Chilima graces Umhlangano, steals the show with his Ngoni swag

State vice-president Saulos Chilima attended the  Umhlangano cultural celebrations for the Ngoni Maseko on Saturday at Nkolimbo Village in Ntcheu but despite government making Minister of Civic Education and Culture Grace Chiumia as guest of honour,  it is Chilima who recieved a rapturous welcome on arrival at the annual cultural jamboree clad in fulle Ngoni regalia.

Chilima on arrival at the Umhlangano wa Maseko Ngoni celebrations
Chilima greets leader of opposition Chakwera at the event
At the Umhlangano wa Maseko Ngoni celebrations

Chilima broke ranks with government in July this year accepting public calls to contest for presidency in 2019, a development that has seen his United Transformation Movement 9UTM) change the political landscape –  pushing both the government and opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP)  to the drawing board.

It is this arrangement that led to an awkward situation on Saturday where Minister Chiumia visibly looked out of place despite being guest of honour because much attention by speakers and onlookers went to Chilima – an Impi (adviser) to the Ngoni kingdom.

On arrival, the Vice President was mobbed by scores of Ingoma dancers and fellow impis as he was taken to a holding house nearby.

From there the crowd, refused to disperse vowing to escort him to his seat which was opposite from where Chiumia sat.

After being greeted by several guests and traditional leaders, including Inkos ya Makosi Mbelwa 5, the Vice President was escorted by an army of people clad in Ngoni traditional regalia to his seat.

As he arrived at his seat, Chilima humbly went to where leader of opposition Lazrus Chakwera sat and greeted him.

Ironically, Chakwera’s entourage was all smiles and extended their hands for a handshake with Chilima and his wife, Mary.

The handshake by the two came amid a mounting criticism on Chakwera that instead of outlining his promises to Malawians he has started attacking Chilima over UTM’s promises.

Actually, the talk out there is that Chakwera is leader of opposition while President Mutharika is leader of those opposing UTM.

Speakers were told to first salute the Minister being the guest of honour but this was defied by many  including United Democratic Front (UDF) Secreatry General Kandi Padambo, an Impi, who throughout his Ngoni history citation saluted the Vice President.

In her speech, Minister Chiumia said culture is a catalyst for unity and development.

Since his installation as the Maseko Ngoni Chief Gomani V on August 5, 2012 , the chief has promoted his culture through this yearly event.

Chilima did not make a speech at the event.

But he is scheduled to address a UTM political rally on Sunday at Ntcheu Secondary School ground.

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Angoni satha onse


A Ntengo wa Kesia ngati nzeru zanu zochepa ngati APM mungoseka pakamwapo coz ine m’mene ndikuonera m’mene ma resourses achulukira m’Malawi muno SKC atha kuchita create even 1.5 million jobs anuwo obweretsa 1000 jobs pachakawo kawabvotereni ndithu mudzisaukabe choncho mpaka Yesu adzabwere.


Bodza ili…….Bodza….


Viva chilima keep it up

Uhav my vote


We have leaders within DPP who believe that their greatness will be diluted if they don’t practice politics of tribalism or regionalism. This is why they would not hesitate to politicise tribal events like mulhakho wa alomwe. This is not a sign of greatness but rather smallness and pettiness. We are one Malawi bound by our destiny.


Sad that the Maseko Nguni see no lexical difference between Induna and impi. Both words are singuni words which carry different meanings and in Chichewa we regularly use the word “Nduna” as a borrowed word from the original Zulu language. Umtheto means the pattern/tradition/customary way while Umuhlangano simply means gathering/meeting both are Zulu words now the question is how far have the Ngoni gone in revamping the isinguni? Imbizo means the call memeza is a Ngoni word which the Malawians have adopted in their daily communication


Contrary to What you have written here Many of Us feel that Chilima should Resign and Help the Opposition to Criticise the Government. I think he can do a better Job.Chilima and Peter were together Promising Us ; Malata ndi fetereza waulele,University ya Mombela and many Things.Its a Shock to hear his adverts Akumati : Mayunivesite anakulonjezani alikuti etc Ngati kuti iyeyo Kunalibeko are Malawians that Dumb that they can’t question some of these things.Presidents and Vice Presidents go down together because they Push the same Vision. I will not be fooled .

Ntengo wa Kesia

Despite the plan to attend to a beard, and make Chilima respectful, he’s still not mature for the Presidency.
Just look at many of his proposals and plans, like creating a million jobs in a year! I will NOT be voting for this man.


Go and vote for DPP thieves.

Mangochi Kabwafu

Mbuzinso iwe.

Keen Observer

Boss it’s not surprising with your comment nothing wrong as everybody is entitled to any opinion as birthright BUT it seems that you’re living in another planet. Smell the coffee. Chilima is not presidential material? ?????? Really???? Then your opinion differs with millions of Malawians who served in Chilima a leader including APM himself who chose him to be his second in command.


Chilima is not only immature but a thief like his Father APM

hambakahle kamdidi

You are a goat!


UTM is for the NGONIs.

masa masina

hahaha! Tribalism will kill you. Chilima has a much bigger social capital. His wife is not from Balaka.


Thus the unity we need viva chilima and chakwera ….though chilima bomaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 2019 we love u, i l ike youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu


This article has done much to create confusion where no confusion existed before. Until now, I and many others had believed that ‘impi’ was a word of Zulu origin that meant a regiment of armed warriors. We had also believed that the word for an advisor was ‘induna’ [or ‘inDuna’]. Now, a Nyasa Times Reporter has informed us that the opposite is true. Were our history teachers wrong – or is this just more evidence that the younger generation has lost touch with its roots?