DPP says party T-shirt with Chilima’s face carrying wrong message

As the ruling Democratic Progressive Party(DPP) rift continues to  widening over support for Vice-President Saulos Chilima’s candidature in 2019, the party’s secretary general (SG) Gressielder Jeffrey has  issued a statement warning “confusionist” against printing and distribution of unauthorised t-shirts, cloth, caps and other party  paraphernalia without the authority of the DPP.

Man wearing DPP T-shirt with Chilima’s face

The concern follows the resurface of party T-shirts bearing the face of  Chilima who some top officials want him to  be torch bearer of DPP in 2019.

Former first lady Callista Mutharika was the first person to openly support Chilima’s presidential candidacy, arguing her in-law, the current President, was too old to run for the presidency in May next year and that DPP cannot win with him.

Chilima, until now, has not said anything after former first lady encouraged him in April to represent the DPP in next year’s polls.

But in a statement, Jeffrey wa Jeffrey said it is an offence and “political provocation” to produce or distribute materials beating DPP trae marks  without the authourity of the party.

She said the Chilima t-shirts are  carrying wrong messages as regards the leadership of the party and presidential candidature for the 2019 tripartite elections.

The party strongly states that the approved face to appear on the DPP emblem is that of the party’s founding President Professor Bingu wa Mutharika or that of an incumbent president from time to time.

The statement further states that  President Peter Mutharika is the only individual currently entitled to have his face printed on the DPP emblem or cloth.

The DPP says it is aware that the unauthorized materials are being produced with money from individuals that are working with the DPP ‘s political enemies with an aim of destroying the party.

The statement comes after a leaked social media telephone conversation between Cabinet minister Kondwani Nankhumwa and Jeffrey centred on how the alleged Chilima camp was gaining more support.

Bwana [boss], you remember I have been telling you? I told you this man [Chilima] has everything in place. We just cheat the bwana (President) about the State intelligence; it is a useless intelligence and that’s why this government has been infiltrated. Chilima knows everything and he is doing his own things.

“When issues about Cabinet reshuffle are discussed, proposals that we will put Jeffrey there, you find that those issues are out. There is no secret. Bwana that mwana [child] is gone, he is not turning back. Masangwi is not coming back,” Jeffrey is heard complaining in the clip.

She said Chilima told her that even if the President attempts to pick him as a running mate, he would not accept it. She said the Veep told her that he would only remain silent, but did not disclose what he is up to.

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I see nothing in the t-shirt because it reads “S.K Chilima Presidential Candidate” not yet president. Go Chilima Go…we have too many boot-lickers in thic country. If Peter thinks he is popular, he should open up and let others compete with him and win fairly. Nanga akuopa chiyani?

Watematema Mutu

Either this is doing the right things at the wrong time or vise versa? By the way who is spending his/her hard earned money to be printing these T-shirts? Lets respect party constitution and procedures!!!!!

Murupale pa Thyolo
I believe what is happening to DPP is good for party and Malawi politics in general. People should be able to criticise what is happening in the party, there is now maturity in the parties. We always hear of dissenting views in opposition parties only and when it happens we normally say the governing party is funding the factions. Game on. kkkkkkkkk. Winiko do not relent please. Let the ngulukunyindas feel the fire themselves. It’s time to wake up and work tirelessly. It is Peter who chose Chilima and if one chooses to hate Chilima then he hates Peter wholesomely.… Read more »
Silica gell
I think that featuring SKC for DPP torch bearer 2019 is being extremely unfair to him. He has never been an MP, he has never been a minister, he has never worked in a government institution. APM wants to groom youths through him for high offices and yet certain misguided individuals want to confuse the whole process by rushing him into being first citizen! Mind you that won’t work and the process of grooming him may also have been put in disarray. Don’t think APM is not watching. You were all not there when he was identifying this boy. He… Read more »

shaaa u mean the Whole vp cant be president? what kind of grooming do you want? or maybe u mean he should be a bootlicker 1st?


Was Peter Wa Mutharika an MP?

Bingu dumped DPP.very painful
Bingu dumped DPP.very painful

Was Bingu MP?
Was Bakili MP?
Some brains Koma…..

Catch 22.2

The strongest evidence that a very old man is no longer fit to hold high office is that the old man believes that he should continue to hold high office.


Chilima is playing with fire. He is sanctioning T-shirts… instead of wanting to serve as VP for 2 terms. People have misled Chilima and he will end up the losers.


Kumva kuwawa uku

Mwene Wa Mamwene

Chonde mbambo Chilima musatiwonongele chipani, bwanji osayamba chanu chipani? Kodi analakwa abwana kukutolani?


Its a new generation malawians are tired with old people with old I deas


we need new and young minds in Malawi. To hell with the old people like Goodall, they should learn to give up when their time is over and give the reins to people who can actually do something worthwhile. All the way with SKC!!


Koma yeah. Alomwe game mwaiona koma? Mizimu yakwiya apa. It cant be kuti all top jobs basi alomwe. kanthu ako




Chilima yemweyo!!!

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