CCAP elder’s son Patrick Likalamo in ‘sexting’, cheating scandal :Wife leaks WhatsApp chats

Libidinous and Blantyre known sex addict, Patrick Likalamo is on the verge of losing his beautiful wife Karyn due to his incontrollable sex addiction.

Likalamo and his wife

Likalamo has become talk of town after his wife leaked one of many Whatsapp intemacy and sexually arousing conversations with different women.

The leaked conversation clearly revealed how libidinous Patrick is as he could not resist but to appreciate how one of his many girlfriends and Blantyre based renowned diva- side chick-, Jessie Philips, worked him out.

Nyasa Times has accessed the conversation:

6/4, 14:53] 0998788910: Am kinda tire,,
[6/4, 14:53] 0998788910: In bed eeeh
[6/4, 14:54] Pha ddy: U worked alot last nyt , 14:54] 0998788910: I did??
[6/4, 14:56] Phaddy: Oh yeah. And u dd a great job. U fucken guwd
[6/4, 14:57] 0998788910: Mpaka fucken good ha ha
[6/4, 14:57] Jessie Jay: Thanks
[6/4, 15:04] Phaddy: Haha adjective mesa
[6/4, 15:05] 0998788910: Hope mwana samanvaa
[6/4, 15:05] Phaddy: Haha zake
[6/4, 15:05] Phaddy: Haha nanga zinabeba ka
[6/4, 15:05] Phaddy: The head was gud
[6/4, 15:07] 0998788910:
[6/4, 15:12] Phaddy: Haha. Anali atagona
[6/4, 17:31] Phaddy: Nde wagonatu lero, 17:55] 0998788910: You drained me
[6/4, 17:55] 0998788910: Needed the sleep
[6/4, 18:00] Phaddy: Haha inetu sinakugwire ntchito its u unandigwira ntchito
[6/4, 18:00] 0998788910: Want a rematch ? 18:01] 0998788910: Next time i won’t gwira you ntchito ok
[6/4, 18:05] Phaddy: Oh that goes without saying
[6/4, 18:05] Phaddy: And no am not complaining
[6/4, 18:07] 0998788910: Really? That’s good then
[6/4, 18:33] Phaddy: Yeah. Good things like those shud come often
[6/4, 18:34] 0998788910: Ati good things
[6/4, 18:34] Phaddy: Haha u come with a gud package
[6/4, 18:44] Jessie Jay: And wats that
[6/4, 18:48] Phaddy: Haha u kiss better, nice booty, and u know how to work ur waistline
[6/4, 18:51] 0998788910: Now you making me horny
[6/4, 18:52] Phaddy: Hahaha. Really. U want a rematch already
[6/4, 19:02] 0998788910: Am good
[6/4, 19:02] Phaddy: Haha u aint. U horny. Lol
[6,4, 19:04] 0998788910: Not very
[6/4, 19:04] Jessie Jay: Am just having flashes za dzulo
[6/4, 19:05] Phaddy: Hehe. I am on the part where u got on top of me
[6/4, 19:07] 0998788910: I like being on top
[6/4, 19:09] Phaddy: I noticed
[6,4, 19:10] Phaddy: Is that ur orgasm position
[6/4, 19:12] 0998788910: Yeah
[6/4, 19:13] Jessie Jay: And just being in control…… fuck a guy
[6/4, 19:13] Phaddy: Haha u dd fuck me
[6/4, 19:14] Phaddy: U more energetic than i imagined
[6/4, 19:14] Phaddy: Brb shud hv my supper
[6/4, 19:14] 0998788910: Thot ndine wa ulesi
[6/4, 19:42] Phaddy: Eya. I thought so
Meanwhile, Naperi-based Likalamo who is well known for his foul mouth is desperate to save his marriage while his parents who are church elders at St. Columba CCAP church of Blantyre Synod are working hard to disconnect themselves from the scandle.

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28 thoughts on “CCAP elder’s son Patrick Likalamo in ‘sexting’, cheating scandal :Wife leaks WhatsApp chats”

  1. ine says:


  2. hope says:

    Pano ndi CCAP mukulila akakhala wa SDA nde kumabwebwetuka…. o men r dogs apa…

  3. kamba says:

    Let he who has not sinned before cast the first stone. Mukapysa nonse anyani inu

  4. Pida says:

    koma kuli ntchito chaka chino.anyani kusekana zikundu.

  5. Akometsi says:

    KWAKOMAAAAAAA KUNO KWAKOMAAAAAA KUNO KUTI KOMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Esnart Yaluwera says:

    I hate the archaic thinking displayed by some of the commentors here. Firstly you expect the wife not to publicise the stinking behaviour by the husband in the name of respecting her husband and hounoring her marriage when in the first place the man did not respect her and hounour the marriage? For sure this man was going in public with these extra women. Demeaning the wife so whats the shit here blaming the wife for her reaction. Is it just because it the man in the wrong? For every action, there is a reaction.

    Secondly it is wrong to conclude that she wasnt satisfying the man in bed. You dont have evidence.

    Men take note. Gone are the days of suppressing and oppressing women. I 100% support her for exposing the shit out of the husband.
    For sure she has two options divorce or stay on with the man.
    Life doesnt revolve around a man that was in the past. Wise up. Stop demonising women when most of you here are hiding your shit under your balls.

