Chakwera says MCP to establish tribunal to solve ‘civil war’

The main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Dr Lazarus Chakwera whose party is currently facing n house fighting, on Saturday,  revealed some healing mechanism to the civil war.

Chakwera addressing an MCP rally

Chakwera addressing an MCP rally

Addressing a political rally at Bembeke School ground in Dedza, the constituency of former MCP president John Tembo, Chakwera said his party intends to establish a special committee of independent members so that any one having issues with the party can go and complain.

“I am tired of hearing each and every party issue to be  referred in court,  there are some issues which can be settled amicably just within the party hierarchy,” said Chakwera.

Chakwera said even in the government they have an Ombudsman who is a referee and make quick governance administrative decisions.

Of late MCP has been locked with back to back images of civil war which is currently being championed by the former district chairmen.

The Chairmen are accusing MCP leadership of raping constitution alleging that they are exercising powers outside their mandate.

Commenting on the forthcoming bye elections in Dedza  South Ward and Mchinji, Chakwera canvassed voters to vote for MCP candidates.

Malawi is tired of begging due to maladminstration of the current regime of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP),he said.

“This shows that this government has failed so why should you people of Dedza give votes to a crumbled leadership,” said Chakwera.

On water and electricity, the MCP leader accused the Government of their failure to address the problems.

Chakwera said “We always give solutions to problems locking this country but this Government does not listen to alternative views,  but the problem is that at the end Malawians are the ones suffering.”

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Iwe Chakwera! Your so called independent tribunal will be challenged. The MCP has mechanisms already in place to handle disputes which you blatantly ignored. You Chakwera are the problem. You have to go!

be humane
No political leader was ever heard suggesting solutions to the problem of Magetsi and Madzi or else was ever heard explaining where are problems coming from starting from the current leadership itself. Thats why I am always sceptical even with our opposition leaders. Do they know where the problem is, or they think they will look at where the problem is when they get into government? That gives impression that whoever takes over from Mutharika will not solve these problems. We need leaders who should convince Malawians how better are they than Mutharika with their agenda to change Malawi not… Read more »

Mr be humane, the issue of Magetsi and Madzi could easily be solved if there was no cashgate. Assume that DPP govt was ready to recover K236 billion stolen by those 7 ministers and allocate part of it to revamp magetsi and madzi it could not resolve the problems? What DPP govet knows is to siphon MG Account No. 1. If we don’t resolve these forget about Malawi developing.


Reverend so called Chakwera why not shut your mouth. You are failing to run your party what more with the Government.
Over my dead body you will never rule this country.Go back to the pulpit that’s where you belong.
Mind you Peter is back you thought he is dead you started celebrating you have failed Mcp back to the bench for 20 coming years.
Mark my word of you don’t replace Chakwera

James Chirwa
Rev Chakwera you know what to do Chatinkha Chizdanja Nkhoma put some senses in you . Let me remind you what she said bring the old NEC back , stop firing those with difference opinion with you . and call for the convention . In MCP everything is handled at the convention whether to establish a tribunal or to change some things in the MCP constitution ..From last week i am following Chatinkha Chidzanja . If you dont handle her with care she will destroy you .She has already started cutting you in pieces , she seeems to be more… Read more »

What a candid advice. If I were Chakwera I would take it.

Grace Nkhono
Those who support Rev Chakwera they dont really know who he is . The guy has been exposed , the 1st person to expose this guy was Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma and 1st i thought she is crazy but listening to her very careful then i knew and and realised that this Rev Chakwera will not take us anywhere 2019. He is very greedy , pompous . Malawi is not ready for you Rev Chakwera . Go back to the drawing board . Those issues you are fifghting Chatinkha and the likes its very simple but coz of Rev arrogance and… Read more »
Zikhale Banda

Rev Chakwera you have failed to handle issues in your party .How can you handle the entire government .wasphana nawo Boma . You better go back to the church if they will accept you ndikuba kwako kuja , arrogance and pompous . I thought you have changed . we at the Assemblies of God timangokusungila ulemu otherwise tikanakuthothola kale . We knew you cant make it in politics .

The problem with MCP is Rev Chakwera himself . He lacks political leadership skills . The tribunal will not do much coz he is the root cause of the problems MCP is facing . 1. How can he fire those with dissenting views . 2. He is raping our constituition left and right . 3. Rev Chakwera is tilting towards dictitatorship Chatinkha was right . Rev Chakwera should humble himself and take a lead not by firing but reaching out the problem is he cant do that coz of greed ( he loves money too much ). Lets go to… Read more »
Mega Mind
To be clear with anyone who has an opinion and has a means of commenting (I.e keypad and Internet connection) try and keep your emotions and opinions as sophisticated as possible. If you are to undermine Dr Chakwera please advise us on who could be a better leader for not only the party but the country as well. Mind you, I am currently of the opinion that this man could be the man of action this county needs. He is talking about establishing a tribunal for the just the party if any party member has problems – what more if… Read more »
Mega Mind, you don’t know what you are saying. Will that tribunal be in line with the MCP consitution? How will the independent members be selected? It’s better to start telling Chakwera the truth. He has to change his leadership style and humble himself. Some of us knew a long time ago that he can’t make it in politics but we kept quite to give him a chance. As of now I am very disappointed supporter. To cap it all, if he fails again in 2019, he will have saved his two terms as the opposition presdent. We will have… Read more »

A dpp zakukanikani khalani pansi ndipo musalankhulenso. Kozani magetsi andi madzi basi a Malawi akuvutikatu. Munya muona

Binnwell Kachikopa
BE HUMANE? I wonder why you are always against Chakwera? I think you have personal problems and you are the one who is brain washed. TRUE TO WHAT CHAKEERA SAID DPP had been advised and given alternative solutions to most of the problems we are facing but it (dpp) pays a deaf ear. To dpp being advised is being against the Lomwe tribe, it is busy stealing our money at capital hill and eliminating critics. I once advised you all dpp blind followers to learn a lesson from the demise of your chitsulo chanjanje, mose walero, mpulumutsi and so many… Read more »

Binwell Kachikopa, do you want to tell me that DPP is for lomwe? that’s tribalism my dear and this thinking will not help mcp. You mean there are no lomwes in mcp?

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