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The magistrate has no connection and clue with the reality. In the wild animal auction MK1m you can’t even buy gwape.

Dumb honourable next time look into the wildlife markets and find the coast of an elephant and ask the ivory holder to replace an elephant they killed. The lousy mk1m is a penalty after an elephant is replaced.

Government must empower game rangers to poach poachers. Ecology will take care of itself


hang those who are depleting our wild life


My first comment wasn’t published because I said something about this Nyirenda guy in the picture above. Nyasa Times hates dissenting views. You are undemocratic. Of course we know that this online media house (Nyasa Times) is administered by Tumbukas. But this is not enough reason not to publish dissenting views. Hehehe democracy yapa Malawi. Koma ya.

Chonde Mulanje

if it were a Malawian in China, he would have been executed


why just send them back to their land? uku ndiye kukama ng’ombe yoonda kale


This guy needs prison straight. No fines. No diplomatics. Do not pass GO! Just prison straight!


We have to take care,these chinese will reap from our country