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Experience is the best doctor.

Keen Observer
A Ntawali ayamba zopusa nawo zida sizimayesedwa kunkhondo ayi. Lero mwamuwona Ng’ambi chigoli chomwe wagoletsa???? Kodi simunamvepo za player power???????? A lot of coaches have lost their jobs cos of being in bad books with a section of players. Nanga to play a draw with Swaziland is that good enough? If you can’t collect maximum points from Swaziland where else can you get the points. Asamalire Ntawali coaching is another field you’re a hero today & a villain tomorrow people don’t care whether you were a world class player amufunse Maradona. Ng’ambi is the cream of the crop at the… Read more »

if water left fam everyting becaume well.i prophesors.


Kusiya Bagio pa bench was the greatest mistake. Mtawali has learned dat u reap wat u sow. in his playing carier he was so rude to coaches .

No player is bigger than a coach, baggio is in good form I agree but he shouldnt have 100% assuarence of game time at flames. The swaziland game malawi managed to score 2 gaols away which is quite promising unfortunately we conceeded silly goals forcing a draw. If young players can score 2 goal away then what else do we need. The coach must rectify the issue of defence. In fact when the experienced player is on bench it gives morale to the infield inexperienced players. I wonder how baggio think that if he was featured in that game malawi… Read more »

palibepo chosapotera Thom apa… Iyaaaa kumuyitana munthu basi kukangomukhazika? Contract itha poti ta Ernest! Za ziiiii!

Ndatero ine

Zopusa mwalembazi nde flames inawina coz ng’ambi sanasewele? Or did chelsea win coz of molinyoz tactics forsake zanu baggio ndi dolo n i dont see wina better than him pa mid mtawali made a mistake zachamba timadana nazo. Seweresani the best team osati -omati eeeh awa ndu akale ugwidi eti. MTAWALI WATCH OUT


Let the coaches chose their favourite players.The names never play football

Lovemaniac 91

Wakwiya ndi mfiti! Kodi mukuti chani? We need new blood in de team. Leave old players completely, coz they hav failed malawi bigtime! Bravo Ntawali and Nswaz! Fortunately Iam not flames fan, zangondikhuza in my foot!

Kamuzu Mbewe

Sure, this old crop of players have not achieved anything for the country. Let’s adopt a mind shift and forget about them altogether. There is nothing special about playing for little known Platinum Stars in RSA. The way Bafana Bafana is pumped with goals by little known teams tells you something about the standard of soccer in SA.