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Jb ali busy kufunafuna ndalama kujaku nkumakupatsani agalu inu kuti muzisokoneza basi.

APM ali busy kufufuza ndalama zachitukuko panopa wachitola chikwama cha mk1,000 000 000 000 zitukuko mbwembwembwe

ine kumva kukoma nawo anzathu omwe anapezeka ndi Kachilombo zowo kuti Buu ngati moto
$368 million uzisinthe mu makwacha ndi zingati?


Inu osataya nthawi ndi makape awa taonani ma shati si ma crook awa a pa town kumango nama kutin ndi cso s kuma ali ma beggars akulu kwa azungu to hell with you. who do you represent ? who elected you ?

Joseph Moyo
csos are the disgrace to our nation and they create conflicts contrary to what they supposed to do.they behave the same way as the opposition.its hard to differentiate betwn opposition party and csos by this i dont side with APM admin.but i believe they should exercise their duties professionally.Idonot like issues of demonstrations iwould wish this could be the last thing.when other means have failed.when The CSO conduct Demos they spent millions of kwacha so how can u spend such huge somes of money to demonstrate that there is no medicine in hospitals instead of buying drugs in these hospitals… Read more »
Real Malawian

Dunderhead Chawezi northerners are Malawians too.All Malawians are suffering in all regions because of the visionless leadership.I live in the south and you are always seeing women and kids begging in the street.So you are just contented seeing the president coming from the South even if he is incompetent and cannot deliver.Malawi has long way to develop with that tribalistic mentality.You are always seeing everything in tribalistic perspective.


You felt APM akupatsani scone..? Mwagwa..nayo…TimTimothy and Gift. Who.. you rrorrepresent?

George Kamanga
In Rwanda northerners were hated because they were super power house in all sectors of life for God blessed them before they were formed in their mothers wombs. But unfortunately the fools from the south being filled by demons waked up one morning with the plan to eliminate all the blessed northerners and indeed their evil desires seemed to work but God in His Tenders Mercies vindicated them and up to this day northerners in Rwanda still occupy their God given portions. Bingu took the same steps as the southerners in Rwanda to steal what God blessed the northerners in… Read more »

kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk u guys which Malawians are u fighting for.first to prove u r fighting for us Malawians please ask JB where she did put our jet money and bring the monies back to us.ask her why she instructed mphwiyo to organize a network that was stealing bour tax monies in the cashgate thing.tell her to return the cash fast.if you do so tizayamba kukukhulupilirani


Northeners r also malawian and the had the right to do whatsoever if the feel unhappiness with. Ngati sukusangalasidwa ndi zioneselozoo pitaukanyere mchimbuzi usatinunkhisile mwanyanya kusankhana mitundu.

Peter Mathanyula

The CSOs have a problem. They raise issues with an aim to entice gvt to fill their pockets. Once their pockets are full they drop the issue, what a fallacy.


CSOs ???? Who do you represent actually? And who voted you into those positions ? Under whose terms of reference ? Which is your legitimate constituency? ?