Chilima charges at Mutharika and Muluzi, says DPP-UDF alliance ‘rooted in trabalism’

Vice-President Saulos Chilima has branded the electoral alliance between the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and United Democratic Front (UDF) as the worst enemy of State for being rooted in “hatred, tribalism and regionalism.”

Chilima: Mutharika and his henchmen who intend to remain in power by all means necessary are  enemies of the people of Malawi

Chilima—who fell out with President Peter Mutharika and quit DPP in June 2018 to form UTM Party and challenged his political mentor in the disputed May 21 2019 presidential election— said this at a televised  news conference on Monday ahead of this week’s presidential nomination to Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC).

He confirmed the presidential tickcet of himself and Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera for the grand opposition alliance.

But Chilima accused President Peter Mutharika of being in cohorts with former president Bakili Muluzi for political dynasty.

“My fellow Malawians, the DPP-UDF alliance is an alliance rooted in hatred. It is analliance rooted in tribalism and regionalism. It is an alliance dreamt by the former president [Muluzi] who simply cannot let go. He profits from our stagnation,” said Chilima.

Apparently the MCP-UTM alliance which also incorporates other parties including the People’s Party (PP) led by another former president Joyce Banda.

In his remarks, Chilima went ballistic against the President, saying the current state of affairs in the country portrays a picture that Mutharika’s 40 years stay in one of the most progressive democracies, the United States where he was a law professor, were  “a sure waste.”

Said Chilima: “I say so because you cannot stay in that liberal democracy for four decades and come back to Malawi and still submit to the belief that only your tribesmen are deserving your trust and assistance.

“You cannot read law at a top law school and teach law at a respected university in America and come back to Malawi and unleash violence and hatred on your fellow countrymen. That is simply tragic.”

The Vice President lamented that epochal events of bravery by those manning the state institutions charged with the defence of the country’s democracy have been followed by destructive and selfish actions of yet another set of similarly placed men and women who do not share the common cause for a better Malawi, but only have themselves, their families and cronies to look after.

“My fellow Malawians, the latter are enemies of the nation. They are enemies of the people of Malawi. And today, in this country, Prof. Peter Mutharika and his henchmen who intend to remain in power by all means necessary are such enemies of the people of Malawi,” said Chilima.

However, Chilima saluted Malawians for demonstrating bravery in facing the incessant onslaught on the country’s democracy allegedly unleashed by DPP.

Chilima cited the unrelenting street protests by concerned citizens who sought electoral justice only to face a barrel of the gun by security forces sent by the regime.

He charged that the DPP-UDF alliance was formed to promote politics of families.

Chilima alleged that Mutharika’s political ideology revolves around violence and tribal hegemony.

“We must all refuse to be party to this nonsense. We must all take part in pushing against this. There is no relenting. If Mutharika says he is going to push forward without us fighting back, then he should think twice,” said Chilima.

The DPP and UDF are yet to respond to the statement.

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2 years ago

the only known terrorist group in Malawi is Nsundwe boys whose commander is Chakwera and commander in chief is Ntambo. The pompus boy Chilima has been humble . He will be running mate to Chakwera. Tsoka chifukwa oyipayo watsikira kumenenko. Chilima matama onse aja pano akanyamula chikwama cha Chakwera.

2 years ago

Silly talk. Just wasted my time. Seems like it is in fact him (Pumbwa Zeze) who is promoting hate. What he has spewed is hate speech, basically attacking the tribes and region where Atupele and Peter come from. Mind you these are two different tribes while Zeze and his boss Lazaro belong to the same tribe (Chewa), same district (Lilongwe) and same region (Central). If APM was as tribalistic with the passion we see in Zeze, Pumbwayu sakadakhala vice president lero, Chimulirenji sakadakha vice president etc. Tingokumbutsana kuti Zeze left DPP because his effort to topple APM from the DPP… Read more »

Malawi belong to the citizens

Chilima you are a great leader,I salute you.Keep that way a leader should be ethical and developmental towards his country. Amunthalika kukatha zaka zambiri mbiri Kwa America ndikubwera kudzawauza amalawi ndikunyenyani nyenyani,kubera chisankho ndi Kuba makobi aboma. Khalidwe la zilombo zeni zeni.Zilombo zimawonga.

Dada Yoyu
Dada Yoyu
2 years ago


2 years ago

I wish Chilima could demonise the Nsundwe murderers (who were highly praised by Chakwera) also. I dont think Chilima is presidential material – ali ngati the other version of Chimulirenji- only lighter in complexion and some charisma , more talkative but both of them speaking rubbish at all times

2 years ago

SKC is very right .APM and Muluzi are two idiots who think Malawi is their farm and everyone who lives in it is their tenant. The Tumbukas have been fighting for this idiocy for along time while all other tribes were just looking because everything went your way. Now you have started opening your eyes and see how painful it is to be sidelined. It is now time to boot out these tribalistic idiots.

Chipapwiche Kajhalwiche

Zeze is so full of anger and hatred. Today spoke like a saveji who was educated at Chanco and nothing changed in him. An empty idiot as he was a Yaro and an empty tin today. A non-entity anasambitsidwa ndi DPP which elabated him to a VEEP but ending as vapasi photo nkhoko zenizeni za kusekondale. Self-proclaimed woganiza heve and not on the ballot paper. Timaganiza heve whe actually he is the foolishiest fool leading blind followers….kkkkkkkkkkl

Forgive them
Forgive them
2 years ago

The worst thing to ever happen to malawi was bakili becoming president,this idiot destroyed our country and he’s not done yet he wants to be ruling behind the scene,
takutulukira ulendo uno sizitheka,mpaka kulemba kalata yamomwe mungabelele navoti zoona?mwana wako uja sadzakhalanso president and chipani chako chatha ngati makatani mmene zitathere zofuna zako pa 2 July,shame on you bakili

2 years ago
Reply to  Forgive them

Nawenso NDI mphwepwa ya munthu. Anthu kufuna kubera mavoti angalembe kalata. What for? Uziganiza mdala wamva.

2 years ago

Cilima is a total fool. Is Lomwe and yao are they same tribe.? Chakwera and Cilima are all of the same tribe
Baba nenani Zina. This stupid boy is afraid of Atupele. He doesn’t know that the Mother of Atupele is from Central
Mbuzi iyi inapita ku sukulu?????

Malungo mafumu
Malungo mafumu
2 years ago

But to win an election you also require the votes of those tribes you hate Mr. Chilima. The country you ate mentioning USA we have the Bushes and Clinton’s ruling. It is democracy whether your Father or Brother ruled the country or not you are entitled to contest in an election. Mukuoneka ngati Mzelu zakutherani. You the one promoting reganalim and tribalism with you uncensored speech.

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