DPP Cadets attack MCP members at Chilembwe memorial: Malawi govt in panic mode as political violence resurfaces

Politial violence reared its ugly head again on Sunday when regime thugs operating as members of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) youth cadets attacked members of opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) at Providence Industrial Mission (PIM) where people from all walks of life gathered to celebrate the life of the Reverend John Chilembwe.

DPP has a history of abductions and killings. Party cadets brandishing pangas a day before the July 20 2012 demonstrations

The notorious Cadets, dressed in their DPP regalia, started beating the opposition members in full view of the Malawi police after President Peter Mutharika, who was in attendance, had left the venue.

Their target was leader of opposition Lazarous Chakwera, who is also MCP president but his security detail shielded him from the barbarism.

Private-station Zodiak radio reported earlier about rumours that the cadets had set up a barricade on one of the routes to the venue where they vowed that they will not allow opposition members from going to the function.

Three people were conscipiously seen to be badly wounded and one was rushed to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre for treatement

MCP deputy secretary general Eisenhower Mkaka said the resurfacing of politically motivated violence is a sign DPP is in serious panic mode over its failure to handle the economy and widespread accusation of corruption in which they are just shielding its members from facing the law.

“The DPP is getting worried and paranoid with each passing day over its misrule, corruption scandal after scandal and fears the situation might trigger uprisings,” Mkaka said.

He condemned political violence by DPP, saying it is “worrisome” and that the ruling party should have with better strategies to win back hearts of Malawians by serving them better.

Mkaka said MCP is hopeful that democratic change in Malawi is beckoning.

But DPP acting secretary general Francis Mphepo dismissed the violence as being perpetrated by his party, saying it was MCP fighting themselves using DPP regalia.

Government spokeman Nicholous Dausi also said it was “mere political fallacy” for MCP to claim that violence was work of regime thugs.

But Mkaka said Dausi should stop being “blabber –mouth” politician.

Sadly, DPP violence occurred at historim PIM where its father and founder, John Chilembwe, led an uprising in 1915 when most African natives were in their political slumber to protest against oppressive governance system perpetrated by white settlers.

Chilembwe, who was born in 1871, defied all odds to go to America when he was 26 with missionary Joseph Booth in 1897 where he studied at Virginia Theological College and obtained bachelor of arts and bachelor of theology degrees in 1898. Armed with a cornucopia of knowledge, Chilembwe returned home and bought 94 hectares of land in Sub-Traditional Authority Onga (ST/A) in Chiradzulu and successfully established PIM in 1900, almost 20 kilometers from the Boma.

Poor governance system characterised by brutality on natives forced Chilembwe to rebel against the despotic colonial government. He did not want to kowtow to the whims of the white settlers which impinged on natives’ inalienable rights.

He, therefore, led the Chilembwe Uprising in 1915 in protest against the human rights abuses which the white settlers perpetrated on the natives. He particularly protested against unfair wages on blacks, unfair treatment of black workers in white owned estates and conscription of Africans to fight in the First World War in Europe.

Sadly, the uprising led to his untimely death in February 1915.

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ine ndine Lhomwe By tribe . koma zomwe akuchita anganya awa a ku mwerawa ahhh andiimisa mutu.

Vote Yanga Mundibwenzere. zoona

1.Mungamabe ndalama za chimanga chaka cha njala ?
2.Kumenya anthu osalakwa chifukwa chosiyana zipani
3. Kuba ndalama zogulira mankhwala mu zipatala mu dzina la Cash Gate

si chikhalidwe cha chi Lhomwe kumeneko ndi kuzikonda. kapena Ufiti

Jowel Masina

Mau Bwana, munthu wachilungamo. Moona mtima mumapita kopemphera ndiganiza choncho.

Nelson Dube

Malawi my country why?

Nelson Dube

Malawians why are we wasting our time with useless things?

fake Secretary General
fake Secretary General

Mr Mphepo is a very violent man. He is violent and gossips alot. I hope anamva uthengawo… negative reporting is not good. Mphepo is full of negative reporting about his colleagues in the party. Ka gogo kamabodza thoo.

Jowel Masina

Kill Chakwera and you will see how a human being reacts. Muyesa tidzangokusiyani? Mudzatipha tonse ku central region. A Mphepo mwatsala madzi angati, sindinu wofaifa inu, mmalo moti muzikonzekela ufumu wakumwamba, mukuchedwa ndi kumamenya anthu zoona a Mphepo? Repent Mr Mphepo, you are very close to the grave. Jesus wants and loves you.


I believe the author is a son to honourable Dausi

Binnwell Kachikopa

Dpp and its leaders are walking devils that must be erased, thats why Dausi doesn’nt undertand things and always speak archaic devils language, ndi gong’oli ngati a mbuyake omwewo, very passive and stupid. Very soon cardiac arrest will redeem us.

Jowel Masina

Sure let us pray for redemption in whatever way. The bible says we should forgive those who treat us badly, but even God never tolarated foolishness from the Israelites in the wilderness. Foolishness was what Malawians voted for in DPP. We will not kill APM, but we leave it to God our creator.


Mmm! Kaya.

Kwacha ufulu mtenedere

Sympathy seekers MCP remain in opposition for another 20 years you will learn a lesson you idiots

Jowel Masina

Sure, watching. MCP is the only party that is threatening DPP and you know it Boss.


The first victim of Chilembwe uprising was Liston, an ordinary person like Lazarus Chakwera. Liston provoked the people chifukwa chowagwiritsa ntchito mwankhaza. Just like Liston, Chakwera provoked the people by distributing MCP materials at the function. Joyce Banda did the same at Justice Manyungwa’s funeral. Abusa, phunzira khalidwe labwino ngakhale Mulungu munasiyana naye.

Rift Valley

Do you remember what happened during the Mayor election in Lilongwe and Mzuzu? DPP cadets, Mphepo, Ntaba and other DPP big wigs were all there ferment violence. Do we need any more proof that DPP is a party of violence led by people like Mphepo and Dausi who, by the way, are both Catholics? This must be a big worry to the catholic bishops.

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