Broke Malawi govt suspected to have diverted civil servants salary money for DPP by-election campaign

There are fears that Malawi’s civil servants might not receive their August salaries amidst suspicions that government has diverted part of the funding for the salaries to fund the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) campaign during the forthcoming parliamentary and ward by-elections.

Botolo: Sorry to civil servants for the delay of salaries

Malawi is to hold by-elections on October 17 in three constituencies that include Lilongwe Nsozi North, Lilongwe City South East, and Nsanje Lalanje and in three wards-Mayani North in Dedza, Mtsiliza in Lilongwe and Ndirande Makata in Blantyre.

However, the by-elections have left the ruling party panicking following the recent intense pressure and criticism on government for underperformance in almost all sectors. The party also fears that a loss during the by-elections will underpin the general feeling of the population and observers that the DPP is losing popularity.

Malawi Government’s Secretary to the Treasury Ben Botolo has confirmed that “there might be a slight delay” in payment of the August 2017 salaries but he denied that the money has been diverted in any way or to fund the ruling party campaign.

He explained that the delay would be due to late submission of necessary government documentation to enable the Office of the Accountant General process the salaries.

“As a standing guideline, Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) are required to submit the GP5A (Government Paper No. 5A) documentation by 5th of each month for funding of salaries by Treasury and to submit Payment Vouchers to the Accountant General by 16th of each month. The Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development has, however, noted with regrets that this time table has not been followed by some MDAs,” said Botolo.

He added that Government is currently making all efforts to ensure that the delay should not be severe.

Botolo also said that the likely affected MDAs are the National Assembly under budgetary vote 80, the Malawi Police Service under vote 341, the Ministry of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining and all District Councils except Likoma District.

The Secretary to the Treasury went on to apologize to the civil servants for the delay saying: “Government highly values the role civil servants play in the delivery of public services in the country and it is therefore, committed to ensuring that all civil servants are well motivated and that their pay is timely”.

However, in an interview a senior accountant in one the affected MDAs said it is not correct to insinuate that there was a delay in submission of documentation as his department made the submission in good time as per the set deadline.

“There is not truth in what is being said. What we know is that Treasury used part of the funding for the August salaries to fund the leave grant arrears for the striking teachers who were all paid last month and at the beginning of this month.

“We are also reliably informed that some money has been used to pay outstanding payments to DPP functionaries who do business with government to enable them comfortably help the party in the by-elections,” said the senior officer.

Due to lack of fiscal discipline, Government has of late been caught failing to fund essential activities such as health and education while a number of its ministries, notably the Ministry of Education (teachers), have been failing to pay their employees on time.

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winston msowoya
When I see the treacherous image of BOTOLO (what kind of a human name is this?) Afterall,his personality is not even qualified to be a Minister of our country,he is ,ugly,scruffy and unrepresentable.It is indeed, heart-breaking to note that the hard working people of this country,can be treated like vultures which are trying to scavenge for food.Muthalika,this is not decent leadership,you have failed and the people who conferred PHD on you,must be overwhelmingly,dissapointed and shameful.Malawians,this is the price you are paying for electing leaders on the basis of ethnicity or tribalism instead of merit and competence and if we have… Read more »

You hate so much Mr Mia right? where are you?


Ndiye ku Moscow ndikwanu ndizimene umalankhula zoyambinitsanzi maka pa za Mia, you talk like you dont travel, and am not sure of what you are saying is true that you are going to Moscow, which Moscow? is it in Malawi or out side Malawi?if it is true, ubwere utasintha ukamachoka kumeneko to show kuti kumeneko sanakuone ngati mMalawi wopanda nzeru ponyoza kusiyana kwa mitundu mdziko limodzi. What was that wrong Mr Mia did to you personally? i want to apologize for him please. eesh!!
Go well go shell, eish!!



chaponda mchimanga

Failed gaffment with a failed mtchona as president. Kkkkkkkkkkkk


Malawi at 53, with a Law Professor at the helm


Botolo Secretary to te Treasury. A joke! Mukumudziwa koma? Mufufuze ku Chanco


We elect hyenas t guard goats and when goats are eaten we ask who?


Very interesting. Since when has government started advertising delays in paying civil servants their salaries? There were delays in the past, did they notify the public about such delays? Every time the president travels,civil servants are assured of delays in their perks. Every time there is a by_election civil servants are paid late. Why? Because most of these civil servants don’t vote wisely. Do you feel sorry for them?

Kanthi Nzandu

Iam afraid personnel from these ministries will find troubles in paying their house rentals because the landlords want there part and this will increase corruption for them to survive koma Boma ili security department mpaka kupanga chonchi I am afraid these people should not say G5A forms koma zomwezo za by election. Koma Boma lamatchonali kaya lichoka liti??????????


God is watching


Bwanji simunachedwe kulipila anthu 3 moths ago? lero lokha zakhala bwanji bodza lokha lokha,
koma ndiye zilikotu. simunati.
Tapangana kale ma civil servant tonse 2019 tikavota mwazeru, chifukwa mumatingela kumtoso ngati nyama ya Galu hahahahaha!

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