Calls to split Mzimba: Malawi’s largest district ‘denied deveopment’

Councillors in the country’s biggest district want government to split Mzimba, saying the Northern Region district is being denied development because of its vastness.

Mdolo:  To present a petition during a full council meeting

Mdolo: To present a petition during a full council meeting

M’mbelwa District Council development committee chairperson Fumu Mdolo, who is also Kasito East Ward councillor, said they will petition government this month on their calls.

The councillors are advocating for splitting up Mzimba to ensure development trickles down to the local people, according to Mdolo.

Splitting Mzimba calls were initially started by pressure group called Friends of Mabulabo whose chairperson is  Crispin Sibande, a renowned Lilongwe-based lawyer.

The group has assured , Inkosi Ya Makosi M’mbelwa that the proposal puts the paramount chief as still the traditional head of the Ngonis in the Northern Region.

Sibande had said they would consult people to come up with names of the four districts that would come out of Mzimba split.

His pressure group was of the opinion that Mzuzu, Inkosi Mabulabo’s area, Mzimba Central and South of Ezwazini should be declared districts.

Hara:  Split

Hara: Split

“There are no tarmac roads, hospitals, adequate schools and so forth in Mzimba because it was very difficult for the district budget to reach all corners of the district unlike districts that are smaller. We appeal to government and traditional leaders to take heed of our call,” he said.

Sibande said Mabulabo is the biggest traditional authority in Mzimba and the most affected by underdevelopment.

He said, for example, Mzimba District Hospital is very far from Mabulabo’s area, the nearest being Nkhamenya Mission Hospital in Kasungu but it is privately owned by the Catholic Church which maybe beyond the reach of villagers.

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Parliamentarian for Mzimba Solola, Jacob Hara  is also backing the move , saying   the split will help in easy disbursement and monitoring of developmental projects.

During the Bakili Muluzi regime, four areas—Phalombe, Neno, Balaka and Likoma—were elevated to full district status, increasing the number of districts from 24 to 28.

Chiefs in the district, led by Inkosi ya Makosi Mmbelwa IV and Inkosi Mabulabo  have said they are not against the move.


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Tiyambe Kaye ndi federation, otherwise things will remain the same.


This Mzimba issue its not for the government its for the chiefs who are the owners of mzimba . spliting mzimba cant bring development utesi uwo.

Charles wa Mndondo

Mzimba kunangotsala kugawa DC let it have two DCs nANGA MUKukakamila DC mmodzi ndi chani cholinga anthu azikasayinitsa ma voucher ku Mzimba Boma inu mukuvuta ndi ma night allowance surely i hate the staff at Mbelwa Assembly mukuzunza ma offesi ku North since you demand alot.

Please DEC members tayikonzani ndi chipwilikiti chokhachokha you find the rooom is full of cleaners and passrsby yet senior officers from the North angoyima mxxxxxiiiiiii tigawe DC basi

chiling'oma of mzimba
chiling'oma of mzimba

No way. Malawi should be split first before Mzimba. The North must be a country on its own or become a federal state. Then we can talk of splitting Mzimba,otherwise there is no reason.

John Thomas

Cholinga chogawira mzimba sikuwina mavoti,nchifukwa chani mmakonda kunyoza atumbuka pamene iwo samakunyozani? Achewa komanso ayao ndinu anthu opusa komanso zitsilu zachabe tisiyeni,pamene ankagawa maboma akwanu tcheya eanuyo ndani ankakuyankhulitsani? Zitsilu inu nonse mkulowerera pa nkhani za eni. Your president is failing you still dsnce for him,it shows how dull you are.idiot,dwalf,otomatonz.

Bon Kalindo-lindo

Mukagawa into several districts ndiye suddenly mukhala ndi anthu ambiri oti mpaka kuwina chisankho cha president?

Anyway, za atumbuka izi ife zisatikhudze!

High Time

Simple. Ngakhale mumgawe Mzimba into ten districts population will remain the same. I propose kuti tatitumizekoni ife a Mihavan tikazigawire malo and you will see a population boom and development. Tikhoza kukachulukana mmene tachulukira ku central more especially Kasungu such that we are second to the Chewas by population, and very soon tifanana nawo kenako kuwaposa. By the way, kodi anganya nkhani yakubediyi amaimanya chomene?

T/A Jangalipapa

Up to 4,thats absurd, i think just 2 can work or atleast 3,(1)-mzuzu +ekwendeni+enukweni+bwengu & south,Lusangazi,elamleni,Lunjika going west up to chigude,chikhwenge,bala then north to matuli and back towards west ekwendeni (2) the current mzimba central going north to lunjika,south to jenda,west to embangweni up to boarder then north up to mbala chanda then east wards, (3) Euthini with all boader areas (zambia)and east to Ekwendeni, north to Rumphi

T/A Jangalipapa

Up to 4,thats absurd, i think just 2 can work or atleast 3,(1)-mzuzu +ekwendeni+enukweni+bwengu & south,Lusangazi,elamleni,Lunjika going west up to chigude,chikhwenge,bala then north to matuli and back towards west ekwendeni

Mapwevupwevu Jere

Mzimba is just too big a district. Jenda is in Mzimba, Bwengu is in Mzimba, Mbalachanda, Mzimba, Mpherembe Mzimba. No, no, no! It’s time to split it. M’mbelwa is the one insisting not divide the district for his personal interest and gain. Mzimba should not suffer because of a one Chief. You remember some chiefs were selling people during slave trade! Divide it now. Chief chief chief what! Though am currently in UK, i want it divided. Education two DEMs, Health two DHOs, Agriculture two DADOs, is this not enough evidence to divide it?

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