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An important aspect that is not discussed towards ending “petty corruption” is improving efficiency in the delivery of public services. For example, at Road Traffic Directorate many people are forced to pay a bribe simply to avoid the chaos that reigns at that office. Why should I spend 2 or even 3 days chasing CoF for my vehicle which is in top notch condition when I can complete the process within hours simply by paying an extra MWK10,000? Professionals or business people stand to lose much more than MWK10,000 if they spend even half a day at the DRTSS. The… Read more »

The chaos is deliberately created so that we should think of just paying the K10000 to avoid being delayed


An embrace of ‘our culture’ (and by the way which culture?) will not cure our country of corruption! It is only the love for our country and its people by our pseudo-leaders that can end the endemic corruption in this country! Can you trace any love of this country and its people in the current crop of pseudo-leaders, are you therefore surprised at the rate of their thieving!?

I like this argument. What we think is the vice is actually the bottom line of the solution. Mindset. However, poverty comes into play. By poverty, this is at all levels including the rich. For example, if that night you were driving you were driving after taking an over dose of alcohol. Supposing the officer of the law took you through a Breathalyzer and you were found to be guilty. Your first option would be to spend the night in a police cell (mind you, it is not hotel standard on this part of the world). The second option would… Read more »