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Chief Mlumbe of Zomba bars opposition from holding political rallies

Opposition politicians in Senior Chief Mlumbe’s area in Zomba have launched a blistering assault on senior chief Mlumbe of Zomba for refusing them access to hold political rallies in his area of jurisdiction.

Senior Chief Mlumbe introduces shadow MPs for DPP in his area

Zomba Chingale MP Wallace Chawawa said the senior chief is openly campaigning for some ruling Democrtaic Progressive Party (DPP) candidates and is deliberately denying other politicians from holding meetings in the area.

“He is telling his traditional leaders not to allow other politicians to hold political rallies and meetings in his area apart fro those he has endorsed. He threatens them of dethronement if they allow other politicians in the areas of the traditional leaders within his jurisdiction,” said Chawawa.

Zomba Chingale MP John Chikalimba told a full council meeting in Zomba that the behavior of the chief was uncalled for in a multiparty democracy set up.

“The chief is literally campaigning for some individuals for political offices and this is uncalled for,” said Chikalimba.

Senior chief Mlumbe refused to comment when called but at a presidential political rally, he introduced to president Peter Mutharika and he ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) three women whom he said were rightful candidates for the ruling party in parliamenyary elections.

Zomba district commissioner Emmanuel Banda said the issue would be referred to the district’s multiparty liaison committee.

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