Activist dismiss DPP over 17000 job creation claims: Sustained unemployment among Malawi’s young is leading to poverty and desperation

A civil society leader has described as politicking the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) assertion that the administration is set to create up to 17000 jobs this year.

Charles Kajoloweka of the Youth and Society (YAS) says  Malawi’s youth unemployment crisis should not be pegged to elections

Countless down-and-out young jobseekers, particularly rural dwellers, are drifting from town to town scouring for work as labourers or ‘ganyu’ as the unemployment crisis knocks them further into a downward spiral of destitution.

Ministry of Labour, Youth, Sports and Manpower Development said it will generate jobs for the Malawian youth in the Jobs for Youth (J4Y) project by July 1, 2018 in a bid to reduce poverty levels among the youths.

Job for Youth Project is a government initiative focusing on youth empowerment by creating jobs with financial support from the African Development Bank (ADB).    

Minister of Labour, Youth, Sports and Manpower Development, Francis Kasaila said: “The overall goal of the project is to empower young women and men for improved employability in decent work and sustainable entrepreneurship in Malawi.”

But the executive director of Mzuzu based Youth and Society Charles Kajoloweka has blamed government for mere politicking ahead of the 2019 polls.

“I think the DPP government just want to lure the youth ahead of the elections in 2019. Where was the project all this time,” queried Kajoloweka.

Kajoloweka warned development should not be pegged to elections.

“Development is a process, it is not a one-off thing like an election,” said Kajoloweka.

He said the unemployment crisis could lead to politicians using vulnerable young people to their own advantage.

But Kasaila said the project is an ongoing and that every youth in this country is eligible to benefit from it that what will be required is to analyse their business ideas and give them the needed support.

“We have dedicated staff that will be responsible to analyse the business plans, we shall give the technical assistance that will assist in creating business plans for themselves,” he explained.

The project has three components which include Entrepreneurship, Education and Sustainable Enterprise Development; Skills Development for Employability and Institutional Capacity Development and Project Management.

The activities in the components include entrepreneurship culture development, establishment of incubators, access to finance implementation of a one-year internship programme and practical, hands–on training and apprenticeship for out of school youth among others.

The project is geared to generate 17,000 jobs for youths, 6,000 youth owned businesses and the Ministry is doing everything practically possible to fast-track preparatory processes so that the youth could start enjoying the project benefits by July 1, 2018.

Young, unlicensed street vendors have become one of the most visible signs of the chronic jobs shortage on Malawian city streets. The street hawker’s community has swelled dramatically as thousands of poverty-stricken young job seekers are increasingly pushed into the informal sector in a desperate bid to survive in a tough economic climate.

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8 Comments on "Activist dismiss DPP over 17000 job creation claims: Sustained unemployment among Malawi’s young is leading to poverty and desperation"

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ntchito zambili malawi muno akugwira ndi anthu obwela opanda ma pepala asukulu and work permit alibenso. at my work place more workers are ndi anthu ongobwela oti timawaphunzisa tokha ntchito. tikadandawula kumabwela minister of labour kuzati opsyeza.
ntchito zoti amalawi ankoza kugwila.


Boma Ilo. Kuyika maziko kutasala 10mnths where were you in all these 4years?


Mr Kajoloweka what ever your name is, if you think you are capable of employing the youth just employ them. I understand you r also looking for a job. I have one but you need to go to technical community college first. Osamangolubwalubwa ndimakuona an go until I razing I lira mu Mzuzu kusowa chochita. You think you will be stealing from politician, NDE ma politicians siamenewatu, amayi omweaja. Frustrated boy.


They have bn similar approach in the past where we were getting loans… bt becoz it was politically connected, many pple just abused the money & never repaid… yet we continue same approach that has previously failed. All this is bcz of 2019.. All we need is Energy & Agribased industries, since we dont have minerals.. The employment will follow & rural farmers will be happy

Herbert Yasini Wasauka
Herbert Yasini Wasauka

Createformal industries by rejuvenating commercial agriculture. This will trigger growth of other industries like manufacturing etc. This will provide jobs for the youths.

concerned citizen
Most of the youths in the street vending business ndi amene anathawa sukulu or sanapite ndikusululu komwe. So, have nothing do do to earn a living. They want to live a town life which they did not invest in; in the first place by getting an education that would have given them a better life. Akuthawa kulima kumudzi . For those who have an education and are not employed, government needs to be serious on creating jobs for such by improving sectors that mater in an economy e.g energy so that investors can come to invest in the country. Companies… Read more »

All they know is handouts from politicians. No dream, no vision, and you want to blame government. Not all will get employed in private or public sector . All what you want is a white collar job, but there are other trade you can benefit. Malawi is growing, people are building, the demand is high, we need well trained electricians, plumbers, carpenters, fabricators, bricklayers. The country will need people who can produce quality product that will compete on the world market.


Submit all your business plans to me, I will analyse and advise way forward

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