Do not judge others; let God be the only judge

Many times people have lived miserable lives because of the people that have constantly tarnished their good image by making people believe they are bad people, liars, boasters, self centered, and many names that they have used to tarnish their good image. I want to encourage those people today that this is not something to worry about because God does not look at you in that way. You are not in this world to live a life that should please anybody, apart from God almighty. The word of God tells us that one cannot please both men and God at the same time (Galatians1:10).jesus bible

People should understand that we are all unique based on how God has created us. You may be thinking that someone is self centered just because they are not associating, or talking to people much. What you are forgetting is that the person you are calling self centered has been created by God, and has been fearfully and wonderfully made in God’s image. Why not get close to them than just judge them from a distance then you will know them and understand that they are just normal people.

Mathew 7:5 tells us to cast out the beam out of our own eyes; and then we shall see clearly to cast out the mote out of our brother’s eye. All this is simple instruction that we should not be looking for fault or wrong doing in the lives of our friends, because we all have our own garbage that needs to continuously taken care of that if we start carrying our friend’s garbage on top of what we already have, it will be too much on us that we will not be able to carry.

This is why when the Scribes and Pharisees brought unto him a woman taken in adultery Jesus responded by telling them that “He who is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her” (John 8:1-11). This just shows us that, no matter how holy, or spirit filled we think we are, we are still a work in progress in the eyes of God therefore we do not have any authority to be judging others.

The fact that we are able to address others shortfalls portrays the truth that our personal situation is worse than the people we try to assassinate their character.

If you are living this kind of life of celebrating or enjoying making others feel sad because you have given them names, maybe it is time you go back to the basics of life which is love. If you can love your friends just like the way Jesus has commanded us, then you will not be comfortable to give names to your friends.

The bible talks about a Pharisee and Publican who both went into the temple to pray. The bible tells us that “The Pharisee stood and prayed thus with himself.” This means that his prayer got no further than himself even though it was directed toward God because it was not heard by God. This is because he kept on mentioning the sins of others, while the publican told God simple and plain that he was a sinner. This is a prayer that was heard by God because it was not a self righteous prayer but a prayer that was based upon atonement.

Today, if we are very much into judging others, let us ask God to change us and help look at others with the love just like God looks on us with love despite all our failures and junk that we are still working on. If we have been victims of such people, continue with your life as long as you know you are living according to the will of God. You do not have to please them, but please your God. Let God alone be the judge in everything, and not man.

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Don’t run away from the truth. This means do not hide saying don’t judge me cos we were told do not judge and no one light alamp and cover it but we put on its stand to give light to the room so there is no need to say do not cos u are already judged God ll just give approval that u were realy asinner on last day if u don’t repent.or even just think about the devil himself to come across the first thing to be said is he is asinner but God said devil ll be judged… Read more »
For me it is Amen. Any word of God is amen. I can see where people are coming from with their comments. It is how you use the word “judge” or “judgrment” that matters. If you use it in a spiritual way, it has a different meaning and if you use it in a non-spiritual way, it has another meaning. It is like give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God. But everything belongs to God, Jesus told us that is not always the case. So some criticisms or judgements are okay but some… Read more »
The writer of this article has quoted good verses and applied them subjectively with bias to what suits him. A lot of people use the “do not judge” verses to cover their bad habits or sins. They don’t want any correction, rebuke or advice. Once again these verses have been used in the wrong context by misguided people who want approval for any wrong doing they like to do. Two wrongs don’t make a right. In John 3:17 Jesus said,”For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.”… Read more »
Rodgers Banda

It shows the pastor who wrote this article did not do his homework property or is a DPP pillar who wants people to be quite while the government is destroying the country or is blind of biblical verses. Did you not hear that ‘remove such from among you but not as an enemy?’ Don’t judge but first clean ypuself and judge! Courts should not judge people should steal, kill, rape etc and left to God in life after death? Revisit your bible study dear man of God .

Mac Hende

Zachamba,if we do not judge ndiye dziko liyipatu.Abusa ena ndi adyera amaitanisa katundu kuchoka kwa a khristu Koma iwo sathandiza ovutika, ndiye tizisekelera zimenezi? Tizijaja ndi kunena kuti zimenezi ndi zopusa.


If god is the ultimate judge, then why are most Christians homophobic? Why are you so much against the legalisation of gay marriage? Why do you need man made laws ( constitution) to enforce this? Sometimes I feel religious people are hypocrites, coz you should not judge and hence should not care about what two consenting adults of the same sex do in private

My effective relationship class last Wednesday our instructor took us through just exactly the same way the writer has written the article. The only diferent direction is from a Pharisee in a synagogue otherwise the very first paragraphs everything is exactly the same. I wonder if you shared some notes. Well I like your teachings the only difference with a lecture I had provided some other areas that contrast judging. Guidance and wisdom sometimes can be taken as judgement but on the contrary mistakenly. There is no need to judge someone but all deserve to get directions and guidance. If… Read more »

Ok U Have Done Ur Best. May God Continue Insighting U


Keep it up


God answering our prayers than just be mere talkers

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