Chakwera’s Cabinet doesn’t represent the change Malawians wants: From Lomwelisation to Chewalisation

President Lazarus Chakwera, on Wednesday, released a 30-member Cabinet which, in all intents and purposes, we find to be antagonizing the yearn for change most Malawians expect from his government.

In voting out the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) with a resounding 58 percent of the national vote, Malawians wanted a break from tribal/regional politics that defined the DPP-led government.

They wanted a small but efficient government run by educated and experienced individuals without a track record of corruption, cashgate and primitive plunder of State resources.

Unfortunately, the message Malawians got from Chakwera’s 30-member Cabinet doesn’t appear to underline the change that Malawians want and yearn.

In the first place, instead of a small and efficient government, Chakwera has given Malawians a bloated government being led by same recycled politicians with a proven track record of corruption, arrogance and impunity.

Further, as we keep debating the need for a small government, Chakwera has restructured government, separating twin-ministries and, how foolish, creating new ministries just to accommodate sympathizers.

We at Nyasa Times  also note that instead of pushing the Tonse Alliance philosophy of togetherness, Chakwera’s government is largely an enclave of Central Region, a troubled reminiscent of DPP’s Llomwe belt state capture.

Equally troubling is Chakwera’s move to have a government with key ministries such as Health, Foreign Affairs and Energy being headed by politicians without a technical understanding of the undertaking in their line ministries.

We are, again, worried when, instead of ensuring a fair representation in the government, Chakwera’s government appear to be heading for yet another State Capture, one driven by two families with strong business interests.

And the  politics of Kamuzu dynasty taking charge.

We also find no merit in Chakwera’s move to have a Minister of Mining who owns mines and a Minister of Information who owns a media house—how will they push regulation when their own entities goes astray?

The list can go on and on but the bottom line is: Chakwera’s Cabinet has not walked the talk which the new president promised Malawians during the inaugural address.

Malawians deserve better and the onus is on Chakwera to save or destroy this country.

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7 months ago

Tonse supporters, now you realise why your friends in DPP backed their.president…it is the same feeling you have for chakwera that dpp had, defending mediocre even if all reason tells you otherwise…

7 months ago

I’m very disappointed with Chakwera and Chilima cabinet. I supported Tonse Alliance, and I did not expect Joyce Banda’s son to be in a cabinet because he brings nothing but empty scull. This is nepotism and regionalism at its best. I thought it was going to be “Malawi yo komela ali yose” but this is Malawi of the well connected to the corridors of power. MCP, UTM, and Tonse Alliance must just stop to witch hunt DPP as for now it doesn’t make any sense. These are the biggest tribalistic and regionalistic asshole. Chakwera, a pastor, in a wolve’s clothes.… Read more »

Mrs. Chimulirenji
Mrs. Chimulirenji
7 months ago

Don’t worry muchira. DPP Government it was worse. Go and check in the Accountant General’s Department, Accountant General himself has got all relatives, friends and women and men Cadets. Am not exaggerating. Even stayionery orders were given to his wife and girlfriend. I cry for my country.

7 months ago

Chakwera has done nothing wrong here, some of those who are criticising here did not vote last year and are not those who cried for change. The problem is that you have people if yourself whom you wanted them to be Ministers and deputies,you wanted the Dausi,Mchacha, Mwanamveka,Nankhumwa, Change golo, Henry Phoya, Atupele Muluzi, Henry Musah,Jappei Mhango, surely without these names, it is not a Cabinet. Come on! Why not let history judge them? Why not arrest them in any wrong doing thing? We don’t judge the book by its cover! Let these people work! They are Malawians, they belong… Read more »

Kambewa Chisale
7 months ago

This is the best cabinet ever selected. We need people who can perform and also who are well qualified.
Osati mbuzi like Dausi
Ops the list goes on

7 months ago

So now I know nyasatimes is DPP machinery. I will no longer read it. I thought it was impartial.

Mr. Cadet.
7 months ago

1.Chikosa Silungwe
2. Agness Nyalonje
3. Vera Kamtukule
4.Kezzie Msukwa
5.kalamula kanyasho
6.Timothy Mtambo
7. Titus Mvalo
8.Chaola Mdoka

1. Patricia Kaliati
3.Roy Kachale
4.Gaffar Rashid
5.Abida Mia
6.Sidik Mia
7. Nancy Tembo
8.Gospel Kazako

Bolabe guys sense of balance is there lets see how they will perform. no one will be nice to you all the time and no one will be bad to you forever. lets see if disadvantage will overtake advantage or vice versa.

7 months ago

Thus how bloodshed people like Chakwela do things. Just pray for him to receive Jesus Christ. Ngati munthu anachosa title ya ubusa mumaona ngati masewera!!!

7 months ago

I’m tired of people saying “Give the cabinet a chance”. This country is too poor for the president to be gambling with our economy, our very lives. Leave gambling for other nations who can afford it. After all, we have seen that when we gamble, we often end up on the losing side. The example is the rising Covid-19 cases. No. Don’t give the cabinet a chance to mess up this already deteriorating country. Choose people that will keep the majority us all quiet. Like the article says, its not difficult. Balance the appointments across the regions of the country,… Read more »

7 months ago
Reply to  Chimulirenji

I feel the same but in different way, if Chakwera will give Ministerial post to all loyalties in MCP and UTM, We have Public Appoint Committee who will give the names in these Institutions, don’t we need those who can be chosen by merit not tribal and neptism in these,MRA,ESCOM,MACRA,WATER BOARDS,ACB,MBC, and so many of them, don’t we need those young Intelligent men and women?

7 months ago

WHAT WAS BINGU WA-MUTHARIKA’S FIRST TERM’S SUCCESS STORY’S SECRET? The answer is no hidden secret, being a highly trained and experienced economist himself, Bingu’s first cabinet (and fortunately for him as well as his parliament) was flooded with brains of unique I.Qs. Bingu had somehow successfully managed to persuade scores of highly trained professionals living abroad to return home and contribute to the development of their country. At some point I counted not less than five MPs with PHD degrees after their name and others being fellow Professors like Bingu himself. Bingu was never threatened in any way and his… Read more »

7 months ago
Reply to  Chiga

Well articulated. It is hard to see how the vision, my dear President has been, espousing will be brought to bear with this group of people at the helm of policy and strategy direction. As per section 92: subsection 2 of the Constitution of the Republic of Malawi ‘The Cabinet shall exercise the powers and functions assigned to it by this Constitution or an Act of Parliament and shall be responsible for advising the President with respect to the policies..’ This description of the role of cabinet ministers begs the question that how does someone who is not a technocrat… Read more »

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