DPP clears youth cadets from violence

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has  distanced its youths ‘cadets’ from reports that they have been demolishing stalks and other structures belonging to vendors believed to be followers of People’s Party(PP).

DPP youth no longer violent

DPP youth no longer violent

DPP publicity Secretary,  Francis Kasaila told Nyasa Times in an interview that his party  has carried out “detailed investigations” on the matter and that findings indicates no linkage with the party at all.

“Our investigations have revealed that the issue at the Limbe market is purely business matter and as a party we cannot be speaking  on issues which have nothing to do with the party,” Said Kasaila.

Kasaila said on Mzuzu issue where a DPP cadres jumped from the cruising vehicle and beat up a man for insulting the President Peter Mutharika, Kasaila said investigations have revealed that the boys were sent by other people from other political parties.

“These other party buy DPP T-shirts and give to our youths and they start violence in order to tarnish the image of the party,” Kasaila claimed. He did not name the party.

“The policy of the DPP is that the party shall never use the youths in acts of violence,” said Kasaila despite the known record of violent DPP youth.

Kasaila warned other parties which he said use youths and disguise them so  to stop using DPP colours to advance their agenda,” Said Kasaila.

During the incident in Blantyre property worth over K2 million was damaged.

The matter was reported to Police but no one has been arrested so far.

Last Thursday, violence reared his ugly head when DPP youth clad in their party colours, some wielding panga knives, gatecrashed PP rally that was being addressed by northern region chairperson Reverend Chimwemwe Mzomera Ngwira in Chitipa.

DPP youth’s actions are said to have angered PP supporters who immediately sought to eject them from the meeting, but attracted the wrath of the ruling party youth who started a fight.

In Mzuzu  DPP cadres last  Wednesday jumped off the governing party’s branded pick-up in Mzuzu and beat up a bicycle taxi operator for allegedly insulting the party and President Peter Mutharika.

The mob descended on John Mphande, 31, around 11am when he termed DPP a club of thieves as the blue pickup passed by National Bank of Malawi Mzuzu Service Centre around 11.30pm.

Mphande was feeling pain all over his body but would not seek medical attention for fear of being arrested or suffering further assault.

University of Malawi political professor Blessings Chinsinga described the provocation as hardly serious enough to warrant a beating likely to remind Malawians about the ugly scenes of intolerance and impunity DPP supporters unleashed on Malawians during the late Bingu wa Mutharika’s rule.

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anti-Kasaila & Peter

You are filthy rich with tax payers money and almost everyone is unhappy with you thieves, get rich and die and go join him (Bingu) where ever he is that gangster.


Francis Kasala,has your party ever accepted wrong doing?Saints of the land!!!


Typical dpp response!! So everyone is stealing or buying their dpp uniforms and then give to dpp youth thugs to cause havoc or other parties put on dpp uniform and cause havoc so that dpp is blamed?

Those stupid thugs are your own youths you send to disrupt other parties meetings because you are fearing federalism or fearing other parties rallies to educate people about federalism or general incompetence of dpp govt!! So you resort to what you dpp people know and comes naturally, violence!! Shame on you dpp people.


What inteligence have you used?is this shallow intelligence worth 41,000,000mkwacha from NAC?

Mbolo Sidwala!

Nanga galimotoyo? Munawabwereka a zipani zinawo? Koma ziliko pa Malawi! Kumene tizidzafika 2019 kaya zidzakhala zili pati kaya?

Ma battery a mlakho

That is Franscis Kasaila.He refutes always everything sometimes even his real name.

Chatola Chinjoka

So interesting, believe P, Truth, iwo ma comment awo ali pa Tumbuka, anthu anzeru ogwirilitsa ntchito ubongo sanabwezele koma kupitiliza ku comment mmalingana ndi nkhani momwe ili lili manyazi bwa aTruth,believe P,U still use your bottom to think like Malawian citizen. This DPP spokesperson iz fucken liar to hell…….


Ndiye people jumped from DPP vehicle beat up a person and today you are saying they were from another Party? What would you say had it been it was the people in the DPP vehicle amene anamenyedwa? mukanati azipani zina amenya anthu anu eti? Kodi anthu inu simumaphunzira bwanji? Mudzatipeza.

believer P

believe you me,Had it been MCP z in power,it could have dealt with these Tumbukas(ndiithu mukandziwanso)


Mphwanga ife atumbuka tikazakwiya ka dziko kanu aka mumati ka Malawi aka kaza thela pompo.

John Mandala

Ndipo tikutemanidi musanati. Munganyoze president wa bwino uyo wotimwetsa mowa ife tikuwona? Tizisuta chamba kaye ku state house ndikulowa mu town kukumenyani zolimba. Palibe wa police angatigwire ife a President adatiwuza zimenezo

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