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Doing nothing is an option for your information. Read a little bit about the McElvey Theory before you get too excited about nothing. The tiny deposits have been known as early as the late 1800’s but not acted upon because of more weighty considerations. If oil could get any nation out of poverty it should have done that to Nigerians who continue to live in abject poverty in-spite of the obvious abundance of the “liquid”.

mau akuseri
I congraturate you Thom and the team but I have one request to make I know it may be painful but its a fact.Please who ever is given a chance to write a column especialy to do with religion or sports or politics must try to be as nuetral as possible.I saw one unbalanced article by one called ‘Kelvin Silungwe’ who praised Bushiri simply because he supports him yet this online newspaper is read by people of different religious background and simply because Mr Silungwe likes Bushiri he wants everyone who reads this online newspaper to do likewise which is… Read more »
Banda sikiza George

A nice article indeed, but I would like to know the current position of the lake conflict. I am out side the the country but a malawian by nationality. continue being creativity.


We should not be cowards, we must fight for our rights, Nation is built through braveness. God has given us resources to change the lives of Malawians and we are worried about our neighbors trying to steal our God given resources. Malawi has no option , Licence were advertised, tendered and issued according to the law , we want to run away from reality, it’s a catch 22 situation were we can’t cancel and restart. The reality is that Licence are already issued and if taken to court we can lose Billions.

John Union

I hear Co. Muamuar Gadafi refuse offers from Shell and British petroleum, borrowed money and started sucking the oil from the ground and made a lot of money from the oil his government refined unlike Nigeria which is being financially raped today. President Mutharika and the DPP government should not be exited by a meager earning to alleviate the budget and the economy for a few years. Let this permanently change the landscape of our economy and lives of Malawians

Sake Chilling

Comments number 6 and number 15 have said it all. The war cry now for saving the earth is “keep it in the ground,”


I my opinion, our country doesn’t really have the required capacity of either managing or oversight of such an ambitious project. Our economy wont improve by its implementation but foreigners well only reap from us. Maybe we need a strong political background