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Malawi cant develop based on donor funding. Stop stealing and use Malawi’s own resources to develop the country. Donors please stop giving aid to Malawi. Let the country rebel against the thieves; may such an action will teach them a lesson. Malawi’s leaders are preoccupied with stealing and nepotism; how can the country develop with such destructive and myopic behaviour?

Osauka Onjoya

Bwampini ameneyu aziwona, akuzunzika anthu osalakwa chifukwa cha galu Prophesor Bwampini Peter mutharika, dziko lamukanika kuyendetsa ,boma la DPP linaba ndalama likunamizira JB ,koma mulungu ayankha posachedwa apita ngati mkulu wake, Nawenso Chilima bwampini wamkazi samala


Malawi needs you and me to be on course.If only we can trive together,we can build better Malawi.


kubela munthu wa mulungu, kaya tiye nazoni, mulungu akullangani ndithu, simunati.

Likoma Economist

Peter Mutharika is, has never been, and will never be a presidential material. The fact that he is the president just shows how “backward” our country is. Apart from being landlocked, Malawi is brainlocked. All these things happen because we are underdeveloped: mentally, socially, spiritually, educationally, infrastructually, agricultually, induatrially, nutritionally, and politically.


Anthuwa boma lawakanika ngati zithu sizisitha, komaso ngati sapepesa mtundu wa a Malawi tiyeni tichitepo kathu pa Feb 20, 2015. Tatopa kunamizidwa ife.

mboba the Great

Mr President,mmakana kuti boma lanu silidzayesela kuononga ndalama mwachisawawa,DPP came on adisply in 2004,where did Bingu get finance to the party yet that all overall was controred by Muluzi,You vowed to many Malawians that you will bring change once thrown into power,where is that prromises peter???????? mmafuna kukhala President now your failling to run the Government,God is not aman,God is highly furiourswith your administration,kubela ma Vote zotsatila zake ndi zimenezi.

This is so damn pathetic and miserable, malawians we do not love ourselves, let alone our country! All these things are happen in our watch but we are not moved, our country is continuously worsening in terms of its economy. I really feel sorry, Fellow countrymen come to think of it the said “bloody money” to how many teachers could it brought smiles if the said most executive could thought about donating to their drying accounts after months and months of dry teaching. After all what is the salary for the teacher, that you should find iy funny in handing… Read more »
Ghost of Kamuzu
MEMO TO President Peter Mutharika Mr President you are obviously clueless on how to restore our economy. How can it be otherwise. The demand of the donors is for your government to bring back the hundreds of millions your brother Bingu looted. Without this money coming back to Malawi the donors will never give us a cent. Please Sir go easy on the wine and get sober. Ben Phiri and Mukhito are savages they know nothing about running the country. So stop depending on them. Some of your ministers like Henry Musa are crooks and you know it. Get real… Read more »
south ahlomwe

ndalama watenga ku Nac akabweze petulo ndi gertude