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khalid seleman
Ok we heard this, so where is the people whose working as anticoraption? What are they doing? So what we need is that money, you know if there is a country get rich with donations we should the one. How long we have been received since from the beginning until now nothing to be changed. The donners are trying their best to develop the country then others are busy stealing so at point this people not capable to be a position of leadership. We must make plan for this, especially those whose names running around almost every party, why are… Read more »
So Kamlepo with all that loud mouth is failing to take this task? I thought this was his chance to expose the thieves? He and Mkandawire started the issue in Parliament yet they are now shrinking. The 61bn was a campaign issue for Amayi to dent the DPP image yet she flopped. She was given 2 full years to expose Mutharika and his party, yet the same party showed her the exit door. Kamlepo and Harry were both there. In the media front Bwande, Tenthani, Kasakula and Brian Banda all supported amayi but all achieved nothing but shame. You reporters… Read more »

I was no there during colonial times but I have always thought that colonialists would have been better rulers than the rotten apples that we are offered. We need a third republic. How can someone say they have no mandate to investigate an alleged theft of K61,000,000,0000.00. And no one Malawian is concerned about it. I for one do not blame the DPP for all this. I blame Malawians who voted it in government. Anyone who cast vote for DPP should be ashamed for legalising plunder of public resources. Shame on all of you!!!!


Ngati simunabepo kwezani dzanja


Charlie thats daft and lame. Typical Malawi mentality. And you then complain about blackouts and dry taps when in essence its people like you who put these people in power


Thieves must go. Those who were cash gating together are today ion power also not Malawians denied thieves during by-elections