minister of Health in the President Peter Mutharika Cabinet.

But the UDF will decide on electoral alliance or whatever direction it wants to take at convention.

All in all it should be an exciting  political time  that will generate many positive perceptions of the UDF as it seeks rebirth.


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Inde inde zofunika chipani chathu ichi. UDF WOYEEEEE

Watematema Mutu

Chipani chikuwatu achi….wachisumusye ku isuwi yakumukuli… apano yayisigere ni yiyiyi yagamba kwalambusya wandu!…. UDF jamasile nikutyoka kwa a chair!

Legson Mtunga

Zofunikira ndi nthawi ya ndale tsopano

Makani Party

UDF ilipobe kodi?
Once upon a time there was a party known UDF. Muluzi senior sold the party to Bingu. Bingu ditched it, He was bold enough to leave it with its MPs. Atupele is so coward to do likewise, at least to gain some lost glory. But its too late………….And you have sold the Yawo people to Lomwenisation. Wait and see how you will be beaten on face again like father like son?


KKKKKKK mwanayu amuononga ndi bambo ake Muluzi. How can he work with thieves. Apolice akapeza mbava panyumba panu mukuyisunga amakumangani nonse ndiokuba. Choncho izi zikuchita kuoneka kuti Atupele watha ngati makatani bola u MP omwewo.


Atupele ndi bambo wache agulisa chipani.

Chiswa B

What hell of some illegal stuff are you smoking stupid people of this thing called UDF


UDF is done & burried deep in its grave. Its just a few months before the next elections, yet you cannot even hear of candidates aspiring to contest on UDF ticket.


Atupele, you cannot belong to two parties. Bambo wako amanena kuti zipani zina zitha ngati makatani osadziwa kuti amalosera chipani chawo cha UDF.. Kaya ndi dyera ndiye likuphhani ndi bambo wako. Pano UDF yatha ngati chikolopa kuthawa milandu koma udziwe kuti mlandu suuola.

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