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Ndikapsyere Zina

Musiyeni Mulungu akhale Mulungu. The best way to go is to address other factors like Poverty, or immoral behaviours that prompt women to go for abortion other t6han legalizing abortion which will be contrary to Gods commandment.

The fear of the Lord is the begining of wisdom

When a woman has made a decision to abort there is no reverse,let’s be realistic women are dying yet we have the solution at hand, the major problem why women die is they fear the law but how many women have been arrested because of abortion?? They use sharp objects,poisonous substances.if you refer to case studies countries where the law allows the death rate is low compared to those countries where there is restrictions.eg south africa,zambia. But the thing is we need to put some restrictions in the law.its the same as if govt legalise chamba don’t think everybody will… Read more »

Which better to encourage women and girls to avoid abortion or telling them that arbotion is allowed? Arbotion is killing if you legalise it, you have legalised killing. Money is forcing COPUA to speak what is not Malawian. Poor idiots.

M malawi

Thou shall not kill. If malawi will accept this so called reform of abortion law then you have accepted to kill and shall be held responsible. For own information akuti gvt is loosing about k300 millions of kwachas in caring for abortion cases. Just know that when you legalise it will be more that. You will remember my words

Mr Chilungamo

With the debate on the ground let me join my fellow citizens in calling for the law.Where is this law?

Dr Ngalawa

Mwanena zoona mai tikufuna kodi lamulo limeneli lilikuti?

Kenaka muzamva kuti lasowatu.

Mrs Banda

Let me start by commending COPU by engaging the editors to role out abortion debate.

Secondly, may I know where is the Law on abortion. I am told others are saying it here today tomorrow they say it is there.

Can Government address this thing please.

It looks we are living in denial.

Our women and girls are dying to unsafe abortion.

Once again my question is where is abortion law?


Abortion is evil against God


Copua should be banned. All they are calling for is in bad faith and daylight Satanism. Spend that money in teaching and sensitising people on the divinity of life, whether born or not yet. PERIOD.