Dead woman exhumed, body dismembered in Lilongwe

Malawi Police have said they are still looking for the culprits who trespassed Mgona Squatter grave yard last Sunday night where they exhumed the body of an 18 year old woman and removed her right eye, nose, tongue, index finger and private parts.

Lonje: Saddened with te development

Lonje: Saddened with te development

Janet Loja, deceased’s mother, said after losing  her daughter four days earlier,  she went to the market  and as she walked through the neighbourhoods, she heard people talking about a grave which had been tampered with and that the body was exhumed.

“I thought that it was any other grave since our location is very huge and funerals happen almost every day, I never thought it could be that of my daughter,” she told Lilongwe News Agency (LINA) on Friday.

She continued: “But when I arrived home from the market, I found our block leader (village headman) at my house who told me that my daughter’s body had been removed from its grave by thugs. We started off for the grave and there, indeed, lied my daughter’s body in a very pathetic state: right eye gouged, right part of her nose cut off, tongue cut off, index finger on her right hand removed, and her private parts removed as well. It was such a painful experience that I saw as a parent.”.

Maria Loja was suffering from sores on her chest and she was taken to hospital but died on Thursday last week. She was buried on Saturday and her mother, Janet Loja, was starting to heal the pain of losing her when barely two days after burial, she experienced additional pain as she saw her daughter lying outside her grave, prepared for her eternal rest, with her body dismembered by cruel individuals who she described as humans without a human heart.

Kanengo Police was alerted and together with a medical team arrived at the grave yard where many people had gathered. They examined the body right at the grave yard before advising the community to replace the body in the broken coffin and re-bury it.

Janet Loja expressed extreme sadness with the occurrence of the week about her departed daughter, saying it was only a week earlier that she had also lost a child belonging to her deceased daughter and now the mother who is not only dead but with bizarre happenings, events she has never witnessed ever since she came to live in Mgona, almost forty years ago.

Kanengo Police Public Relations Officer, Esther Mkwanda confirmed that the incident indeed happened and said police are still looking for the culprits to be brought to book.

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When leaders are evil there is no peace in the land they even stole my mom cattles still the criminals are walking free. Where is security???? Where is the law????? Don’t blame us we fight crime our ways. To hell with this government.


These are the days GOD protect us from the evil ones

Harris Bononge

O my God have mercy on us


Satan is a liar. He is busy preaching that there is no witchcraft what is this. This is witchcraft. Come out and declare that there’s no witchcraft. What do you say here? What do you say about people killing Albinos? I feel sorry for those that the devils is using in the guise of human rights. Hell is yr destiny unless you repent.

wamu lilongwe

A country intoxicated in poverty full of illiterate people deceived by some filthy asing’angas that you will get rich by selling some body parts of the dead.These are people of impoverished Mgona who have never known any happiness by being denied opportunities by the corrupt govt.The povos are doing anything to move out of this economic quagmire.


The main culprit is the head of state who adamantly refuses to sign for the death penalty. Such people when caught deserve no inch of space in this world. They are not humans.


Micrener Wa ku mulanje mukusowa doctor

Keen Observer

Ndi chani anthu a Mtundu wanga chavuta ndichani abale? Umphawi? Kufuna kulemera? Kapena ziwanda zavuta?


Zimenezi ndi zimene amaziwa achewa anthu opanda nzeru

J. Jons

Pajatu amati kulibe ufiti koma zomwe achita apazi ndiye ufiti weni weni munthu obadwa mwa munthu kumakhala ngati chinyama anthu opanda mzimu


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