Criminals chop off head of Malawi Police detective in Salima

A female police detective was brutally killed in cold blood Tuesday in a frenzied armed robbery attack at her home in Chipoka in the Lake District of Salima by a  gang of contemptible criminals who hard-heartedly chopped off her head with a panga knife.

Detective Rhoda Ng'oma: Beheaded

Detective Rhoda Ng’oma: Beheaded

Police have confirmed that a gang of unidentified armed robbers in the wee hours of Tuesday morning beheaded Detective Rhoda Ngo’ma, the head of Criminal Investigations Department (CID) at Chipoka Police Station in Salima while she was sleeping at her house.

Malawi Police national publicist Nicholas Gondwa confirmed the murder saying a female Station Criminal Investigations Officer (SCIO) but could not be drawn into further comments saying “the police were investigating the matter and looking for leads into the brutal murder.

“It is true that a police officer has been murdered by criminals and we are investigating the matter and we are deeply saddened. We are on the ground to unlock the mystery so commenting more on the matter would jeopardise investigations,” said Gondwa.

Details of what really happened remains sketchy and unclear.

Former Police spokesperson for the Northern region but currently on a UN Special Mission in Darfur Norah Chimwala who is the late Ng’oma’s friend and colleague told Nyasa Times in an interview that she is heartbroken and that she is finding it hard to find the story of Ng’oma’s killing to be true.

“This is one of the saddest days in my life and of course the entire Malawi Police family. It is painful to lose a friend and colleague to death but it is devastating to lose someone you know in such manner of brutality,” said a visibly shaken and grief-stricken Chimwala.

Meanwhile, messages of condolences and sympathy are outpouring for Detective Ng’oma who hailed from Bolero in Rumphi District.

One of her (Ng’oma’s) best friend and a fellow police officer, Griness Kuyere Nyakanyaka who is currently based in the US expressed shock at Ng’oma’s brutal murder and could have the strength to write as much.

She posted on her late friend’s social media utility, Facebook wall: “Zovuta kutsimikiza. (It’s hard to believe) Gone just like that?”

Jayne Jalakasi, another late (Rhoda) Ng’oma’s best friend posted on Facebook seeming in total bewilderment.

“Rhoda! What wrong did you do to deserve such a brutal death right inside your own house. Chemwali I’ m speechless…..Chabwino akanangotenga katunduyo nkukusiirani moyowo. Ambuye why, why, did you allow such evil to happen. May your soul rest in peace?”

And one social commentator, Josphat Thondoya has fond memories of the murdered Detective Ng’oma from years between 2001 and 2004 when the deceased was based at Dowa Police.

Thondoya posted on social media:  Very sad news indeed. I remember in the 2001-2004 whilst she was at Dowa Police Station, we have been linking each other because of a case relating to a stolen phone of someone which was sold to me.”

Added Thondoya: “I remember for the first time to have visited Lilongwe Area 3 Police cell and stayed there for two hours as I was resisting (to release) that phone (Motollola) which I believed was not stolen as the owner gave the suspect that phone to sell it on his Behalf.”

But others have taken a swipe at the government for the security lapse in the country.

Watipaso Mzungu posted on Facebook that the police will track down the criminals who killed detective Ng’oma because they are a concerned party in the matter.

Mzungu commenting on Julius Mithi’s post on the matter wrote: “The police will definitely track the assailants; and, it will not take long before catching them because the victim is one of them. Investigations could have taken forever if she was just a mere citizen.”

Also Commenting on Mithi’s (Mithi is widely known for breaking news on the social network with his JFM outfit) Francis Cyrus Gwaza vilified and chided the Malawi government for lack of security and failure to combat crime in the country.

“When people say there is No Security in Malawi some myopic gurus and the security personnel themselves oppose this. And what is this? May Her Soul Rest In Peace.”

The death of the police detective in Chipoka comes barely 48 hours after a gang of thugs invaded the house of the country’s top spy Nicholas Dausi and went away with valuables worth millions of Kwachas.

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Tikamati makothi mudzipereka zilango zamphamvu kwa anthuwa mudzimva. Tikamati inu apolisi musamango pereka mabelo chisawawa mudzimva. Tikamati osachotsetsa milandu kumabwalo amilandu chisawawa mudzimva. Tikamati wonjezerani ndende mdziko muno makothi asamataye anthu kuzilango zofewazi mudzimva. Tikamati chitetezo chatha mudziko muno mudzimva.

This remains me of Faith. Exactly two years ago this week, a young woman medical officer was brutally murdered in a similar manner at Nkhoma Hospital. The murderers confessed that they were sent by somebody. They were arrested and released pending investigation. Today nobody has been convicted and the murderers and planners are walking freely. Apparently, the murderer paid huge sums of money to police investigators to shut them up. Today it is a police officer who has had her head chopped in similar manner FAITH CHEMBEZI was murdered. Are we going to see justice this time. Or are some… Read more »

She was my Classmate…..its sad


Nkhani ya Faith Chembezi, what has the police done. Let those of us who were her friends take this to the end. The people who have shielded the murderers are in the police.

Three Angels message

a Makossa when reporting such stories try to dig deep into the story to find out what this victim was recently working on or investigating. Probe ka mbiri ka victim yo pang’ono. I though you are well trained journalist.

Tanzania Is Okay
This is very sad indeed and I empathise with all related to Rhoda. But this more than concretises patriotic citizens’ concerns that our country is gone to the dogs beyond belief. Cadets led by Dausi, don’t dispute this fact. We are into all this because we lack a leader. An effective leader to lead. We lack An effective opposition. An effective leader to oppose. We lack an effective civil society. An effective civil society with eyes to see that the country is going down the drain and mobilise masses for peaceful demonstrations. Kaya poti munkati Kasambara ndiye amabweretsa mavuto, ndiye… Read more »

very sad RIP


First suspects are members of her crew. Probably Rhoda was investigating a criminal case that indirectly involved one or some members of her team. These people case to kill and not to steal. Robbers cannot do this without having inside support. That gives a lead, though not clear.


To the bereaved family i say sorry for the loss of your beloved daughter, sister, mother, aunt you name it. We value the role our police plays in the country. Our words are not enough to express it but i ask God himself to be with you and comfort you. May her soul RIP.

Chisale Chisale Wa Chisale
Chisale Chisale Wa Chisale

Watani Malawiwe!


Wa Police kudzaphedwa ngati Albino ………. zovuta kwabasi RIP

Petre Mathanyula

Ambuye mwapatse anthu akufa chiusiro chosatha ndipo kuyera kosathe kuwalitse maso awo AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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