Chilima hold talks with Joyce Banda amid possible electoral pact

Vice President Saulos Chilima and immediate past president  Joyce Banda held  talks on Saturday in Zomba  amid fevered speculation of  a possible electoral relationship between United Transformation Movement (UTM) and People’s Party (PP).

Chilima: Had a courtesy call to former president Banda in Zomba
Joyce Banda hosted Chilima at her Domasi home

Chilima’s spokesman Pililani Phiri confirmed that the vice president met Banda at her home in Domasi.

But the spokesman described the two leaders meeting as “a courtesy call”.

Phiri said Chilima was holding a rally in Zomba on Saturday and decided to have a “chat” with Banda at her residence.

Banda could not comment on the finer details of their “chat.”

But Chilima told a rally in Zomba that Banda shares “ a common vision” with the movement  especially on his vision to create a million jobs which the former president has lauded and said it  mission possible.

Chilima described Banda as “one of the positive thinking Malawians who believes that nothing is impossible.”

And speaking at a rally in Mulanje west constituency on Sunday, Chilima also said the country laws should be followed to give due respect to former presidents and their deputies.

Chilima said other neighbouring countries, the former presidents are given due respect unlike Malawi where ex-leaders are treated as adversaries to government.

“Government should stop instructing officials at airports and foreign embassies not to give proper services to the former presidents and vice presidents,” he said.

“President Peter Mutharika will one day be a former president, whether he likes it or not. But time is ticking to that period when he will be a former president and he will need to deserve his respect too,” said Chilima.

Chilima also told the rally at Namphungo Primary School ground that leaders are there to serve the people who pay tax by using their money fir development initiatives, adding that, as such elected officials should not be praised.

“Do not praise people who come to you claiming that they have brought development to your respective areas. What you should know is that the money used for such developments is from your taxes. They use your money to bring about such development,” he said.

UTM leadership is in discussion with an opposition coalition formed by political parties not represented in Parliament loosely called Tikonze Dziko Lathu Alliance which comprises among others Assembly for Democracy and Development (ADD) of former vice-president Cassim Chilumpha, People’s Progressive Movement (PPM) and Mafunde.

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Pumbwa Mwana

Koma SKC ladies oriented: Mayi Joy. Mayi Kaliati.. Mayi Callister..Mayi Ntaba…Mayi Manesi…


Chilima is already cheating Malawians with one million jobs. At his rally he talked about other briefcase companies employing Malawians. Are these companies viable? Can these companies provide one million decent jobs. Chilima is not being realistic. He is a dreamer just like this Bonya Joyce Banda. Choyamba Malawians must reduce sex. Tikubalana ngati ngumbi. We are heading towards 20 million. Just imagine people crossing the road from Ntandile causing traffic jams.


Come on SKC, you need to walk the talk, stop flip flopping man

Say what?

How can you talk about locking up real thieves when you are talking to the biggest Cashgater in the history of Malawi????

sija josee

mwina azatiuza bwino bwiono nkhani ya cimanga, ya ndrge, komaso paja anaombera mphwiyo akumuziwa/. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
komatu mmene akuonekela apamu fotoyi ndi yakale? ngati ayamba kutupikana mikono. abale tasankhani a magazi awa azizangopeleka upangili basi. ndalama zitotha ndi ma state funerals ndi ma state ukwati opanda nchitowa,mxiiiiiiiiiiii
ce saulosi asaononge UTM. ndiye matayala akuphwatu

winson msowoya

These are real thieves …UDF..DPP ….PP…UTM

U vote for the for your own peril.

A Malawi ngati sazavota Mwanzeru abweretsanso mbava zochenjera ngati Chilima….

anthuwa ngamodzi…..ndichifukwa chake mkazi Ali ku DPP mwamuna ku UTM or mwamuna my dpp mkazi ku UTM….now PP ija you yalowanso………

Only MCP is genuinely presenting real change….


UDF partnered with DPP and we voted them into power everything be equal. and yet the genesis of corruption was founded by UDF, propagated by DPP, magnified by PP and fully exposed by UTM.


He went to see amayi Kkkkkkkkkkkkk, once Chilima wins Paul Phwiyo will walk a free man, this boy Chilima is a crook just wait and see. Chakwera MIA BOMA!!!! vote MCP for the better Malawi

Nzika ya Malawi

Mtumbuka Mwenecho & Shaft, do not mislead people! The father & initiator of cashgate is DPP only that DPP was shielding the looting & did not try to investigate as they were part of it. Ibu’s brother Daniel Phiri was the chief cashgater & Ibu is the prince of thieves. Remember how Ibu tried hard to shield Chaponda Chimanga & continues to loot & shield other looters under his leadership. It was JB who was brave enough to institute an investigation into the loss of government money from the public coffers that revieled cashgate is the brain child of DPP… Read more »


Seriously SKC? You are talking to Cashgater for possible alliance???? You are going to dissappoint a lot of people!!!!!