Behold! Joyce Banda set to return home like a thief, Jesus style

Former president Joyce Banda is not scheduled to return home this month from abroad, where she had been operating from, since her loss in the May 20 2014 Tripartite Elections as has been widely reported but will certainly be coming like a thief, Jesus Christ style.

Joycce Banda’s  actual date of return home  remains confidential

The Holy Bible says no one will know when Christ will return. Just as a thief catches a household by surprise, Jesus will catch the unbelieving world by surprise when He returns in judgment.

“Be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him” (Matthew 24:44).

The return of Joyce Banda is likened to the coming of Jesus Christ – like a thief – as the actual date of return remains confidential.

Malawi News reported on Saturday that information from the office of the former president indicates that her homecoming remains a mystery.

The paper quoted Banda’s spokesperson Andekuche Chanthunya, saying Malawians will be properly informed at an opportune time.

“I am not answering you whether it is this month or not. But when she is coming, we will issue a statement and you will get information on her home coming,” Chanthunya said.

PP secretary general Ibrahim Matola also said he could not provide the former president’s arrival dates, citing security reasons, but promised to do so at “an opportune time.”

The former first gentleman Richard Banda arrived in the country last month reportedly to prepare for his wife’s return.

The former president, who is also leader of the opposition People’s Party (PP), has been out of the country on private engagements since June 29, 2014 when she left for the United States of America (US).

Her absence from the local political scene has reportedly created a power vacuum in her party, leading to internal wrangles.

In July last year, the Malawi Police Service announced that it had obtained a warrant of arrest for Banda due her alleged involvement in Cashgate of 2013 when she was Head of State.

Her attempts for a judicial review of the warrant of arrest saw the High Court dismissing the application and deputy National Police spokesperson Thomeck Nyaude said the warrant of arrest is in force within Malawi.


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I’m wondering why this counts as news 😜

Democratic Patriotic Party
Democratic Patriotic Party

inunso a Nyasa times mukumatitopetsa nazo nkhani za mmayi ameneyu wakuba,ife tili nazo ndi ntchito yanji??mose mudayambira muja nkhani imodzi modzi,asadzabwereso tilibe naye ntchito ife,za ziii

Chinaponda Chidzaponda Chikadzaponda
Chinaponda Chidzaponda Chikadzaponda

Blasphemous language employed! Choose your words wisely, Mr journalist. Avoid playing around with Jesus’ name like atheists do in the ungodly western world.

Just a Penny

Rubbish! We are fed up with the news about JB’s return home. The more you write about her return, the more she stays away. If she is determined to come back home, why can’t she just do so and tell us where she kept the money she got from the sale of the presidential jet? I am saying this in my capacity as Malawian, not as a follower of any political party.


Is Malawi serious? Are we still talking of the return of Joyce Banda? To do what exactly? People who would vote for PP on the strength of Joyce Banda are themselves empty-headed, devoid of any respect. Callista touched on a very valid point, when she spoke of the new Malawi in need of a youthful, energetic, visionary president to lift the country out of poverty (of the mind) and its socio-economic demise. God’s/Allah’s people are suffering and surely the cries are being heard. It’s the same people who will lead themselves to the land of the free. Vote wisely Malawians.

Tenzi Mzungu

Who told you that we are waiting for her? Stupid

Agenda Setting Theory
Agenda Setting Theory

Atolankhani apa Nyasatimes. is that how you write news. Anyway, any idiot can post anything here. And how many times have you written about JB? concentrate on what is happening in Malawi : Calista supporting Chilima, Kuthimatima kwa magetsi, Katangale, poor service delivery in government institutions, hunting of Albinos. etc. These are the things people on the ground are talking about not JB.

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