Chakwera receives hero’s welcome in Malawi on return from US

Malawi’s opposition leader Dr Lazarus Chakwera returned to a hero’s welcome in Lilongwe from his political tour in United States amidst reports of an alleged “plot” to overthrow President Peter Mutharika.

Chakwera making a brief address on arrival at KIA

Chakwera making a brief address on arrival at KIA

god annointed chakwera

Chakwera flanked by MCP members

Chakwera flanked by MCP members

Chakwera, the president of Malawi Congress Party (MCP),  has been implicated in a report that he has been having discussions with a group of people aimed at coming up with a plot to oust Mutharika, according to state intelligence after key documents were confiscated.

The United States Ambassador to Malawi, Viginia Palmer, allegedly endorsed the discussions.

But Chakwera who was serenaded by scores of his supporters in the VVIP arrivals hall at Kamuzu International Airport in Lilongwe, did not want to dignify the “plot” allegations with his comments.

He gave a brief statement in which he commented about political storm in his MCP, saying he will provide the leadership to resolve any differences.

“As you know, I had a long trip from USA but I have been briefed of the wrangles emerging within the party and let me assure you that we will sit down in contact and dialogue spirit and resolve them,” said Chakwera.

He was welcomed among others by Speaker of Parliament, Richard Msowoya who is also MCP vice president.

MCP’s Central Region chairperson Patrick Zebron Chilondola  informed Chakwera about hunger  situation, saying Malawians are starving  and there is shortage of maize.

“We are in crisis bwana. The country is facing myriad problems. People are suffering. There Is shortage of maize. And the currency is losing its buying power,” said Chilondola.

He assured Chakwera that the MCP is still strong despite some isolated cases of in fighting

Chakwera, in his four minutes address, commended party members for coming “in large numbers”, saying he was “ grateful” for their support.

On the party infighting, he said : “We have got to be united, there is no other way.”

Thousands of party supporters and over 40 members of parliament, came to welcome Chakwera at the airport as the female singers sang “Mtsogoleri wathu, inde, inde” [Our true leader].

“These multitudes of people have turned out to welcome Chakwera because they think he is the only remaining voice through whom they can voice their grievances,” said opposition supporter Herbert  Chiponde  as Chakwera drove past.

Chakwera was driven away with several vehicles following him in MCP cavalcade, their occupants waving the MCP’s black, red and green flag.

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Mbwiyache (75) and Shanghai (76) I think you guys you are failing to articulate your reasoning capabilities because of hunger. To Mbwiyache first what evidence do you need for to be convinced that DPP ikutimvetsa kuwawa? Do you know that people are dying due to stupid policies of DPP? Check in our hospitals if you can manage to get drugs then they are expired and hunger has reached a critical stage now. Shangai, You mean you don’t know that MK577 billion went missing because of Peter? Why don’t raise claims to recover that money and you are saying those fully… Read more »
Its a shame and sad some Malawians do not know what is means to have a chance of commenting on this Nyasa Times page. They demonstrate this by insults which is bad of a true Malawian. At a time when the Nation is passing through bad times, we need collective good wishes and prayers to our mother Malawi. I do not think insulting our politicians to demonstrate love for a political party will make any impact or offer solutions to the problems Malawi is facing. Lets join hands fellow Malawians in praying for the nation. Do we think other people… Read more »
jay jay

M.c.p yomweyo basi ndiye yakho dpp yalephela basi munzose.


Time has now come that opposition parties in Malawi, should embark on development projects in areas they have majority support.We just need an enabling law for this.Malawi can learn from Lebanon ,Hizbollah is an opposition party it build roads,hospitals,Universities and pays salaries to Civil servants in all areas that it has majority support.Dont just fool your supporters.


Kwachaaaa! Kwachaaaa! Kwachaaaa! Chakwera! Purezidenti weniweni mu Malawi. Pitala ndi Dausi ndi makape obweretsa njala mu Malawi. Ife tonse! Boma! Ife tonse! Boma! Ife tonseeee! Bomaaaaaaaaa! Moto-moto, wayaka, moto moto, wayaka!


MCP a party for nothing, you will never ever be voted into power in 2019 or 2024. Munatimvetsa kuwawa kwambiri amalawife. Many had killed and been killed under MCP regime of 31 year rule. Lazarus go back to the puppet and serve your Lord God of Israel

This is likely to fall on deaf eyes, but somehow I feel I should still write and send my comments. I am an MCP supporter or was, not sure if I support any party now, but i definitely do not support DPP. I am disappointed with MCP and I cannot believe the amount of spending MCP is still doing, whilst there is hunger in Malawi. Yes they are not in government, but they still have resources to make a huge difference. How can Lazarus say, he has learnt of hunger? All Malawian knew this was coming, way back in December… Read more »
Chilungamo Chimawawa

The only one to save malawi from DPP mess in absence of JB

Mark Saoneka

Chakwera is the Golden Rod and remaining hope for Malawians. A bwampiniwa asaukitsa dziko, the pride and dignity of Malawi has been lost for good. Alas God save us!


Bwampini zamuvuta bakha wachabe chabe

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