DPP accuses SKC of ‘stealing’ cabinet meeting resolutions for UTM

Ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is accusing vice president Saulos Chilima of “stealing” cabinet meetings resolutions which they say he is allegedly using to market and sell his United Transformation Movement (UTM).

Dausi: It is illogical

However, UTM officials have trashed this as senseless.

DPP spokesperson, who is also government spokesperson Nicholas Dausi says Chilima has “stolen” most of the cabinet meeting resolutions and wants to use them in UTM manifesto.

“He sat in cabinet meetings as the vice president and for him to steal ideas discussed in cabinet meetings is illegal and illogical,” said Dausi.

Dausi, however, could not say what the government and the DPP could do to stop the UTM from implementing the so called stolen ideas.

However, UTM spokesperson Joseph Chidanti Malunga laughed off the matter, saying the movement has a team of technical experts who are formulating their  manifesto.

He said the DPP has nothing to offer to Malawians as it has even failed to fulfill its 2014 manifesto.

Chidanti Malunga said the UTM is doing things differently,  therefore , could not copy and paste what the DPP has formulated, saying this could be a recipe for disaster for the movement.

Political commentator Rafiq Hajat said the DPP has the history of rolling out its policies and programs, saying it could not be surprising if other political parties hijacked its ideas.

However, he wondered if Chilima would copy the ideas of the DPP.

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The 1 million jobs tha APM was saying its impossible was DPP’s idea? Zankutu a Dausi eti.




DPP has no credible counter-strategy against UTM other than accusing it of benig unrealistic or stealing ideas. In fact as we speak, Rwanda has “borrowed” most of the concepts DPP had come up with and implemented them ruthlessly. Look at Rwanda now. We asn’t fault DPP for not formulating great ideas and manifesto; the challenge is in its implementation. DPP unfortunately has the best brains but these individuals are just that……strategists. They are very bad at execution; these people live in their heads. UTM seems to have a few implementers much to their advantage. Professors and those who worked for… Read more »


Sober up Dausi

Make Malawi Great

lol What ideas again Blue day? or buy the youth beer as a distraction, or insult catholics and burn opposition properties? cause those are ultimate resolution in Dpp!! Malawians are far more aware now,, its going to be mature politics from 2019 onwards!! Welcome to the 21st century buddy enjoy while u can cause ur sitting on a time boom!!


Dausi is a conman and a political shenanigan. Even people at his constituency does not like him because they did not vote for him. Dausi if your head is empty just be quite and keeping misleading agogo and pumbwa idiots



I am not a lawyer

I do not see anyone objectively contributing in cabinet meetings without thinking of next elections. So whatever the case his ideas are not from your meetings. Your ideas Mr Dausi would be more like “Titeni sukulu ikhale yaulere kuti ativotere”….”timange stadium ativiotere”….”tiapatse ndalama ativotere”…..saddling tax payers with ur BS ideas so u can earn more.

Nox Nthambi

This Malawi Young Pioneer cadet is clueless. Could please mention ideas which SKC and his movement has stolen from cabinet resolutions. Why can’t you just start selling the ideas to the voters. Why can’t you report him to Police for theft kkkkkkkkkkkkk. Ukayombe unakupwetekani bambo Dausi.