DPP’s Silungwe differs with governor over opposition rap in Karonga

Shadow councilor for Karonga North West—Rukulu Ward—Wavisanga Silungwe has said Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) deputy regional governor for the northern region, Smart Kaira, erred to say that it is opposition councilors who are derailing progress of development in the district.

Wavisanga Silungwe: No merit in the governor’s rant

Ironically, Silungwe has expressed interest to contest on the same DPP ticket.

Kaira said during a DPP rally at Baka Secondary School in Karonga that because all the councilors in the district are opposition, they were deliberately frustrating government’s plans to develop the region’s fastest growing town.

“They are all in opposition, and they deliberately mess up things at the council so that people can say that DPP’s leadership has failed,” Kaira had said.

But Silungwe, who is also chairperson of the Karonga Business Community (KBC), said the rants were “unfounded” and lacked substance.

“He was evidently off point, and; actually he was not supposed to say that. He did not have the facts,” said Silungwe.

According to him, the opposition councilors had no problem but government system of running the affairs of the council.

He cited what he called the ‘elephant street project’ that was initiated years ago to light the streets around the district as one of the development projects that have not seen the light of the day.

Silungwe  said: “And when the project started the chairperson of the council was Patrick Kishombe of DPP. So who can we say had frustrated the project? Because money was there.”

Kishombe recently defected to the United Transformation Movement (UTM).

Silungwe said much as he was DPP, he needed to speak out if some leaders were not doing the right thing.

“We should not stay back and see our leaders utter nonsense that is going to kill the party,” said Silungwe.

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Any Person from the North supporting DPP is useless they are really wiping the region through Quota system God should have mercy on them

Namalomba Fredrick

Uyu akufunika MCP, uku aonongako nzeru. Very inspiring young man

Chakwera President

Very objective pipo like Silungwe need to be applauded…Though I am MCP here in Karonga I support u as a Councilor


It pays to say the truth. Keep it up A Shadow!


Northerners who support dpp have empty heads. Dpp is fast wiping the north through the quota system system of education that has seen intelligent boys and girls being denied places in the universities in the country. That is another form apartheid by Lomwes. Let’s reject dpp.

Make Malawi Great

Clueless dpp at it again! Just start a football team basi looks like now dpp has lost it! Dementia yavuta!!