Dausi places VP Chilima under surveillance: Chakwera trashes Malawi spies

Just days after influential Lomwe chief Traditional Authority Ngolongoliwa said during the late Bingu wa Mutharika memorial service that the presidency should guard against gossip mongers from breaking ranks, .the state security organization has put under surveillance Vice President Saulos Chilima.

Vice President Saulos Chilima welcomes  President Mutharika on arrival from USA - Pic by Abel Ikiloni

All is well? Vice President Saulos Chilima with President Mutharika  – Pic by Abel Ikiloni

National Intelligence Service (NIB) boss Nicholas Dausi is said to have intensified Chilima hunt and is placing spies to the Veep official residence to monitor people he is meeting and officers are being told to put up reports portraying the Veep as creating parallel structures.

NIB sources said on Saturday, which was late Bingu wa Mutharika memorial, that Dausi placed a police officer from PMF ‘B’ Company of Kanjedza a Mr Minyanga on night duty to report on visitors coming into the Mudi residence to visit.

According to the intelligence officer, suspicion is that ruling party people and church leaders who visit the vice president’s residence may be forming parallel structures.

Dausi has also deployed another NIB spy a Mr Chikafumbwa in Lilongwe and others.

“The idea is to create a collateral damage on the vice president and deal with him now so that he is removed from the position,” said the source.

The surveillance has included tapping the VPs phone lines.

Chief’s counsel

In his counsel, TA Ngolongoliwa asked Mutharika not to be misled by people who will come to him with various pieces of advice, saying “not all will be correct.”

Ngongoliwa further advised Mutharika that no advisor should separate him with his Vice President Chilima.

“If you start fighting amongst yourself it’s very dangerous because what will happen is that your Vice will be going and talking ill of you somewhere and you will also be disgruntled somewhere, but always remain united for your beautiful future,” said Ngolongoliwa.

During the entire speech by the chief, Mutharika fondly known as APM was seen nodding his head agreeing to Ngolongoliwa’s advice.

Politicisation of Intelligence

Leader of Opposition in parliament Lazarus Chakwera last week condemned “politicisation of state security institutions” particularly the National Intelligence Bureau.

Chakwera said in Parliament: “What does the National Intelligence Bureau do? What kind of intelligence are they gathering? How has the intelligence assisted this country to avert or deal with organised crime? What calibre of persons or personnel are we recruiting to carry out important national duty of protecting citizens? How insulated is the bureau from political interference and instructions when senior officers are party officials but drawing tax payers money? “

He said government must endeavour to find solutions that militate against the erosion of confidence and trust in security institutions.

Rift downplayed

Meanwhile, DPP spokesman and Leader of the House, Francis Kasaila has dispelled rumours that there is a rift between President Peter Mutharika and his vice president Saulos Klaus Chilima.

Kasaila, who is also Minister of Transport, said those dreaming of presidential fissures were “wasting their time” as the DPP administration remained solid.

“The relationship between President Mutharika and his vice president Chilima is very cordial,” said Kasaila.

“Those who are dreaming of a division are wasting their time,” he added.

Kasaila stressed that “there is no room for division”.

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Keen Observer

On point of order Chakwera was on the spot. The big problem is politicising of every government organ. Why don’t the so called leaders learn from past mistakes they keep on stumbling on the same weakness.

Nhlahla Dladla Sibusiso

if you really planing to fire Chima God will punish you Peter and those who will involved in your plan and dont expect a single vote from malawians

Dausi, ex-MYP is so daft, cant even imagine how this man can be head of an intelligence agency, when he himself is not intelligent. This man is crude, and likely to fake evidence. Leave Chilima alone. This is the problem of having a hopeless president, now those who seek favours from APM are trying hard to find reason to create division between the president and his deputy. This deputy assisted DPP to win; don’t be stupid and think DPP could have won the general election without Chilima. Please remove this Dausi hyaena from NIB, if his party think he is… Read more »
Chrispin Kachitsamba

what they should know iz that if they are thinking of choosing the president from the southern reglon After Peter that wil mark the end of dpp party leave Chilima Alone!


Fear of unknown. Leave SKC alone. This guy holds a vision for Malawi, he is smart. SKC ain’t stupid. Thank God , He is showing him people’s characters. All Chilima is doing is working hard for Malawians and people full of envy don’t like it. You may put spies to spies on Him but God is the one who protects him. Mr Chilima, fear not. Just intensify prayers, the battle is not yours. God will fight for you.
Babu love limaletsa majelasi, please leave Mr Chilima alone. He is working for Malawians.


Intelligence offices set in homes. Zochindana basi! Hahahahahahahahaha

Concerned Citizen

Though I would not want to believe that this article is correct, it points to a basic problem which needs to deal with as a nation. Why do we find it so difficult to accept that having subordinates that shine and deliver, in turn makes their leader shine?

In general, as soon as we see someone shine we tend to find fault with them. This has to stop if we want to develop and use the many intelligent people we have in our beautiful land.

Even if it were true, as long as SKC was voted, there won’t be any way he can be fired. And if you must know, this is a generation of Chancol students, who smoked out spies in lecture rooms, he has the support of the machinery of his fellow students, so Dausi and your friends watch out what you want to do. We can smoke you out too. DPP should be thankful that in SKC at least the image is blurred and not pitch black had it been the VP was another of their own. SKC brings swagga to the… Read more »
Bambo a Getrude

hahaha someone is saying the truth.

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