‘Call me Lazarus or Chakwera’, says MCP leader:  I don’t need titles like these others bragging as professors, Dr

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president  Lazarus Chakwera who  has  been maintained as party torch bearer for next year’s elections at the elective national convention, has asked his party members to call him by his first or last name  and not be obsessed with his titles such as professor, Dr,  reverend or honourable.

Chakwera: I don’t need titles

Some politicians  today are busy getting honourarly titles of professor and Dr and keep referring to those title to attack weight to their profile.

But the MCP leader, who some of the speakers at the party convention proudly addressed as ‘professor’ or ‘Dr’ surprised the gathering when he urged them to call him by his first or last name without titles.

“Just call me Lazarus or Chakwera. I do not need any title. I am your servant and I will be happy just to be called by my name and if you do so, you are not disrespecting me.

“What is important for me is to deliver to you and the people of Malawi, and not the title. We have had professors who have messed up things in this country,” said Chakwera.

During the convention,  Sidik Mia was approved as first vice-president while Harry Mkandawire assumed the second-vice presidency.

Mia has replaced Speaker of Parliament Richard Msowoya, who alongside former secretary general Gustave Kaliwo and Jessie Kabwila were conspicuously missing.

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Mwai wa Zama please check again on the names of the presidents and prime ministers that you refer to – should be Angela Merkel and Gordon Brown. Some of these politicians in Malawi have received honorary degrees from third and fourth rate universities anyway. An honorary degree is not supposed to be used before one’s name.


kkkkk koma atate Chagomelana.Laz ndi mzathu wa pa Chanco pompapa first Degree Bachelor of Arts -Philosophy. Macadet chonde tamatogugulani kapena kufumsa musanatichitse manyazi.Inu osadabwa kuti anatowina Chanco Polling Centre 2014.Ndi YAZA.


Degree ya filosofe ya u Kape ku Malawi kuno; yopanda nchito. Eni ache a madigiri amenewo ndi aja amakadya ku chupatala.




Mufufuze kaye boss, Izi mwalembazi zikuonetsa kuti mbuli mutha kukhala inu nomwe chifukwa simukudziwa. Mkuluyu mkalasi analowamo ndipo PhD yake ndi ya academic. mudziwe zimenezi ndi zoona ngakhale mutadana naye koposa

Baba wa Boyi

LAZARUS!!! Come forth (Fourth)


Voters will not raise you from the dead. This Lazarus will not rise.

The Convention day was a bad one for the “new” MCP. oChakwera has managed to plant the seeds (weeds) of discord in MCP, to be sure. And let the sparks fly. There will be no peace in MCP all the way through, and even after the next general elections, if oChakwera is still around. It as if MCP is not serious about contesting for Mpando Wonona (the Presidency). And all oChakwera wants to do is maintain the party plurality in Parliament; that’s all. The Presidency has eluded MCP since the departure of their dictator ‘Father”, Kamuzu, and nothing that happened… Read more »
Charlie Hebdo

According to Albert Einstein, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly expecting different results. The world is changing and rapidly for that matter. If one is to be successful, he needs to transform himself to suit the changing times. Last time Chakwera tried Msowoya and it did not work. Only a fool will repeat the same mistake. If there is a region in this country that does not vote along tribal lines is the North. It is possible that Mia has a greater appeal to Northerners than Msowoya.

Listen and Love

Wow !!! I must admit that I am so impressed with your humbleness and simplicity. Titles indeed can sometimes act as impedements to create that down to earth human relationship. You remind me of Nelson Rolhihlahla Madiba Mandela. Please, keep that humility even when you assume greatest responsibilities of the highest office of the land. Indeed, THE WISE ARE ALWAYS HUMBLE


Kamuzu is still Kamuzu now Agogo a Kamuzu it’ll serve you well by de-titling yourself you won’t overweigh your followers some titles are too mouthful. Don’t surface oratory deficiency in your sapotazi through too many titles. Americans don’t give a hoot to titles care more about performance

Mwai wa Zama
In Animal/Manor Farm when the pigs won back the farm they decorated their pig leader with all sorts of titles, badges and nyotas and every animal had to address him with all titles. The titles were almost similar to those accorded to God like the Wise One, all knowing. The second pig leader was obsesed with titles and he became a dictator. Why is Angel Merkel not called a Dr with her high scientific PhD, what about Godwin Brown former British PM and many other genuine PhD holders. Why are honarary PhDs mostly awarded and used in poor countries?


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