    1. chigwere says:

      You are a silly cow

  7. Bwande says:

    The wife should find chibwezi to make it a draw game. Amuna akutionjeza. Masiku omamulilira mamuna akamanyenga anatha. All she needs to do is find herself an extra-marital boyfriend or angonyamula katundu wake amusiye mamuna wa uve wosayamikayu.

  8. Malcom says:

    Ndiye Church elder atani tsopano?

  9. Nawo says:

    The wife should get herself a boyfriend or divorce him. There are a lot of men who will appreciate and respect her. Instead of moaning, women should learn to have extra- marital affairs when their husband is misbehaving. By the way, it’s stupid to blame the woman for failing to satisfy the libidous husband. And those saying that `boys will be boys` forget AIDS has deflated men with such foolish mentality. The wife has two options: divorce him immediately or find a boyfriend to satify her when the husband is away.

  10. ANALYST says:

    Amene mukuti this story does not fit to be published by Nyasatimes simukudziwa the history and early days of this website! Those who remember the type of stories which made Nyasatimes so popular in 2006-2007 (during the first two years of its foundation) will know that if this were to be a newspaper, it would have been a Tabloid! So, yes, this story has all the Nyasatimes ingredients

  11. Triple JMK says:

    Palibe nkhani yapa ndi that has nothing to do with the father.

    Kukuchitika zithu zithu kujaku tazitiuzani zimenezo.

    a CCAP ndi ophunzira pankhani yonyengani come to our church then u ll understand why were are forced to tidzikwatirana tokhatokha

  12. Gutete says:

    Ayi, a Likalama ndinu wanthu! Mumatiimilira!

  13. Mike says:

    Nkhani Yolanda lake iyi!

  14. Narney says:

    So reading from the messages I conclude that Jessie is a cougar and she has a child as well. Is that Patrick’s child? Patrick you even go for the old ones. You deserve a medal dude!

    1. Natasha says:

      Her having a child doesn’t make her a cougar. A cougar is an older woman dating a younger man. Maybe they are the same age but she has a kid

  15. Twalib says:

    This is what happens when we marry because of pressure. This marriage is barely a year old. And Patrick the company he keeps…not for a married guy. The wife is so innocent. selfless in my opinion…but boys will always be boys. Wake up patrick

  16. aDE says:


  17. qeqr says:

    “.. working hard to disconnect themselves from the scandal”? How’re they connected? So your sexual life your parents have a part? Yet you’ve your own roof and managing your own shit?

  18. DPP mbava says:

    Kukomedwa ndi chigololo eish

  19. Big man says:

    The story has nothing to do with parents and the CCAP……whats wrong with you?

  20. Brown man. says:


  21. mpwache wa bingu says:

    No story here. Other men are worse than him and there are bug scandals than this. And normally those beautiful wives are lazy in bed and amazimva. So not surprising that this guy relieved himself with this woman. Nyasatimes please find something else to write about osati writing zinthu zopanda pake like these.

  22. True patriot says:

    This story doesn’t quite fit in the Nyasatimes, unless this publication is becoming a weekend gossip publication.

    Nyasatimes please, grow up… The subject of this article is a married adult who, surely, has his own identity. One then wonders why such a grown up man should be identified by his father’s standing in church? The impression that is being created is like a church elder’s son can’t have scandals…

    Well, I tend to suspect that the author’s real intention is to bring the CCAP church in disrepute…

    Granted, what this guy was discussing with his mistress is appalling, but wait a minute, wasn’t this a private conversation between two adults? And, isn’t this the general pastime for most up-and-coming young adults in our society? Doesn’t the release of such scandalous texts by a wife raise eyebrows?

    In my world, a faithful wife doesn’t expose her husband’s illicit behavior in public, let alone in an online publication. She would ideally, go to see a marriage councillor or church councillors even if she intended to leave the husband!

    Of course, that’s what would happen in my world…

    1. Watch dog says:

      I agree with your comment because this has nothing to do with CCAP but on the marriage counselor part I don’t.why is it is that it’s OK for women to be exposed and not men. In this case I think the wife is just tired of the husbands behavior and it’s OK to expose men too.

  23. joze says:

    Married women (especially Malawians) tend to dissatisfy hubbies in bed…and lack of thanking after a dick and lack of kulirira zikafika pokoma…so Patrick is not libidinous per se…he is giving it to who wants it his way…What the wife must ask is!! how he wants it done and how often..then he will not be going out…try a Zimbabwean lady…kikiki..she will thank you for showing her 5 stars….not Malawian woman who will be cursing you after fucking….

    1. Mboma says:

      a good one bro(JOZE), Malawian women learn to thank men dicks if they are doing u a good service in bed, beautiful ladies samakoma kubed za ziiiiiiiiiiiii we want great performance in bed, else we wanna keep cheating for sweet performance,kumalilira shaft ku bed thats what we want or wulinkhwanga i dont care as long as u can make feel great in bed, munya muwona azimayinu if u cant improve in bed, i dont even care!!!

  24. Nabetha says:

    Ndiye mukuti ife tipange chani ndi zimenezi komanso cholinga chanu cholemba za abambo ake ndi mpingo wawo ndi chani kwenikweni?

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