DPP begs Malawi CSOs for dialogue on ‘Blue Night’ refunds 

After display of Executive arrogance, the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has toned down from its  Zachamba (nonsense) blast and is begging  to meet civil society organisations (CSOs) demanding  the party to refund money received from some parastatals and city councils at its fundraising dinner on July 29 2017.

DPP Secretary General Grizeder Jeffrey wa Jeffrey (left) and Ntaba: Tone donw from Zachamba arrogance to beg for dialogue after court threats

The CSO’s threatened to take legal action on DPP’s coercive collection of money from some parastatals and city councils.

But DPP leaders, including secretary general Greselder Jeffrey and vice president for the Centre Hetherwick Ntaba, said the party will not make a refund as it did not force any institution to support its fundraising cause at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe where President Peter Mutharika was the guest of honour.

CSO’s led by Mzuzu-based fearless rights campaigner Charles Kajoloweka, instructed their lawyer, Wesley Mwafulirwa, to take the matter to court for abuse of public office and public funds, but also for the court to determine whether the actions taken by the DPP and the parastatals and councils were lawful and reasonable.

The Youth and Society (YAS), Centre for the Development of People (Cedep), Church and Society Programme, Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR), and Human Rights Consultative Committee (HRCC) also want to explore the option of lobbying for the arrest and criminal prosecution of any members of DPP whose conduct had criminal elements.

Malawi Law Society (MLS) joined the condemnation of donations to the governing DPP by State enterprises and demanded a refund to the agencies.

Lilongwe Water Board (LWB) as well as Lilongwe, Mzuzu and Blantyre city councils collectively contributed K13.5 million to the DPP event.

But now the DPP through secretary general Wa Jeffrey has written the CSOs in a letter seen by Nyasa Times dated August 28, 2017, saying the party was willing to furnish the public with details of the money collected and donors through the CSOs, but through a dialogue process.

Wa Jeffrey claims that lawyer for CSOs was misled that the activists had made attempts to engage the governing party in a dialogue, saying they were engaging the DPP through the media.

“Should your clients be open to dialogue in order to solve this issue amicably as your letter intimates, we have a team on standby to engage with your clients and to ensure that their questions are satisfied,” she said.

Wa Jeffrey said DPP “would like to propose dialogue on the matter.”

She asked lawyer Mwafulirwa to advice the CSOs “accordingly so that both parties can agree on the process.”

The CSOs have maintained that they want to end a culture of impunity and that DPP should simply refund the money.

Kajoloweka said CSOs will “review) the DPP’s response and form a position “in the best interest of the public.”

He, however, stated that the position of CSO’s remains irrevocable“DPP must pay back the money and publish names of institutions they siphoned money from.”

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Smoke Fire


Whatever the case, DPP has proved to be a party to reckon with. Tell me, which any other party in the history of multiparty politics in Malawi has dislodged the ruling party as DPP has done? Forget about 1994. MCP has been in opposition till it has now started rotting there. Don’t the party need the state house? With three different prominent political figures including a pastor they are failing to make it to Sanjika. It only shows that although the party can change candidates it cannot convince the majority of Malawians Malawians that it is now a changed party.… Read more »

My foot!!!!!! This virus.

The writer himself does not know English or does not know the meaning of the word ”beg”. Can the reporter quote a sentence from Jeffrey’s letter to CSOs which stands for begging? How do you look at a statement in wa Jeffrey’s letter ” Should your clients be open to dialogue………………………… as your LETTER intimates…………” Which letter was wa Jeffrey referring to? Cant you fools see that the lady was responding to some other requests? And she says she is ready ”to furnish the public with the details of the money collected…….” Who is she begging here? This reporter does… Read more »

The fact remains DPP abused its position. Knowledge of language by reporter is of no consequence. Pay back and the matter is settled.


The biggest fool is you Santana. Don’t read what has been written in isolation. DPP’s stand has been that they are not ready either to furnish details of public companies from whom they got money or discuss the matter as it’s Zachamba. Why then change tune now? This is where the writer has drawn the conclusion that now they are begging for understanding on either side. The problem with you Satan is each time you make remarks everyone on Nyasatimes before he reads your articles knows what you want to say.

Binnwell Kachikopa

Kkkkkkkkkkkkkk! A Santana kaya a Satana mungowonetsapo umbuli apa! Munawona olandira cheque akusainapo? Ugong’oliwu nthawi zina ndibwino kumakhala nawo chete. A santana munadya zambiri za cashgate ndiye or kukumwetsani madzi a manyi a dpp simungayitaye. But truth stands a truth no matter what! DPP is a walking devil that needs total destruction whether you like it or not. The good thing is that Santana alone cannot decide but Malawians. )

If you study my comments in full you will discover that I vehemently don’t accept the view that MCP will ever rule this country. People who comment against DPP have a hope that once DPP is out MCP will take the mantle. This is what I always refuse because the current political situation has no indications that MCP can win an election. You are failing to give reasons to back a win for MCP. Just by saying DPP idzagwa does not warrant truth on the ground. Elections is about numbers. Where will Chakwera get the numbers? What is Chakwera doing… Read more »
Kholowa mkabudula

…..pipo will always be judged by what they spilt out! No wonder!


Zako izo


zachamba… kkkk

nkhwiri inokwa

2019 is coming but you are still being arrogant,,,,, kulibe chamuyaya DPP will never be a life tym party in government so when you vomit zopepela zanuzo just no days are going simple no need to kambilana bwezani ndalama full stop,,,,,misonkho yathu imeneyo

Malawi Citizen

Lero ndie mwaona kut ndizofunika kukambirana? aNtaba mwangokhala doctor koma mulibe leadership skills inu. Nanuso a SG a DPP, pakamwa muzipagwira osamangothamanga kulankhula zachipongwe ngat kulibe mawa, mwaonatu mwagwira njakata…koma palibeso zokambirana bwenzani ndalamazo basi


“Santana” is always there to try to defend his DPP. Unfortunately he does that in vain kkkkkkkk


It looks like people are commenting on things which are not there. The statements from wa Jeffrey are not implying that the DPP has done anything wrong. She is challenging the CSOs who have rushed to media to present their case instead of making effort to know who the donors are. Were those donations through cheque? Did a DPP member sign for the cheques on donors’ behalf? There is nothing about begging here. Wa Jeffrey is just trying to put sense in the heads of CSOs that their rush to the media was premature.

Murupale pa Thyolo

It is you Satana who is commenting things which do not exist. Are you the creator of Area 18 water mix up?


Kikkkkk here we are again, are you serious that you are trying to run away that your DPP did not ask monies from these institutions? no my friend, have you ever see a cheque signed by a receiver? the one who sign the cheque is the one who is paying my friend hahahahahahah kaya wakamizidwa kaya mwa ufulu, or you have never see the cheque ya?are you a spokes person of DPP? My friend this is not politics, its about the Government led by Educated fools, stealing by tricks. Cant you see that?

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